About us

Welcome to VIPPowerDeals.com

VIP Power Deals is a top Amazon Review site that is committed to connecting Amazon sellers and consumers. VIP Power Deals works on a simple premise - while Amazon vendors are looking to get more reviews for a particular product, shoppers on the other hand are want to get a great deal. Provided consumers promise to leave an unbiased review of the test product within a few days, sellers are willing to lower their prices.

Basically, our subscribers are easily able to net between 50% and 100% in Amazon product discounts.

How does it work?

With VIP Power Deals, subscribers don’t have to login or search for products to review. We send regular email notifications right to your inbox so our subscribers can know what products are up for grabs. You can also select from a variety of available discounted problems on our store at  https://vippowerdeals.com/ . Once you receive a product, you’re expected to create a review of it within a few days (maximum 10 days). Reviews need to be detail-packed, but anywhere between 3-4 sentences will suffice.

How to subscribe to VIP Power Deals
Start browsing available discounts and deals on the VIP Power Deals website homepage. You can easily subscribe to our platform by providing your email address on the subscription box (near the bottom of the homepage). We’ll send you a message telling you that you have successfully subscribed, and then you can wait for offers to appear in your inbox. You can start claiming coupons as soon as they start showing in your inbox. Subscribers are required to read all the applicable rules before they agree to claim a coupon.

At VIP Power Deals, we make it super easy for you to find the Amazon discounts you’re looking for. Get started today!