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Refer traffic to and earn money

Earn commissions referring your traffic to highly discounted Amazon product items.

Why Affiliate Program Works Great connects customers to Amazon product discounts (50-100% OFF) as long as they promise to leave feedback on Amazon after using the item.

People love freebies and will be excited to click and get the discounts. While they do so, you effortlessly earn affiliate commissions from

Step 1: Become a VIP Power Deals Affiliate

Step 2: Refer your website/social traffic to our platform

Step 3: Earn commissions while your visitors buy everyday products at heavily discounted prices

Who Can Join?

If you own a website or blog with decent traffic (or a social media profile with a lot of followers), you’ll easily make money with our affiliate program.

This is How it Works

Apply for the VIP Power Deals Affiliate Program  – contact us to apply for affiliate program membership. We’ll assign a unique link that you can use on your website/blog/social media/banners etc. This unique affiliate link helps us track activity when people click on it and buy products via our platform.

Earn Commissions for Every Sale – whenever your referral traffic makes a sale via VIP Power Deals, a commission amount will be attributed to your unique affiliate link.

We’ll Keep you Updated via the Newsletter – your email address is added to your newsletter so you can be the first to know when there are news, great new products, and excellent promotions (that you can share with your own audience). You could also buy some of these items at the highly discounted price for yourself.

20-40% Commission

You will earn 20-40% commission or rewards for every sale you refer. There are not further deductions on your commission so you get to keep 100% of it.

Getting Paid

There are no fees or expenses needed to be a VIP Power Deals affiliate. Everything that you share with your blog readers, social media followers and website visitors is attributed to you. And getting paid is very simple. VIP Power Deals affiliate commissions are made to your PayPal account on a weekly or bi-weekly basis!

Great Affiliate Support

Need help or have questions? Contact us via We have a great affiliate support team that is equipped to guide you and help you make the very best out of this opportunity.