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F.A.Qs and Support

What is VIP Power Deals?

VIP Power Deals is a leading deals platform and amazon review site that gives buyers an opportunity to grab huge product discounts as long as they promise to leave a review after using the product.

Who is VIP Power Deals for?

VIP Power Deals is designed for use by Amazon Sellers, and Amazon Shoppers.

Amazon sellers submit products that they would like to introduce into the market so they can popularize the product and attract reviews from buyers.

On the other hand, Amazon buyers access high quality products at heavily discounted prices (sometimes 50-100% OFF) as long as they promise to leave a review of the product in a few days after receiving it.

How can I join VIP Power Deals so that I receive product deals?

If you’d like us to send you an alert every time there’s a new high-discount product in the platform, enter your email on the subscription field near the bottom of our website homepage. This works out great and is easier than you having to manually find the deals on our website.

How long after I receive a discounted product should I write the review?

Once you get your product, we recommend that you write a review as soon as you start using the product. It works out better for both you and the seller if you can create the review within 10 days latest.

I’m a shopper – how does the seller benefit when I leave a review?

When you leave a review for a product you obtained at a discounted price, the seller benefits in two ways. One, the product’s rankings on Amazon increases (especially when your review is positive) and the seller is thus able to increase exposure. Two, the seller gains first-hand input regarding how their products are working and can thus made adjustments/improvements where necessary. 

Is VIP Power Deals free to use for sellers?

Yes – our platform is meant to be a mutually beneficial meeting place for both buyers and sellers. We know that the more sellers we have offering discounts, the bigger the variety of discounted products vendors have to choose from.

I want to join your affiliate program. How do I join?

If you are a website owner, blogger, or social media user with a significant following, you can easily benefit by joining our affiliate program. We offer significant affiliate margins (20%-40%) and the nature of our platform makes it easier for you to convince your audience. Get in touch with our team via steve@vippowerdeals.com to join our affiliate program.