StealthBeats Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Microphone [INVISIBLE EARPHONES] Running Earbuds with Dock Charger

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StealthBeats Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Microphone [INVISIBLE EARPHONES] Running Earbuds with Dock Charger

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Are You Tired Of Your Regular Bluetooth Earphones And Are Looking For A Better, Sneakier, Replacement? With The Stealthbeats Bluetooth Earbuds, You Get A Reliable Pair Of On-the-go Headphones With State Of The Art Acoustic Components That Produce Incredible Sound Quality With A Deep Bass And Crystal Clear Treble. Make Your Running, Jogging, And Outdoor Sessions More Fun With Our Brand New Bluetooth Headphones.


Do You Want To Order An Elegant Pair Of Bluetooth Headphones That Are Both Elegant And Stay In Place? With The Thoughtful, Cushioned Earbuds, These Headphones Stay In Place Whether You’re On Your Regular Exercising Run, Or Doing The Heavy Lifting At The Gym. Get The Stealthbeats Earbuds That Fit Comfortably So You Get Fatigue-free Ears However How Long You Use Them!


Do You Want To Shake The Inconvenience Of Low-life Batteries That Render Your Regular Headphones Unusable Every Once In A While? With New, Improved Lithium Polymer Batteries, You Get More Time For Your Charge. This Accessory Is Designed To Meet Your On-the-go Music And Audio Needs, While At The Same Time Providing Maximum Value For Your Money.


How About Going With An Elegant New Pair Of Bluetooth Earbuds That Are Compatible With All Bluetooth Devices Within A 25 Feet Range? Our Bluetooth Headphones Are Equipped With Noise Suppression Tech So You Can Easily Respond To Calls And Listen To Music. What’s More? You Get A Bonus Holding Case So That You Can Conveniently Store These Headphones While Not In Use.


Get An Aesthetic Pair Of On-the-go Bluetooth Headphones That’s Ideal For Everyday Use! If For Some Reason You’re Not Happy With This Product, We’ll Make It Right And Process A Refund For You. This Product Is Covered By Our 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty And 30-day No-questions-asked Returns Policy. At Stealthbeats, We Believe That We’re A Better Brand When All Our Customers Are Happy.

Quality Bluetooth Headphones for Your On-the-Go Convenience:

Are you looking for a pair of Bluetooth headphones for everyday use while exercising, jogging, camping, hiking, or just working out at the gym! The new StealthBeats Bluetooth earbuds is designed to be your perfect choice. This pair of wireless headphones will provide fidelity quality sound whether you’re responding to calls (hands-free), listening to music, or just playing an audiobook.

Elegant Look, Snug Fit:

How about sporting our new Bluetooth headphones that look great and stay in place. Get less ear fatigue regardless how long you use this product!

Universal Compatibility with All Your Bluetooth Devices:

This product works with Android smartphones, iPhones, and generally all other Bluetooth-compatible devices. Simply pair the StealthBeats with your Bluetooth gadget and you’ll be ready to go within seconds.

Order Risk Free with Our Premium Guarantee:

How about trying our new Bluetooth headphones risk-free with our premium guarantee. If for some reason you do not like this product, we’ll make it right and process a refund for you. At StealthBeats, we are only happy when all our customers are satisfied!

StealthBeats Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Microphone [INVISIBLE EARPHONES] Running Earbuds with Dock Charger

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By Dan O. Koselek on 5/9/2018

Great product

Delivery was fast. Neat packaging! I didn't expect them to look good since they were cheap. Their look exceeded my expectations. They feel quality and durable. Easy to use and fast pairing. They come with extra pair of earbuds for different fit. I didn't have to change the inserted ones, they fitted well. I use them for my running sessions, they stay in place and sweat does not affect how they function. I find the charging case to be such a good idea, I can always charge them on the go. The case is small sized, it can fit in your pocket, purse, handbag etc. The batteries are also good they hold charge for long, charging is quite fast. The inbuilt mic works fine, I have made calls to friends and they say they can hear me clearly, On my end the sound is loud and clear. They also noise cancellation. I use them in noisy places and the amazing thing is, I can’t hear the noise! Sound quality is Incredible! I highly recommend.

By Philip Hoffman on 5/9/2018

Easy Bluetooth connection

These little buds plays loud clear music. Their sound quality is incredible! They come nicely packed. Bluetooth connection is just easy and have a range of 25 feet. I can pick calls when I move. They stay in place. The connect with all my Bluetooth devices. Picking calls in public is no problem, that’s where the noise isolation comes in, all the noise is cancelled and you are able to enjoy clear conversations. People on the other line can hear me clearly. Battery life is not a concern. The bass level is cool.
It is easy to loss them , I insist good use of the case every time they are not in use. I recommend.

By Tina on 5/9/2018

My nanna is thrilled

My grandma has no much to do during the day, I bought her these to keep her company. She loves music and can spend the whole day listening without getting bored. She had a hard time going to the radio to change the music when she could not find the remote. I connected the wireless with her smartphones and she is so happy! She even calls me “peachy -pie”
Her feedback: They sound nice, Fits nicely and easy to use.

By Tom Witt on 5/9/2018

Great sound, paired easily.

I bought a new iPhone, I wanted to buy these so I can listen to music while walking with my expensive iPhone. I needed small ones so people won’t notice I’m wearing them. They are very small and invisible when on. I like the changeable ear cushions, my ears are too small and normal earbuds are too big for me, so I use the small ones. Thy fit so well and keep my small ears comfortable, they don’t fall. Personally the sound cant be any better, it is perfect! They are good for my needs

By Stffan Gaff on 5/9/2018

I’m in love with the shape of these headphones

Got them yesterday, They look sooo sweat! I love their shape, they just get in my ear effortlessly. They are also small and not noticeable. I like how it feels to touch them, they feel smooth and quality. They also have the same impact in my ears. They are sweatproof for real, I am a very sweaty mammal but despite that they still work great in my ears.For the price these are incredibly well constructed.

By Daniell Koselleck on 5/9/2018

So far I’m impressed

I’m impressed with the sound quality. Easy Bluetooth connection. They come with two earbuds .They fit comfortably without falling. They are small, almost invisible . They have a case for storage and for recharging them. What I love about them is that I can use the case inside my bag to recharge them .

By Vanta Nickel on 5/9/2018

I’m frankly impressed buy their quality

Considering the price, their quality amaze me! I wasn’t expecting sound quality close to other high end products. They are very cheap and get the job done. They have a nice fit and do not fall out when running. They feel comfortable and great battery . I do not regret this purchase

By Thijs Jugs on 5/9/2018

Great for walking in busy roads

Busy roads don’t expect you to be walking like a zombie! You need to be aware of what happening. The ability to use a singe headphone, makes me happy. In one you can be able to pay attention to your background, unlike when you are in two. The noise is completely cancelled, and this takes you to another world. For safety reasons I prefer using one on the roads. This is a good buy.

By Sarah Tromp on 5/9/2018

Really good

You wont believe the sound of my music!!!!! These are really good!

By Annet on 5/9/2018

Great little earbuds

Great sound, good battery, Fit well and quick pairing. Love them

By Nana Smith on 5/9/2018

They make me the happiest in the world

They make me the happiest in the world. They give me the best sound quality and keeps me comfortable when watching Game of Thrones!

By Mathew Willie on 5/9/2018

Comfortable for all day wear

I am a constructer, I keep these on for almost the whole day. Before this order I was using ENACFIRE mini Bluetooth wireless. They really troubled my ears, I had to remove them to give my ears time to relax and put them back after sometime. Though they fitted well the ear fatigue was pretty serious. The StealthBeats fit well, sound good and no ear fatigue.

By Heba Darlin on 5/9/2018

Pretty comfy

Fast delivery. Good packaging. The StealthBeats are very cute and light. They get to my ears easily. I use the spare cushion coz it fits better. They produce a quality tone. The additional battery in the case make the case more useful and cool.

By Batz on 5/9/2018

Solid sound

The sound quality is solid. Hotter than the price!

By Classen on 5/9/2018

Goes in easily, great sound

Fat pairing. They just slip into my ears and BOOOM! There come the sound of an angel. The batteries are wonderful.

By Monika Luhmer on 5/9/2018

Saved my life!

I wish I got them earlier! My previous headphones were a disaster! My ears always hurt ,I even got used to them hurting, now that I’m using StealthBeats and they don’t hurt, I still can’t believe it! They have a nice bass and the quality of the sound is PERFECT! They fit comfortably and stays in place even when doing push ups. They are well made , the function of that little case is brilliant. The earbuds and the color is cute, I am very pleased with these earbuds.

By Margarethe on 5/9/2018

Great life hack!


By Christian Lori on 5/9/2018

Worth more than the price

I really enjoy these earpiece. They are very convenient , I can make calls while driving. You can use them for 4-5 hours without recharging. The price was not bad. Call quality is good, has a good bass. They charge quickly.

By Anna Trumper on 5/9/2018

Nicely designed wireless headphones

I like their sleek design. They fit so well and works as advertised. I seriously love them and recommend them to all my friends.

By Mako on 5/9/2018

Custom fit

They come with different sizes of fit. My baby uses the tiny ones, they fit her fine. I think the small ones are for tiny ears and the bigger for bigger ears.

By B.D. on 5/9/2018

Great for listening to audio books or music while using public transport

I take a bus to work and from work and they are noisy. I can listen to my audios without the noise bothering me. The noise cancellation is one of the greatest feature I find interesting . They look good and the battery life is not that bad. The sound quality is remarkable! Will buy another set for my wife.

By Heinrich Pitt on 5/9/2018

Nice invisible small headset

They are small, you may not notice them. Good thing they stay in place and don’t fall out because once they drop they can get lost fast. They have an deep amazing bass . I love them.

By Victor Wong on 5/9/2018

They charge quickly and has a remarkable sound

They charge quickly and the sound is remarkable!

By Anthony Bukocci on 5/9/2018

Pretty great, took a little figuring out since…

Pretty great, took a little figuring them out since it is my first time to handle wireless headphones. I used the instruction manual to set and it was easy. They paired fast. Inserting them in my ears was the best experience ever. They felt so nice and comfortable. The small bus are the best ones for my ears they make the headphones fit well and I don’t have to worry about them falling out.
They have an interesting sound quality and a big bass. The mic works great making my call time more exciting. The batteries are pretty reliable. I recommend them.

By Dunn on 5/9/2018

I love the idea of this item

I love the whole idea of this item. Their packaging is sparkly. And all the others are well arranged . The headphones are in a very neat case.
They are well built, the buds come in different sizes, for small ears and big ears. I dint have to change the ones put because they fitted well They fell quality. Set up is easily achieved, they are well compatible with my laptop and smartphone. pairing is fast.
Excellent sound quality! The sound quality went beyond my expectations, although I expected them to be good, this is more than good!! They have a cool strong bass. Whether making calls or listening to Rihanna, the sound quality is still great.
I like the noise cancellation feature, it always keeps me in my own world even when the noise is in the air. Go for them

By Patric K. Mitchel on 5/9/2018

I dint experience any delays

The delivery team does a good work, I dint experience any delays. They are easy to use, it took me a short time to set them up. Easy Pairing. I dint have to change the ear covers since the ones which were on fits well. They fell comfortable and stays in place. I highly recommend!

By Cal Kane on 5/9/2018

Very compact

I really love their size. People can almost not tell when I’m on my wireless sets because they are invisible. The case fits in my pocket! The case is also a charging place, it has a tiny battery in it to enable recharging on the go without having to use the USB. I have never had headphones that fit so well without falling. They are supper comfy. For long users, these are the correct set with no ear fatigue. The batters lasts for 4-5 hours. They get fully charged in a short time. They are awesome! Buy them.

By Tacy Techman on 5/9/2018

Small headphones does a whole lot

This is really a surprise!! These small headphones are incredible! They work so well and the sound quality will make you fall in love. They are small but very powerful. They have a adequate deep bass. They They also look strong, they must be durable. I love them and would absolutely recommend them.

By Harry Testa on 5/9/2018

Like ****

I like them very much, they are quality and do a good job but I don’t like the colour. Black is too dull.

By Greene on 5/9/2018

I don’t think they can ever fall out. They fit well

They come with two different sizes of earpads, in case one doesn’t fit try the other ones. The ones installed were a little uncomfortable ,I had to use the others. They fit so well. I use them for hiking, they have never felt, I don’t think they can fall out if you use the right pad for you. The sound quality is brilliant!

By Milo on 5/9/2018

Awesome and solid headset

Looks and feels solid. They are awesome!

By Joel Sudeikis on 5/9/2018

I would recommend you get them. They work well as advertised

WOW! I Thy are good! They work well as advertised. The product is cool and affordable. The packaging is beautiful! The headphones are neatly kept in a case. You can store them in the case at the same time you can use it to charge them. They are very easy to use. Produce a high quality sound. Long lasting batteries. For their quality and value, Everybody should consider buying them!

By Sid Gravat Fallon on 5/9/2018

I can listen to my music without being bothered by the noise

I like how the noise cancellation works, When out or even in noisy place you can continue to listen to your music without the noise interfering. No sound links out of the headphones, People cannot hear to what you are listening to. They fit perfectly. They are sweat proof. They are always in place. The price is good and the delivery is done in a short time. I will buy another set as a birthday gift for my cousin.

By Christine Horgan on 5/9/2018

Useful. Small and lightweight

Though small they are AMAZING! I like how they feel, I can’t feel any additional weight. They are comfortable.

By Uncle Jimmy on 5/9/2018

The product works well

The product works well. Well built, good sound quality, nice fit and great batteries. I recommend.

By Kitty Hurley on 5/9/2018

This one is amazing

Great size(I like their tiny size)
Nice color( I like it)
Nice charging station ( I enjoy charging them in my bag)
Secure fit (They fit comfortably)
High fidelity sound ( The sound quality is excellent)
Decent packaging
Affordable price
High value Product
Great design ( They look stylish)
Awesome Battery life ( 5 hours battery life)

By Perez on 5/9/2018

The product was quick to pair

It takes less than a minute to pair. No complicated instructions on setting them. Very easy to use.

By Dorian on 5/9/2018

They match my iPhone very good

Goody!!! They match my iPhone very good. In secs they were ready for use, pairing was that fast. They have a quality sound, unlike other headphones nobody can tell whether I’m on them when answering their calls because they can hear me loud and clear and I can hear them too. It is a good thing that I don’t have to carry my iPhone around the house or the office, the connections are available 25 feet away from the device. The batteries keep charge for long. As long as you don’t loose them because they are small they will always please you. I recommend.

By Gio Mallow on 5/9/2018

Very convenient

Quiz: Do I need to find a socket every time I run out of charge???
ANS: No!!
Why?:Because I can always charge them on the go with the improved charging case which fits in my jeans pocket. This may even not be necessary, the batteries are incredible! They remain charged for long. The other feature that makes them convenient is the active noise cancellation. It totally works, you can still play your music in noisy background but sometimes you might find the need to use only one in your ear for safety especially when crossing the roads. Highly recommendable!

By Teresa Morirty on 5/9/2018

After numerous use of other headphones I recommend them

After numerous use of other headphones I recommend them. INCREDIBLE SOUND! QUALITY PRODUCT! AND GREAT BATTERIES!

By Gahams on 5/8/2018

Good battery life

Good battery life

By Lydn on 5/8/2018

Did work for me

There is nothing wrong with them, They did work for me.

By Marina Flind on 5/8/2018

Excellent sound quality

No words, the sound quality is more of what I expected

By HAL on 5/8/2018

This is very cool. For handsfree calls

I love them for my calls. They have a crystal clear sound. For the price I’m impressed. They are comfortable and fatigue free even after prolonged use. You should definitely get your set.

By Pestano on 5/8/2018

Great features for this price

For the price , the Stealthbeats have many nice features. Saw a lot of review recommending them. I also recommend them.

By Alcot Bravo on 5/8/2018

Spectacular for the price

These headphones exceed my expectation . I needed to change from using headphones with wires to wireless headphones. These were recommended to me, I decided to try them out. I honestly dint know what to expect but if I expected anything it is less compared to what theses are. They look wonderful, Whatever is used to make the pads, make them feel amazing and very comfortable. Although it is my first time to use them, I can say that they are easy to use. The sound is great and they fit my purposes just fine.

By Jay Douglous on 5/8/2018

All in one little gadget

They come packed well . Inside the box is a nice small case , inside the case there comes the beautiful headphones which are small and black. They also come along with extra ear pads, USB cable and a manual. The case is completely multi-use . It stores the headphones when not in use and also recharge them. They have a good bass. They have a good battery life.

By Dunlap on 5/8/2018

Expecting little receiving more

I dint expect this 100/100 Performance! I was expecting little but instead I received more, I’m lucky baibe!

By Jacob on 5/8/2018

Big sound for this price

Big sound for this price

By Hope Dizon on 5/8/2018

Buy one, you will be grateful!

I cant explain how grateful I was to receive these headphone on time and very nicely packaged. Seeing the outside I really expected much from the inside. Truly I was not disappointed. I Love ,buy one too, you will be grateful.

By ODDETTE on 5/8/2018

Great affordable option

Why should you go looking for other brands when these ones have not run out of stock? You might be deceived by the price, Yes, they are cheap but the value is high. There are no great headphones like these with great value that will cost you this less. They have a superb sound quality

By Pamela Danzinge on 5/8/2018

Highly recommend for all who love working out

For those who work out, we know how important it is to have headphones that have a good sound and stay in place . I recommend the stealthBeats wireless Bluetooth headphones.

By Juddith drake on 5/8/2018

Came in a perfect condition

Great packaging, nice storage.

By Bundle Williams on 5/8/2018

Wonderfully made

They are well designed to fit well. I like how they dint just assume that they can be a universal fitting ear pads for everyone ( there is nothing like that) I find the extra ear pads convenient for me and my kid. You can choose to use the one that feels comfortable.

By Emmah on 5/8/2018

Very pleased

I am happy with my purchase!

By Jude Burns on 5/8/2018

Great sound in a tiny package!

This tiny package contains wonderful gadget with an amazing sound. The sound of the bass is nice.

By Mak Englefield on 5/8/2018

Can’t believe how cheap these hot headphones are

Stealthbeats wireless are the hottest!!!!!!! I can believe these quality, good sounding ,unique headphones dint cost me a fortune!! I recommend

By Sossamon on 5/8/2018

Very impressed with the number of features in these small headphones

Very impressed with the number of features in these inexpensive small thing. They also have a fantastic sound.

By Ben Kransiski on 5/8/2018

Perfect for my requirements

Just what I needed

By Norman on 5/8/2018

Five stars- LOVE THEM!


By Vk on 5/8/2018

Great value in a small package

They are the smallest but super powerful. Great Purchase

By Bristol on 5/8/2018

great versatility

Very useful. The Bluetooth range is quit convenient. They always stay in place. They are very attractive!

By Ernie on 5/8/2018

wow! Are magical buds

The buds feel s magical, they are soft and well made, and they really impressed me. They work as described and seems to connect easily. They have an excellent sound quality. Their battery life is long. If you are looking for quality headphones that seem fair priced, I would recommend Stealthbeats headphones.

By Jesper on 5/8/2018

Took me less than a minute to figure how to set up

The instruction manual was not necessary, it took me less than a minute to figure how to set em up. I thought that pairing would take some time but it was quick. The sound quality is great and they fit.

By Elizabeth Wislet on 5/8/2018

They can charge on the go

They charge in my pocket! Is that not amazing?? They are the best headphones with the most outstanding recharging technique. The charging case is such a nice idea that makes them dependable. I really like their small size and look. The earbuds are pretty comfortable and stays in place. The base sound, sounds enough. They are lightweight. The battery is great. I love these headphones and would highly recommend.

By Macy on 5/8/2018

Great sound quality!

Man! The great sound totally blew me!! It is loud and very clear. The bass sound good. I dint expect them to be these good with calls. I can hear my receiver/ caller clearly and they can hear me too. even in a noisy place I can still hear them clearly. The noise cancellation works well, I can still listen to music when in the most noisy bus. They look pretty, fits well and very comfortable. Way better than I imagined.

By Sarah Sewell on 5/8/2018

Long range

These cute little things have a long range. I enjoy walking around my studio without having to carry my phone. I use them for more than 6 hours in a day, I have not experienced any ear fatigue yet and I still think they are comfortable. I also don’t have to keep on checking if they are still on since they always stay in place. I like how fast they can charge and hold charge. Very nice battery. The small storage/charging case is wonderful. The connections are easy and fast. I have never been happier! Money well spent

By Amanda Steel on 5/8/2018

In love with their style

They look nice. The storage case is pretty.

By Cameron on 5/8/2018

Cute earpads

I could not help but notice the cute pads , they are smooth and the shiny black colour is great. They feel durable. They are very comfortable and stays in the ears when moving. They are extras packed just in case the ones attached don’t fit well. The whole thing is awesome!

By Stamant on 5/8/2018


Very good. Five Stars.`

By Anny Smallwood on 5/8/2018

If you are looking for cheap, quality headphones, get these

If you don’t want to use a lot of money on headphones these are the right choice. At the end of the day the difference between these and the expensive ones is the brand, the quality of these ones is very good. I have owned other expensive ones some have been good and others a waste! I love them, the sound is incredible! They feel durable and comfortable. The batteries are good and a bonus of a charging case! That means I can recharge them on the go , I’m loving them even more!

By Oscar on 5/8/2018

Charge quickly and easy to use

It was very easy to connect , They get fully charged fast.

By Fanklin on 5/8/2018

Right price

I like the StealthBeats .They eliminate all the noise and I have no complains on the quality of sound. When I walk on the streets to work I don’t here the noise, a good way to start my morning. The bass is amazing .They don’t keep on sliding out. I’m not worried about having them fall when in walking. Their batteries remain charged for long. The charging case is cool , I charge them without the USB when they run out of charge. I do this more often when walking back home. I recommend them to everyone of any age.

By Justice on 5/8/2018

Good buy

They are wonderful, purchase them today.

By Patrick Whem on 5/8/2018

The setup is easy

As long as I can remember, guess I have been using headphones my entire life. These are the best sounding earphones I now have. They are lightweight, comfortable and stay in your ears. The case they are kept in , charges the earbuds on the go. I highly recommend

By Steve Mathis on 5/8/2018

Built well for a wireless headphones

I was hesitant to buy these headphones, these style of headphones have always disappointed me. They are nothing like the others. They look prettier and smaller. They slide smoothly in the ears, they fit so well and are not uncomfortably tight. Long life batteries and a case to store and recharge them. Don’t hesitate, get them

By Billy Power on 5/8/2018

Totally worth it

They are relatively equipped with relatively good level of bass and treble. They are best for working out, they say in place and have no ear fatigue. The delivery was fast.

By Helio on 5/8/2018

Great sound , plays well for the price

Big sound for the sound, I would buy them again.

By Dannelle on 5/8/2018

affordable and rich sound

The sound quality, the price is rich.

By Jack Catwrite on 5/8/2018

Wooh! What a product!

Cool product, seem durable. The sound is terrific. The case works as a charger which I thought was pretty cool. They are labeled R & L, I like that they can be used independently.

By Sewanche on 5/8/2018

Very happy indeed

I will recommend them to everyone I know! I am happy indeed!

By Vivian Lattern on 5/8/2018

Highly recommend

I made a bet with my siz, She argued that they were too cheap to be true, she recommended others but I decided to go with most reviews which rated them high. Thank God I dint change my mind because they are awesome! I won the bet and my siz will have to order another pair just for me. The sound quality is so so good! You cant compare it with the ones she is using( the one she recommended) They fit well and the batteries stay longer than hers. I can recharge mine with the case , she finds it cool. She is talking about ordering 2 pairs now! I recommend! We can bet!

By Trizah on 5/8/2018

No failures

Nice packaging, I thought their small size would affect how they fit but they fit just fine. They come with additional earpads, they look different in size. When I use the bigger ones they seem to fall out but the smaller ones fits perfectly and don’t fall out. The batteries don’t drain fast, in fact there is a charging case that stores charge, you can recharge them on the go. I give them FIVE STARS

By Stant on 5/8/2018

Great headphones for low price

I have used other headphones selling about the same price and they are useless! These ones are sold at a low price but the quality is undefeated. They have a nice sound. They also look elegant.

By Faith on 5/8/2018

Very decent

Very decent in a good price

By Chris Ryan on 5/8/2018

Enjoy handsfree calls while walking

If you are looking forward to enjoy quality calls, you are not lost. My friends would always tell when I’m using headphones for calls but since I got the Stealthbeats I haven’t heard this from my best buddy Ian “ Remove those crap from your ears, I don’t have all day!” My conversations are loud and clear and don’t keep on disconnecting. I can pick my calls as I browse, they fit and stay well in my ears, no worries of them dropping.

By John Flavey on 5/8/2018

Wonderful despite being small

They are small, When I saw how small they were I started doubting they would fit me, Incredibly, they did! Wow! The small size is not that bad, they are somehow invisible. I love their audio quality.

By Janette on 5/8/2018

2 years still strong

I bought my first pair 2 ears ago, the only thing that have change is thy have grown old, everything else is as good. There is a lot to tell but I don’t have enough time to type it all. This is my second pair. I recommend them.

By Rachael Foreman on 5/8/2018


Great quality product!

By Amy Tayler on 5/8/2018

Great headphones for the budget

Suited my budget! They meet my needs. So far there is nothing to complain about.

By Eric on 5/8/2018

Sweat earbuds

They are sweat proof Many Bluetooth headphones have never worked well for me especially because I have small ears. Most of them always hurt after using them for more than an hour. Others keep on falling out. These headphones are fabulous! I have used them for more than 5 hours and my ears are not hurt. They stay in place. They have an amazing sound quality with adequate bass. They are sweat-proof, sweating does not affect their performance.

By Jake Cid on 5/8/2018

Do not fall out instantly

They fit so well. They come with another ear bud. You can choose the ones that feels comfortable for you.

By Anaya on 5/8/2018

Here is my honest feedback


By Petronova on 5/8/2018

quality phone call

The phone calls are quality. Sufficient range.

By Len Butter on 5/8/2018

For all ears

They are different size of earbuds. They come with small and big earbuds make it possible for everybody to be able to use them comfortably.

By Lay on 5/8/2018

Proud to be a VIP member

I have been a VIP member for long. I bought these wireless because I trust their great products. I have bought other several items from the VIP and they are awesome, they always sell quality inexpensive products. I love these ones too. Great pricing, quality sound and I’m sure they are durable like most of their products. Thank you VIP Power

By Mat M Smith on 5/8/2018

End your search now! Get these amazing headphones

I bought mine based on the positive reviews and the good price.
Many Bluetooth headphones have never worked well for me especially because I have small ears. Most of them always hurt after using them for more than an hour. Others keep on falling out. These headphones are fabulous! I have used them for more than 5 hours and my ears are not hurt. They stay in place. They have an amazing sound quality with adequate bass. They are sweatproof, sweating does not affect their performance.

By Ann on 5/8/2018

If you like listening to music without noise distractions buy them.

If you like listening to music noise distractions buy them. They have a feature that shuts the noise out. They have the best sound quality.

By Richie Candova on 5/8/2018


The price looks good. I like their size. I can put my helmet on when they are on! I can also ride without having the thought of them falling, they stay in place during active use. Honestly I will buy them again soon.

By Tdd on 5/8/2018

Great for running

I recommend them to everyone who runs. They are always in place

By ERBE on 5/4/2018

My friends loves this!

I bought 3 sets for my friends who are triplets and they really love them! I choose them because they proved to be excellent. I bought mine 4 months ago and they are fine. They are comfortable and sounds really nice. The price is great. The packaging looks nice, I still have the box with me, don’t feel like throwing it away.

By Staphenie on 5/4/2018

Wonderful experience

I have never bought anything like it! The experience of using them for long without expecting them to drop or any ear fatigues is awesome and relaxing. The only reason I rated it 4 stars is because I tested it 2 days ago.

By Dresher on 5/4/2018

Easy to setup, easy to use and gets the job done

OOOOOOOOH MG!! I am 70 years old and I can tell you that I have not had such an easy time setting up anything in years!! I stay at home, listening to music is my hobby. They work for me full time. They cause no ear fatigue despite using them for long. They fit comfortably. They don’t have any bad effects in and on my ears.

By Anastacia on 5/4/2018

Low-cost headphones but very functional

The price is not scary but how they perform you may get shocked! The sound quality will take you to another world. They are worth it. Will buy others just for backup.

By Jasson Helomon on 5/4/2018

Way better than I expected

I had bought 9 headphones in a year before a friend of mine felt that I needed help on my choice of headphones and recommended the Stealth Beats. My god! They look or feel nothing like the others! They are even cheaper!!! The sound quality is crazy! They are lovable.

By Kristin Goldstein on 5/4/2018

My 1st impressions are that the headphones are absolutely fantastic

They look nice, feels hard to wear, fits comfortably, good quality sound and great batteries.

By Salome Inc. on 5/4/2018

Bluetooth mic works well.

For the first time, I had my first quality experience on a hands free call without having any issues. Thanks StealthBeats for such an incredible product. My experience with other headphones always drove me nuts! Poor connection, Bluetooth turning itself off at the middle of a call, poor sound quality and a useless mic! This time I win! These ones works great with my calls. They also look durable. Very promising. I recommend!

By Danny on 5/4/2018


They are smart workers.

By Wolke on 5/4/2018

worth the price. They work properly

They dont cost much but they perform like experts! Great sound quality, brilliant fit, great battery and a nice fast charging system. I don’t see why you should not consider buying them.

By Ellen Wong on 5/4/2018

So grateful to have these headphones

I love what I bought. They are nice looking and works well. The battery and the sound quality is awesome.

By Ann herderson on 5/4/2018


Amazing product!

By Jerry on 5/4/2018

Simply awesome, great connectivity.

Pairing is simple. They are compatible with every device I pair them with. Connectivity is easy and fast and works with the range of 25 feet. That’s not all, they are carefully built. They fit well and stays in place. I am very comfortable using them for long because they are fatigue free.

By David Bill on 5/4/2018

Clear sound

They produce an incredible sound quality with a deep bass. They have a comfortable fit and stays in place .However how long I use them, I don’t get ear fatigue.

By Cosmos on 5/4/2018

Five stars

They are very convenient. 10 over 10 headphones.

By Plameste on 5/4/2018

She says they work great and does exactly what she needs

My wife complains about my low tone when answering calls. I decided to buy her a set of these headphones to solve that issue. She says they are great, she wishes I bought them earlier. She now can hear me clearly. Indeed, nowadays I don’t have to repeat myself.

By LUdar on 5/4/2018

Super easy to use

The only task you need to carry out is pairing and it happens in secs. The instruction menu is well written on what to do. They are super quality with super sound.

By Beatrice Melson on 5/4/2018

Great way to have hands-free calls

The sound quality is fine whether listening to music or calls.

By Winex on 5/4/2018

I really like how the Bluetooth works

Bluetooth works great.

By Tonu Z.White on 5/2/2018

So far I am not disappointed

They got me feeling good! They are nicely packed. Good price and quick delivery. They are stylish and well-constructed. Fees quality especially the earbuds. They are nicely organized in a pretty case, they also come with a free dock charger. Having them set up is the easiest thing I have ever done, you are able to figure it out just by looking at them. They fit well enough to stay in place. The sound quality is the best money has ever bought for me. The batteries are fine. I am a happy man.

By Cube peralis on 5/2/2018

For a week now and I would strongly recommend

Honestly, I dint expect them to be this outstanding.
High fidelity sound, Great price, fine earbuds, great pairing, long life battery, nice storage item and a free dock charger. The call sound is well transmitted on both sides of the call. I like the fact that I don’t need to carry my device all around, as long as I am 25 feet away, the connection remains strong. It took me some few days to fall in love with them, a week is over and I can confidently recommend them.

By Kumkum sae on 5/2/2018

Well packed and good quality

Wow! What a cute package?? Their quality is very rare, only few headphones will portray to have everything right, and these ones are among those few. I mean, they fit veeeery well and they stay in place. The battery life is incredible, nice earbuds providing maximum comfort.

By Margot Carpelier on 5/2/2018

I am satisfied and highly recommend them if you are looking…

I’m not a headphones fun. They stop working after a short time. I had a Bluetooth set that I liked before, I hoped it would be great but it stopped working. These Bluetooth earbuds are different. They are nicely built with a high sound quality. I can enjoy, talking, listening to music and watching videos. I will be sure to pass the news to my family members and friends.

By Tny on 5/2/2018

Very easy to connect and the quality is as advertised

They work as advertised. Very easy to connect.

By BG on 5/2/2018

Works perfect

These ones not only gorgeous, they sound good too. They are simple to use. They come with small and larger earpieces. Fits well with the small earpiece, I think the larger ones are great for people with big ears. Instructions are clear and says what the button does when pressed. The mic works perfectly. So far so good!
I’ll be sure to update my feedback if they start misbehaving in anyway.

By Mackey on 5/2/2018

Five stars

The sound is good and crystal clear

By Kelmenson on 5/2/2018

Supper great batteries

The storage case serves as a charging port for the headphones. At the back there is a plug sport for recharging the case itself. The battery charge fast and stay charged for long. The fact that they can be charged on the go, it is very convenient. I love them

By Terisa Z Seamus on 5/2/2018

I love the colour

Black is my favorite colour

By Amanda Pyrce on 5/2/2018

Is a comfortable fit. Pairs easily

The earbuds feels quality and are the best size for my ears. They come with extra ear gels in case the attached ones do not fit. For that price I was really surprised by the quality of the sound. Whether it is the music or phone call the sound is very clear. The mic works well, the other party can hear me clearly all the time. Compared to other brands, they are very comfortable. They stay in place and no ear fatigue even after long use. I highly recommend!

By Gibbs on 5/2/2018

Must buy!!

They are perfect! The sound quality is great. They are easy to pair. The case works as a charging and a storage case. If you are looking for inexpensive quality headphones, this is a must buy!!

By Dominic on 5/2/2018

Nice product

Nice product

By Sandrich Koney on 5/2/2018

Works fine, no pain in my ears

Very easy to pair, works as described and no ear fatigues. Overall for the price, they are Incredible!

By Hannan on 5/2/2018

Great little something

They are small but amazing!

By Robert Fraise on 5/2/2018

You can’t go wrong with StealthBeats headphones

For the second time, I found myself making another order. My first order is 4 months old and they still great. You will like them, you can’t go wrong with the StealthBeats. I highly recommend

By Jonathan on 5/2/2018

If you buy these you will be happy

If you buy these you will be happy. They make me happy, you will be too.

By Micha Pyryce on 5/2/2018

The range is Amaaazing

I can work in the kitchen while my headphones are in the table room. This is awesome! I can perform my chores while I listen to my favorite songs. The sound quality is solid, they look solid too, and they look durable. The reason why you should not think of not buying them is the great price. There are no other quality headphones for that price expect from these, I have used many types of headphones before

By Bart Ruddin on 5/2/2018

Great in every way!

Great in every way!
Great secure fit
Great sound
Great charging
Great battery

By Ty on 5/2/2018

Love it

Great headset, high quality. Worth the money!!

By Bella Simpskini on 5/2/2018

Everything I need in these headphones

I was specifically looking for quality sound and long life battery. They got all that and even more! They stay in place and fit so nicely. I use them at the gym, though the exercises are vibrant they always in place. They are very comfortable and fatigue-free.

By Kathy on 5/2/2018

End of my frustrations

So many times I have been frustrated, it is not cool to spend money on things that proves to be useless only after a month or less than a month. My research directed me to the StealthBeats. A month now and all they have shown me is kindness. They fit snugly and the sound is amazing. The battery charged fast. The dock is very cool. I have used them during my exercises when I’m really sweaty and it was no issue, they are sweat proof. They come with a storage case, it is just hard to loose these small precious babies. I do recommend them.

By Curtim on 5/2/2018

These are one of the best headphones

They come with a modern storage container which is a charging and a storage case. I bought a set for my hubby and he likes them too. We can communicate well with them on. The sound quality is FANTASTIC! Would buy them again.

By Jessy small on 5/2/2018

Does what it says in the advert

They work as advertised. Great headphones.

By SAmpsom on 5/2/2018

Nice product

I have been having them for just 2 days and I think they are nice, more than I expected.

By Sander on 5/2/2018

Great quality

HALLELUJAH!!!!!! Finally, they are the best! The earbuds feels sturdy!

By Zoe on 5/2/2018

I am thoroughly pleased

I am a happy customer. Thank you

By Jo Joan on 5/2/2018

I can charge them inside my handbag

Gracious! I can charge them inside my handbag. You charge the dock and the dock charges the headphones. The battery is excellent! It stays with charge for more than 4 hours! I’m amazed by these small headphones. They also don’t fall out. When the time I will right I will buy another set.

By Ottavino on 5/2/2018

These wireless Bluetooth headphones are awesome!!

These wireless Bluetooth headphones are awesome! The Bluetooth is very compatible with my device. They paired fast. They come with a charging station, long usb cable and an extra pairs of covers for the earpieces. They got a secure fit and an amazing audio quality.

By Dylan Reddin on 5/2/2018

Really neat

I have to say these are really neat and pretty comfortable. Easy to use and great price. I recommend them.

By Vince vie on 5/2/2018

They are a complete package of features!! I like them, I will order another set for my sweetheart.

They are a complete package of features!! I like them, I will order another set for my sweetheart.
Well designed
Crystal clear sound
Modern charging system
Advanced long life batteries
Secure fit for all ear sizes
Stable earbuds
Great Bluetooth pairing
Good looking packaging
Quick delivery

By David Reddin on 5/2/2018

Good quality wireless headphones

Good quality wireless headphones for the price.

By Addam Eddy on 5/2/2018

Great wireless buds for the money!

I have other wireless headphones but these are the smallest I have. They stick in the ears, they don’t fall off. The charging case is small and can fit in your backpack. The sound quality is great for how cheap they cost. The earbuds do not cut in and out because the connection is really strong. They are good for making calls.

By Vibie Nelly on 5/2/2018

I have a set from another brand

I have a set from another brand, well the sound quality is good sometimes but they are very uncomfortable because they warm up my ears. I had to replace them with a set which is more comfortable. The stealthBeats are cheaper and they are very comfortable. The material used on the earbuds feels quality and do not warm up my ears. I use them for hours, so far no concerns.

By Jane ;athrop on 5/2/2018

They are light weight

They are small, lightweight and very comfortable. Sound quality is incredible. I recommend them to everyone.

By Bewin Twiss on 5/2/2018

They don’t cause irritation

My previous headphones always caused irritation on my left ear. I thought the issue was with my ear but I’m surprised that the problem was the headphones after using the StelthBeats. I no more get the irritation. The sound quality is Awesome! My kids now wants their own set. They are solid at a good price.

By Max Baker on 5/2/2018

Can’t believe I have never used wireless before

These headphons are supper fab! Don’t understand why I have never used wireless headphones before!

By Bates Moen on 5/2/2018

Nice range

Distance wise they are great, I don’t have to wear hoods with pockets to carry my phone around. I can do things around the house as long as it is placed 25feet away. The colour gives them an expensive look. The quality of this product is great and seems durable.

By Pallock on 5/2/2018

Clear headphones

They paired instantly without any obstacles. My music and phone calls are loud enough and clear, I definitely recommend.

By Kathyrn on 5/2/2018

A good value

Fits great, sound is awesome, great magnet charger and takes less time to get fully charge. I love them. Worth

By Eliana on 5/2/2018

They make a nice gift

I gave them to my daughter as her good behavior gift and she loves them.

By Keith Simpins on 5/2/2018

They are really likable, good product for the price

Fast delivery. I connected right away, it was easy to do so. The sound quality is good. They have a deep bass. They fit pretty nice in my ears. They don’t drop off when moving around. They feel comfortable. Because of their quality, they are worth my money

By Scott Rudin on 5/2/2018

awesome, very easy to use, long lasting battery

They are the most awesome headphones I have ever used. They are very easy to use and have long lasting batteries.

By Knox on 5/2/2018

I love these, the battery lasted longer

My battery went up to 5 hours.

By Harbour nene on 5/2/2018

Totally amazing

These Bluetooth headphones are amazing!
-Great battery
The battery stays alive for more than 4 hours.
-Nice fit
They fit nicely. They remain in place whether I’m sited or walking.
The case fits in my pocket and bag packs.
-Anti fatigue
Even after using them for long they still feel comfortable and no fatigue in ers.

By Ryan on 5/2/2018

Five stars

They deserve more than 5 stars. They have a 5 stars quality, 5 stars sound, 5 stars looks, 5 stars, fit and 5 stars battery life. They are perfecto!

By Frank Joo on 5/2/2018

If you haven’t bought them, you ae missing a lot

I can’t believe that all those years I was wasting my time with some other terrible! Terrible! Headsets! I wish I knew about them! If you haven’t bought them you are missing a lot. They have a very rich sound, they fit snugly and offers the comfort you need from wireless headphones.

By Catte Mucci on 5/2/2018

Just what I expected

Many reviews were good, so I had high expectations from them. They fit my ears fine. They come with a smaller sized gel which fits my son nicely. The large gel is fine for me. I love how they fit, they are not tight but they stay in place. The charging case is brilliant! They are small in size, easy to loose but the charging/ storage case keep them safe for you whenever they are not in your ears. The battery is nice. The control unit is easy to use. They also keep you away from fatigue.

By Ben da Silva on 5/2/2018

A must have for active people like me

At first the earbuds were loose and could not fit well, I latter realized the extra buds, after putting the smaller ones they fitted well and dint fall. They are no longer loose. For active people like me these are very nice and a must have. They are incredibly comfortable.

By Girordeau on 5/2/2018

Unique design

I recommend them because they are great! Everything about them is amazing.

By Herron N. Bush on 4/30/2018

Great headphones well made

The whole thing looks nice, starting from the package to the instruction menu. The procedure for setting up is pretty obvious. Pairing is easier than I thought. Wearing them is simple, you just insert them in your ears. Their fit is universal, they fit by 5 years old very well, and they also fit me well. They are little, it takes time to notice them on, especially at a distance. They are very comfortable and stays in place.

By M Jayson on 4/30/2018

Small headphones big sound

The Stealthbeats are very small but the sound is wonderful. The bass is very rich. The type of audio you’re listening to does not affect the quality of the sound. I was using some stupid headphones which produced an awful sound every time I played metals. The secure fit is amazing I can run many miles without having the thought of them falling. I recommend them for people in sports like me and all those who love strong music. They are great.

By Pauline on 4/30/2018

It makes us possible to be in the same room

My brother and I could not stay in one room because we have different taste in movies. I love watching action movies on the screen and he loves watching animations on his laptop. He says he I put too much volume and he hate using headphones because they give him ear-fatigue. I bought these headphones after reading that they are fatigue free. We now can stay in one room, he loves them and uses them all the time. He refuse to give them back. I have to order other ones for me.

By Max Capell on 4/30/2018

Can’t imagine life without them

They are the love of my ears, can’t imagine a life without them

By Belita Bam on 4/30/2018

Thumbs up!

Great product. Great price.

By Melvin on 4/30/2018

Microphone is strong

I’m a truck driver, I use the headphones mostly for calls. The mic works fine. Hands free calling is interesting and convenient. I love the sound quality.

By Rocky on 4/30/2018

If you are looking for good quality sound and noise cancelling this are it

I wasn’t sure I wanted noise cancelling headphones but now that I got them I see the importance. I can walk in the noisy streets and still listen to music loud and clear. The sound quality is excellent.

By Robbie maggie on 4/30/2018

The headphones came in a very nicely packed box

The packaging alone warmed my heart. What was inside made me dance, I’m happy I bought them.

By Trichkoy on 4/30/2018

My new best buds’

I like the earbuds. A glance at them is enough for you to see why they are anti-fatigue and very comfortable. They are well built with nice materials that feels good .They are very comfortable. The earbuds look durable.

By Diot on 4/30/2018

The sound is out of this world

Wow! The sound is top quality

By Faith Maroon H on 4/30/2018

Exceeds my expectations

For the first time I was so wrong about something! I had underestimated them! They are the coolest and gives you all the reasons to believe in them. High quality sound, Long life batteries and a very secure fit.

By Robert hill on 4/30/2018

Convenient to use, fine sound

I charge at night only and use them for the day without the need to charge them again. They are convenient. The sound is beautiful even for calls. I LOVE THEM!

By Jime Dassey on 4/30/2018

Easy to set up and perfect

Easy to set up and perfect

By Wis on 4/30/2018

This has been a good thing for my mom

My mom hated headphones because they gave her some sort of allergy in her ears. When I was reading customers reviews, I came a close a customer who had the same issue but was pleased with these ones. So I ordered them for her. The earbuds are well made and feels nice, they fit her well. No allergy.

By Ashley on 4/30/2018

Hubby is Happy

My hubby has been changing headphones like underwear’s and never stopped complaining about it. My sister told me about these incredible headphones. I made an order, I got them fast. My hubby was not that excited, it was not his fault, many headphones had let him down before. I set them up for him and gave them to him. After putting them in his ears he said they felt different.4 weeks now and he is still talking about them. He is very happy.

By Velasco on 4/30/2018

Satisfactory for my use

They meet my needs. Satisfied enough to recommend them

By Bucsh on 4/30/2018

Greatest investment

I was not familiar with the brand. The price seemed too good to be true. .I decided to take a gamble, but it worked fine for me. They are very easy to set up. Pairing is simple and fast, you just need to be patient for a few seconds. They fit effortlessly and well. They have an elegant look. They feel durable, not like some cheap plastic. They stay in place and the sound is perfect. Nice feet range. The batteries are capable of retaining charge for more than 6 hours. The mic is great, I can hear my calls and they can hear me back. This is a good investment. I would invest in them again. I recommend

By Johncan Bestie on 4/30/2018


The noise cancelling did work. My small ears were able to accommodate them comfortably and they, they always stays in place. They look valuable and nice. The price is good, but the product is more valuable. They have a high quality sound that is so peaceful and clear. They come with a storage case and a charging dock. They have a good range, I can walk from my desk at any time. You should go for these

By Tonney on 4/30/2018



By Good bride on 4/30/2018

Pretty sweet

They are pretty, they feel quality and the sound quality is fantastic!

By Collins on 4/30/2018

Very happy customer!!

The small headphones are comfortable, the earbuds feels soft and great and doesn’t press into your ears. The sound quality is awesome. No sound leakage and the noise cancellation works well, all noise is blocked. The sound is crystal clear and pure. The bass is just right. The battery has a long life. They are very comfortable even when you use them for long. I recommend

By Lissa Chania on 4/30/2018

I love them dearly

I’m an online psychologist and I rely on these headphones on my calls every day. I have use others but these one are my favorite. They don’t disconnect when on a call and I can move 25 feet away from my laptop and still communicate. They have very powerful sound quality and a deep bass that makes the sound better. They stay in place. Must buy more sets of this.

By Jane Bake on 4/30/2018

Our second set

This is our second set. We are learning Spanish, the headphone are to help us get the words correctly without missing. The StealthBeats are the best! I have never missed a word, the sound is loud and clear. The price is great.

By Lucy on 4/30/2018

Awesome small headphones ever!

Awesome small headphones ever!

By Ford Powel on 4/30/2018

They are Amazing

They cost you less, they look fine, they feel expensive and they sound Amazing!

By Portol on 4/30/2018

Good quality

Good quality

By Grey on 4/30/2018

My friend’s birthday gift

My classmate recommended them to me. I wanted a simple nice gift for my friend on her birthday. The price was fair and they were delivered on time. My friend likes them. Looks like she disposed the ones she had, she is always using the ones I bought for her. I have not had time to ask her what she thinks but from the action I can tell she likes them.

By David Kinney on 4/30/2018


They look nothing like the headphone that sells about the same price. They are supper quality for the price. I highly recommend

By Sam Port Willy on 4/30/2018


They are cheap but the quality is…….Try them see for yourself.

By Lonny Lezra on 4/30/2018

I still cannot believe the sound quality

Holy Moses!!!! The sound quality is incredible! I still can’t believe the quality of the sound on these small cheap headphones! It is very clear with a deep bass. I think the mic is great, I have never had issues with calls not being clear. The Bluetooth connection is simply easy and happens in secs. The design impresses me. They fit well, and feels very durable and high quality.
The color is not bad but I would prefer a brighter color (white)

By Barelina Ball on 4/30/2018

These small headphones are amazing

I was using the Kissral wireless sport earbuds which had great sound quality for 2 weeks only, the sound deteriorated with time until I had to throw them away. I searched for best durable headphones and the stealthbeats were on the list. I read some customer feedback and they were happy with the product. I finally decided to buy them. They are great and far much better than the Kissral.I had to wait for 3 weeks to write my feedback just to be sure. So far so good. I love every aspect about them. The sound quality is better and the bass sounds nice. They feel durable unlike the ones I had. I would buy them again. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

By Natalia Ques on 4/30/2018

One of my best VIP power deals purchases

Highly recommend. Works great with my smartphone. Nice quality materials, small, pretty and high fidelity sound. I’m very happy with my headphones

By Agnes White on 4/30/2018


A hundred % powerful for the price

By Kindergel on 4/30/2018

Pleasantly surprised

First impression: Nice packaging. They were nice looking small, black headphones placed in a nice looking case. The construction feels solid and they are easy to figure out. The first impression led to love at first sight.
Test: They paired easily, fits great and the sound is high quality. The bass is fine. They are securely held in the ears and won’t fall. Charging is fast, the battery keeps charge for long. The case open and closes easily.
My thoughts: I recommend them. For the price, it is hard to find headphones which are cheap and quality. You can’t compare them with some of the headphones which cost the same or even more.

By Bae Mauree on 4/30/2018

Great bass-really impressive for a Bluetooth

Works great. Very easy to use.

By Sabtuen Camero on 4/30/2018

sounds good to me!

The sound pleases me

By Benz on 4/30/2018


Wow! Wow! Wow! These are the most genuine amazing products I have ever bought! With so many cheap fake products that exist these days it is hard to tell which one is fake and which one is not. I dint have any expectations but the reviews made me a little hopeful. Guess what, they turned out to be GREAT! – Quick delivery
Nice packaging
Durable material
Easy pairing
Great fit
High quality sound
Long lasting batteries

By Pricilla Lazy on 4/30/2018

Surprisingly comfortable!

I don’t feel any impact when I put them on reason being, they have no additional weight and they fit perfectly fine. No ear fatigue. I dint expect it.

By Ronaldo on 4/30/2018

Definitely worth it

I have never been this happy about a purchase. My money bought me, small quality durable headphones with nice comfortable earbuds. Money well spent!

By Vc on 4/29/2018

Great wireless headphones

After reading many good reviews for this product I finally decided to purchase them. I was really excited to get them on time and the packaging was neat. On opening the package I could not take my eyes off these headphones, they really looked great. After testing them I now could tell why many buyers left good feedback. I have never ordered anything and left any feedback before but this time I had to. They are cheap but their quality conquers all! The sound quality is beautiful and the bass is pleasant. They have a battery life you can depend on. Anti-fatigue and has a noise cancellation feature. They are very easy to use. I highly recommend them.

By Johnmacedo on 4/29/2018

Smaller than I expected

The review said they were small but I dint expect them to be this small. I love the smaller size even more. They fit like magic, I don’t have to struggle to put them in position, they are designed in a way you just slide them in and they position themselves. It true they are almost invisible since you can’t see them on unless you look keenly. They have no additional weight and therefore very comfortable. You can use them for as long as you need since there is no ear fatigue. They have a sturdy fit, they don’t interfere with my very active lifestyle. I may even forget them in my ears sometimes. I would not hesitate to buy them again.

By Capshaw on 4/29/2018

I have some positive feeling about them

I have owned them for 3days. They look fabulous. They seem to be well built and quality. They come with an excellent case that keep them safe when not in use. The charging dock does it work well. Charging is fast, the batteries remain charged for long. I said goodbye to ear fatigue when I started using them. Calls are loud and clear. Nothing works better than the noise cancellation. For those 3 days I have used them, I’m positive they are going to be great on the long-run.

By Serena on 4/29/2018

Easy setup and use

When they were delivered I was busy and I could not even open the nice package at that time. So I left them on the table. I was surprised when my 12 years old daughter brought the headphones to me already set and music on. The sound quality is fantastic. They are a nice for my daughter’s ears and mine. I like them and I think my husband will like them too, must buy another set for him.

By Christinni Ricci on 4/29/2018

More than money’s worth

For the price, these wireless headphones are over qualified. Thy have all the top-quality features. The sound is incredible. They don’t feel like they are made with cheap material. They feel durable and look presentable. For that money they are great. You should grab yours before they realize they have undercharged.

By Astine on 4/29/2018


I recommend them for long users.

By Pett Marco on 4/29/2018

My extended family likes them

I’ve only had these headphones for a few days, they work perfectly and are well-built. Their design is ergonomic and comfortably fits almost everyone. I live with my extended family and everyone tried them on, they fitted well. The sound quality is great. They are made with a tough material which feels durable. The batteries are remarkable and are fully charges quickly. Everyone in my family loves them, some other orders are on the list. I recommend them.

By Darris on 4/29/2018

Decent for the price

The price is very enticing. For the price these might be the only high quality product available.

By Lyer on 4/29/2018

Excellent product

It is my first time to shop online. I love my first purchase. Thanks VIP power deals.

By Meguerite Nai on 4/29/2018

Great buy

They are great. Quality sound, secure fit and easy to use.

By Whetter on 4/29/2018

Simply first rate

Without saying much, they are simply first rate.

By Mary Hamni on 4/29/2018


EXCELLENT!!! *****

By Douglas Wayen on 4/29/2018

Great gadget

These Bluetooth wireless headphones is truly a great gadget. My favorite part is hands-free phone calls. The sound quality during phone calls is great and clear. The noise is fully blocked. I can also enjoy listening to my audios using only one earbud when I don’t mind the noise. They fit well and stays in place.

By Aronson on 4/29/2018

It really does look like it is durable

They are fine-looking and feels nice. The earbuds are strong.

By Lew on 4/29/2018

Wonderful headphones

They are smoking hot!

By Sandy Jaya Vic on 4/29/2018

Easy to set up and does exactly what it should without issues

These were my first Bluetooth device, I really dint know what I was buying. I tested them for 4 hours only. They work as advertised. I was pairing them with my laptop, it was easy. They give a high fidelity sound. They are Awesome!

By Varma on 4/29/2018


I would not think of other headphones, these are best!

By Jess Krist on 4/29/2018

I definitely recommend them

# well made, small but high quality
# Easy to pair and finishes in seconds
# Fits snugly and they don’t come out by themselves
# High quality sound .I definitely recommend them

By Raczelowski on 4/29/2018

Work better than I expected

Work better than I expected

By Elakris Rick on 4/29/2018

They give me flexibility

I watch my game on the screen as I move to the kitchen. They work within a wide range. I love them!

By John Kedward Ho on 4/29/2018

Works fantastic

The Bluetooth works well and the sound quality is amazing.

By Max Haward on 4/29/2018

Sweet headphones

I ordered the wireless headphones for my girlfriend. She has never used wireless before. She loves them and me more.

By Frank Glandstone on 4/29/2018

Stays on

I’m a body builder, I use these headphones almost every day for my exercises. With what I do, I needed headphones that would stay on all the time. Lucky me! I finally got them. I highly recommend.

By Ronger Warrior on 4/29/2018

Everything I hoped for

They turned to be all I hoped for after a long time of disappointment from other headphones from other brands.

By Licksmanuel on 4/29/2018

These are the ones to get

If you are planning to shop for headphones, these are the real thing. They look great and works as great.

By Patrol Joker on 4/29/2018

Overall nice product for the money

Overall nice product for the money

By Ramzeni on 4/29/2018

Wonderful Bluetooth device

They were recommended to me by my best friend. Great noise cancellation, High sound quality, easy Bluetooth pairing, Safest fit, Great battery, inexpensive, well designed and improved batteries.

By Mathew Pulne on 4/29/2018

Great idea and size


By Gp Nelsie on 4/29/2018

Sound quality and durability

Nice looking headphones with high fidelity sound.

By Tecum Mercy on 4/29/2018

I like the logo

I like the logo

By Cop on 4/29/2018



By Sofenea Pess on 4/29/2018

Small but useful

Ingenious, small but useful, inexpensive headphones. They work like trouble especially the voice cancellation. Excellent range and high sound quality.

By Valentines on 4/29/2018

Great for sporting

Everyone in sports understands how important it is to get headphones that fits well and does not fall off. These are the headphones, they stay in place and has a high fidelity sound. Battery life is incredible.

By Robert Lensiki on 4/29/2018

Great price

Great price

By Jury Homeo on 4/29/2018

The product works perfectly

The product works perfectly. The whole thing is very reliable. The battery won’t give you a hard time since it holds charge for long. For my set up, it only took 5 min. The sound quality is remarkable! They are well-built and fits well.

By Rene Brickman on 4/29/2018

They have made me happy

Can’t describe how happy I am with this product. They got to me quick, nicely packed. Not only the box, the headphones looks classy and have a nice texture. The earbuds looks great too, they slip into my ears nicely and stays in place.
Within no time they connected with my phone and I was ready to go. I have been using them when working out, they are sweat proof and gives me a great performance. They perform well on calls and operates within 25 feet range. The batteries are good. They are anti-fatigue, I use them for long. They are very comfortable. I highly recommend.

By Peter Burns on 4/29/2018

They look pretty

These ones are tiny, really lightweight and elegant. They are a fit for my ears and they are really fun to use in noisy places. They are nicely designed and the earbuds are always in place. Great sound quality for the price. Neat packaging and quick delivery.

By Donelly on 4/29/2018

Works perfectly

These come with a well Labeled L and right instruction in each headphone to avoid making the mistake of wearing them wrong. They have a secure fit and looks pretty nice. They are not noticeable because of their small size. The material feels quality and durable. They have an advanced battery which stays charged for at least 5 hours. The sound quality is heavenly! Using these is easy. Good price.

By Talley on 4/29/2018

Serious noise cancellation

Mine are 3 weeks old. They work great apart from the noise cancellation is very serious. You cannot hear anything apart from the music in your ears, that’s why I opt to use only one headphone. But in a noisy place I think they can help.

By Parky sign on 4/29/2018

Two sets

My wife and I bought two sets. They are incredible!

By Barbra on 4/29/2018

My father’s friends are talking about them

Finally I got rid of my other fake headphones which costed me a fortune. I got the Stealthbeats Bluetooth wireless headphones after my father mentioned them to me. I have never seen him use any headphones, he told me he learnt about them from friends. I was eager to try them out. Everything about these headphones is great!
Cool sound quality
Easy to use
Compatible Bluetooth
Nice fit
Soon I will make another order to surprise my father.

By Steve Bidder on 4/29/2018

I have never owned such good headphones

Headphones are part of my dressing. I can’t stay without them. I have used different types of headphones but I can’t match them to these. These are awesome! They are built well. They have a very beautiful design which makes them very attractive. The quality of the sound is A-mazi-ng!.

By Shapiro Rez on 4/29/2018

Was recommended by my homie

My homie recommended them to me. They have a nice design. They fit my ears well and don’t get off when I’m lifting weights. They are just the right earphones when walking in crowded noisy place and you want to mind your own business. The noise cancellation works greatly, the background noise is totally blocked. These product is very affordable! The audio quality is great. I love them dearly.

By Kay on 4/29/2018

Bought them at an offer

I bought them at an offer price but the initial price looks friendly .It won’t be long before I make another order.

By Robin Swanow on 4/29/2018

Im a satisfied customer

Before anything else I would like to say that I appreciate how fast these products were derived. I bought them as my son’s birthday present and they were available right on time. I love the way they were packaged, I actually dint need to rap them at all. I dint get the chance to test them myself but my son loves them.

By Dusmary on 4/29/2018

High quality low price

My previous expensive headphones broke my heart after a month of thinking they are the ones. A friend recommended the Stealth Beats wireless Bluetooth headphones which are cheap. I had very low expectations about them. THEY GAVE ME THE SHOCK OF MY LIFE! They are incredible!
They feel quality and looks elegant. The earbuds are nice they fit well and feels great. They are very comfortable. The sound quality is decent. Have an extended battery life of about 6 hours. I dint think cheap high quality products do exist. You should unquestionably give them a shot.

By Baby Ore on 4/29/2018

Thank you

Thank you for the product. They are great!

By Chris Heller Puth on 4/29/2018

Noise cancellation

They look fashionable. I prefer using one headphone. The noise cancellation feature cancels all background noise. These a great feature that would work well in noisy places. I have no issue regarding making calls. I can hear the other person loud and clear and they can hear me too. I recommend them

By Adam Keln on 4/29/2018


Quality lovely headphones!

By Leah Hellody on 4/29/2018


Brilliant! Brilliant! Headphones! I’m the sweatiest person on earth especially when running in the evening. The most amazing thing is how these headphones stays in place even after sweating. The battery is good. And most importantly they are very comfortable.

By Ruth on 4/29/2018

ear fatigue free

No matter how long I use them, I cannot complain about ear fatigue.

By Gideon Pharo on 4/29/2018


The Stealthbeats headphones are easy to use. Bluetooth is compatible with all my devices. Pairing is fast. They are very comfortable even after long use.

By Stereo Puu on 4/29/2018


Great battery, Quality sound, Very comfortable, great fit and they look durable.

By Kim on 4/29/2018

Good battery

I can’t complain about the battery. I can now use these headphones for more than five hours continuous without having to charge. They are very reliable especially when travelling. The battery get fully charged within a short time. The storage case looks pretty.

By Heikim Patric on 4/29/2018

Very comfortable

When it comes to comfort, I give them 5 stars. They are very comfortable. They are a great fit for me. No ear fatigue even when using them for long. They stay in place. The sound quality is perfect and the bass is good enough. I recommend them

By Festus 33 on 4/29/2018

I bought them for my girlfriend

I bought the StealthBeats headphones for my girlfriend and she likes them.

By Octavio Darlin on 4/29/2018

Im happy with my headphones

Im happy I bought these headphones

By Alexandrah on 4/29/2018

The best!

The earbuds have a great texture. They feel so nice and comfortable in my ears. They are well designed. Their design makes them remain in your ears at all times. They are small in size. Their sound quality is amazing. They are quality made and the price is no excuse to not getting them. I don’t see why I should not top rate them.

By Vanny on 4/29/2018


They are compatible with every device I connect them with. The sound quality is better than I thought! Thanks Vip power deals for such an awesome product.

By Bulbul on 4/29/2018

Easy to use

My 11 years old twin boys set up the headphones for themselves without using the instruction menu.

By Maria Agnes Calae on 4/29/2018

No fatigue

The most annoying thing is to use headphones and latter experience ear fatigue. These earphones will solve that. I stay with them on for so long even when I’m not using them. I have never experienced any ear fatigue.

By Bildada on 4/29/2018

Nice storage

This pretty storage case for the headphones is great! I don’t have to worry about losing the tiny headphones at all. The case is small too, it can fit in my pocket or my bag pack.

By Brena Loveline on 4/29/2018


Perfect! 5 stars

By Juddy on 4/29/2018

5 stars

* High quality
* Great cost
*High sound quality
*Easy to operate

By Charles Black on 4/29/2018

I highly recommend

Since I turned 18 I have used different types of headphones. Among all I have used these ones are the best and the only ones I can recommend. Wireless headphones are the best you can do what you want without the wires interfering with what you are doing. When buying wireless Bluetooth headphones don’t just buy any, consider buying the Stealth beat wireless headphones.

By Easther L on 4/29/2018

We love them

My family and all my relatives are buying and loving them after they were recommended to me buy a friend. They are great.

By Pabro on 4/29/2018

Great Quality sound

The sound is brilliant!

By Freeman on 4/29/2018

Quick delivery

They were delivered to me on time.

By Jellin Taus on 4/29/2018

Don’t doubt them

I had not big expectations. My eyes are still wide open because I’m still in shock! These headphones are the best! The audio is superb! Their quality in incredible!

By Farmer on 4/29/2018


Can’t complain

By School Patty on 4/29/2018

hands free calling

The headphones have a great mic which makes hands-free calling more enjoyable. The callers sound is very audible and they can hear me clearly. The bass level is great and the audio is very rich and clear. They stay connected with the device within the range of 25 feet. You should absolutely go for them.

By Byants Merits on 4/29/2018

Deep bass and a crystals clear

The sound quality is wonderful! The deep bass makes them sound great. They are lightweight therefore causing no ear fatigue. I’m loving them.

By Granny on 4/29/2018

Comfortable earbuds

The earbuds have a great soft feeling .They offer you with a custom comfortable fit. The material used to make them looks durable. They are also designed to avoid noise leakage. The battery life is awesome! I recommended them to a friend 5 days after I got mine, she tested them yesterday and her feedback said that they are awesome and the sound quality is hot!

By Femna on 4/29/2018

Professional packaging

Remarkable packaging! They are gorgeous and have a unique design.

By Stone cold on 4/29/2018

Cancels noise

They are noise cancellation headphones. They work great in a noisy place. You can still listen to music without the noise interfering. That’s not all, the sound quality is unbelievable! They are charming and cause no ear fatigue. They were delivered on time loved the packaging BTW.

By GodF on 4/29/2018

Ergonomically designed

They are well built and can fit everybody’s ears. My ears are incredibly small but they fit well and stays in place during my workout sessions. My hubby has big ears and they also fit well. They are anti fatigue and looks durable.

By White on 4/29/2018

Bye bye to ear fatigue

So far I have used variety of headphones. I was almost getting used to ear fatigues until a friend guaranteed me that the StealthBeats headphones are unique and won’t disappoint me. I can also guarantee you that they won’t disappoint you. Don’t allow your ears to suffer, say goodbye to ear fatigue

By Thermo Walio on 4/29/2018

Nice headphones

They are really nice,reliable and convenient.

By Nicholus Wendy on 4/29/2018


Works well

By Pal on 4/29/2018

Superior than the price

I don’t think you can get any other super quality headphones at a give-away price. These are the top leading quality headphones you will find for that price. They are great. Try them.

By May chad Later on 4/29/2018

I am an audio producer

I have been an audio producer since 2014.These are the most pleasant headphones to put in your ears. They produce a perfect loud and clear sound. The battery life impresses me. I use them for the whole day without charging. They are light weight and extra comfortable. They come with a charging/storage case which is in great size and fits in my pocket. And how can I forget about how fitting they are! They stay in my ears and I don’t have to worry about them falling.

By Julion p on 4/29/2018

I can’t imagine

I can’t imagine anyone buying any other type of wireless headphones! These headphones will not leave you broke and will save you time and money since they will be at your service for a long time.

By Mickey on 4/29/2018

Nice size

Nice invisible headphones! They are little and you can hardly see them on at a distance.

By Rikky Kirr on 4/29/2018

4 stars

The only reason I give them 4 stars is because I got them yesterday. Everything else looks fine so far.

By Centry Helen's on 4/29/2018

Flawless Headphones!

Breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just bought myself these fine fine headphones! They are INCREDIBLE!

By Alarm on 4/29/2018


They are excellent. Recommendable.

By Benny Tucket on 4/29/2018

Good sounding headphones

The sound is good and very clear, even when making calls.

By Wort Leon on 4/29/2018


For the price, these are fantastic

By Lipsmeyer on 4/29/2018

They have been good to me

A month now and I still love them. Will make another order.

By Collette on 4/29/2018

Great wireless headphones

After reading many good reviews for this product I finally decided to purchase them. I was really excited to get them on time and the packaging was neat. On opening the package I could not take my eyes off these headphones, they really looked great. After testing them I now could tell why many buyers left good feedback. I have never ordered anything and left any feedback before but this time I had to. They are cheap but their quality conquers all! The sound quality is beautiful and the bass is pleasant. They have a battery life you can depend on. Anti-fatigue and has a noise cancellation feature. They are very easy to use. I highly recommend them.

By Berike on 4/29/2018

Good for my tablet

They have a well-controlled bass. They give you nothing but pure music enjoyment. Bluetooth is well compatible with my tablet. Pairing is easy and fast, I can walk 25 feet away from my tab without disconnecting. They have a secure fit and it is hard for them to fall. The battery life is good.

By Cathy jones on 4/29/2018

Natural sound

The sound performance is great. I totally enjoy listening to audios because the sound quality is MWAAAAAH! The noise cancellation is Mwaeeeest!! Noise is not a barrier at all.

By DL on 4/29/2018

Lots of love

I love them.

By Gee on 4/29/2018

Sweat resistant

I use my headphones mainly when exercising. It is great how they can withstand the dripping sweat. They don’t show any sign of slipping off .They are very comfortable.

By Pam on 4/29/2018

A must have for long users

If you are a long user like me, these are the best headphones for you. They are very comfortable and stays in place. They are also anti fatigue and on top of all that, the sound quality is exclusive. Their lightweight quality will make you forget them in your ears (it happens to me sometimes) I recommend.

By Dickson Yalle on 4/29/2018


Was in the hospital for a month because of a broken ankle, after coming home some of my items were misplaced that included my fantastic StealthBeats Bluetooth headphones. My girlfriend bought some other types for me but I was not satisfied until I decided to buy the same type I had before. They came a week ago. Quick delivery and high quality as usual. They are unforgettable.

By Eddy on 4/29/2018


These are the most outstanding headphones I have ever used. Sound quality is cool and they are very comfortable. For the price they are extremely cool. They have a cool fitting and looks expensive.

By Ramsy Ram on 4/29/2018

My friend thinks they are better

I dropped my friend’s headphones and accidentally stepped on them and the earbuds were destroyed. I needed to buy a replacement. I dint have a lot of money by then so I was looking for cheap quality headphones. I did my research and the stealthbeats were on top of the list. The reviews were helpful and they somehow encouraged me to buy. I tested myself and they were really fancy. They fitted nicely. They stayed in place and were comfortable. I made a call and it went through clearly. My friend loved them more, she say they were better in every way. It hurt me to let them go but soon I will buy mine.

By Brandy on 4/29/2018

Great for passing time

My friend loves football and sometime he takes me with me. When I can’t say no to him I take my wireless headphones with me to keep myself busy when I can’t comprehend what’s happening in the field. How the headphones cancel all the noise I can’t explain, but it does it anyway.

By Higgins on 4/29/2018

Best choice

You won’t regret.

By Reene Pamez on 4/29/2018


Nice product and very fashionable

By Salandra on 4/29/2018

They work

It gets the job done for me. The distance range from the phone is quite okay for me. They have an awesome battery life and the sound quality is good. You can use one headphone, this is great since the two headphones cancels all the noise and it is hard to hear what others are saying.

By Millar on 4/29/2018

Sexy headphones

Wow!!! These headphones are sexy! I have never seen such unique headphones! The earbuds are stylish and has a great design that makes them fit well. Honestly I enjoyed using them! Operating them is done with much ease. Pairing is fast. The earbuds look sturdy and are very comfortable.

By Warne Brand on 4/29/2018

Good for watching movies

I watch my action movies from my laptop with these headphones. The sound is great, there is no need to use my home theater. The deep bass makes the sound strong. I can eat while playing my favorite movies since my vigorous jaw movement doesn’t make them to fall. I love everything about them.

By Terry Higgians on 4/29/2018


They are so fine!

By Brian Mathias on 4/29/2018

They work wonders

Awesome! I now workout without the worry of them dropping. I have never used headphones that fits as good.

By Abel on 4/29/2018

Great mic

The mic is working as said.

By Willincham Baker on 4/29/2018

Great design

The design is so nice. The nice cancellation is very active. I love them.

By Hali Callison on 4/29/2018


They fit well .they have a good loud sound, the battery last for long. They are comfortable when wearing them.

By Jammie K.Mitchell on 4/29/2018

Gift for my brother

I bought them for my brother’s birthday. They were delivered before the D-day. We tested them together. They looked nice. The manner they were packed really gave me a good feeling. The case is nice and charging is fast. They come with a cable which is long. The batteries are nice too, they stays charged for long. They are well built and quality. The color is attractive. The quality of the sound is perfect. My brother was happy with the gift

By Dancy on 4/29/2018

Nice dock charger

Nice dock charger

By Clay Wanter Nice on 4/29/2018

Still my favorite

I have owned these now for an entire life cycle and they are always my favorite. They have a well-defined sound quality .The earbuds don’t look like they are going to wear off soon. They fit okay and offers maximum comfort.

By Sarrah Sanfroe on 4/29/2018


I was using the Samsung headphones which proved they were good for nothing after a month. They started producing the worst sound until I was convinced to throw them in the trash. I decided to try the new StealthBeats wireless headphones after I watched a video on YouTube. The stealthbeats are fantastic! The sound is more way better that of Samsung. The earbuds are more comfortable and fits better. They have an extended battery that operates for 6 hours without a break.

By James Gerber on 4/29/2018

Good job

The delivery team did a good job. They got to me without any delay.

By Paul Lechliter on 4/29/2018

Bought 4 more pairs

My studio needed at least 4 headphones and I choose these one because I have been with a similar pair for more than 4 months now and still they are in good shape and their performance is still great. They are durable that’s why you should buy them.

By Baby dee on 4/29/2018

First-class headphones

They are the best in the market.

By Silvesta on 4/29/2018

OOOOh My!!!!

For the first time in a long time my hubby has stuck with one type of headphones! When it comes to headphones he has always been polygamous until I got him these headphones. He has stayed with them for 6 months now, I haven’t heard any complains. Last week I made another order me, my daughter loves them. Might need to make another order for her. I highly recommend.

By Inklish on 4/29/2018

The case

The case makes me look organized. I’m used to losing small objects but these case makes it impossible. I love them.

By Cow Boy on 4/28/2018

Must have for bike lovers

I bought these headphones precisely for precious time with my bike. They are well designed. They are sweat proof and always stays in place.

By Ji on 4/28/2018


They are the most spectacular headphones that will ever cost you that less.

By Lonard bates on 4/28/2018

Judging from the time I have

Judging from the time I have used them, they rock!!! High sound quality and great fit. They look stunning even when in the ears. You will love them.

By Gary Whiston on 4/28/2018



By Tayler Part on 4/28/2018

I travel a lot

I travel a lot and these are my companion every time I hit the road. They are very reliable. The battery life is great. They are made well to ensure you don’t get ear fatigues. When you are not using them you can put them in in the carrying case. The sound quality is excellent.

By Jane Downy on 4/28/2018

For my IPhone 3G

Someone recommended them to me. I love so many things about them. The Bluetooth works well. It pairs with my iPhone 3G .Pairing is complete within secs. What I enjoy most is the quality of the audio produced, clear natural sound with a deep bass. The earbuds feels good in my ears and they don’t keep on falling unlike other headphones. For the price, they are really powerful.

By Joy on 4/28/2018

Five star

Stylish design and very comfortable.

By Shima patience on 4/28/2018

I love them!

They are made Ideal for all devices. They can connect with all my Bluetooth appliances. I can now listen to my music without the fear of my ears feeling like they have been strained. I love them!

By Dal Nov on 4/28/2018

My preference

I really like these. They are not expensive but sound good. The buds has a secure fit and are comfortable. The earbuds are a little small but I like that because they fit my little ears perfectly. I had used expensive headphones but I would prefer their fit and how they feel.

By Brad on 4/28/2018

I’m a satisfied customer

The bass is pretty good. The noise cancellation is great and works under all environments. They are packed with a case that looks brilliant. Great sound quality.

By Benlock on 4/28/2018


I’m very happy with the purchase.

By Tan Matinez on 4/28/2018

Great bass

The bass is a lot better than I was expected.

By Patient Jegger on 4/28/2018

Fits well

I received the headphones yesterday. Sounds good, works great, easy to pair and use. Great value for the money

By Kevin Adams on 4/28/2018

I recommend them to everyone!

These are the type of headphones you recommend to everyone. They have never once given me a reason to complain. They fit well and stays in place, it doesn’t matter how wild you get they are always royal. They are very easy to use and has a high quality sound.

By Michalp on 4/28/2018

Incredible products

Great products

By Dan Snape on 4/28/2018

No better deal

There is no better deal than this. For the price they are exceptional.

By Steven Gonzales West on 4/28/2018


The battery is good

By Gappett on 4/28/2018


Supper great product in such a cheap price.

By Jackline Bentley on 4/28/2018


They were recommended to me and now I recommend them.

By James Gucci on 4/28/2018

Great product

It deserves the 5 stars

By Alriana Viana on 4/28/2018

My bro loves them

I packed them as a gift for my little bro and he loves them.

By Scott Roth N on 4/28/2018


I have spent a lot of money trying to find headphones that can fit my ears properly and eventually I found these. They are the only headphones that ever fit my ears properly. Surprisingly, the sound quality is extraordinary! The earbuds appear to be well made. They give a very well bass, I finally found my match.

By jack Gill on 4/28/2018

I use them

These headphones are well built with a very secure fit. They are lightweight and fits well. I use them for more than 7 hours a day but my ears never get tired. I like the sound quality and how they feel. The dock charger works great.

By Harron Tril on 4/28/2018

Great for calls

The in- built mic functions like no other. It’s easy to take calls on the go. When on calls I’m able to get what the other person is communicating and they can hear me too. I have done a couple of tests with friends. Have a secure fit, quick pairing and awesome battery life.

By John Grey on 4/28/2018

Solved my problem

After using headphones for long, my ears could not hear clearly and I got a feeling which was almost pain. Buying other headphones was not optional. My auntie suggested I buy headphones from the same brand as hers (StealthBeats wireless Bluetooth headphones) .I gave them a shot and guess what I got! Cute, quality, well-fitting and quality sound headphones! No more “pain” in my ears and I can use them for as long as I like without worries.

By Tentee on 4/28/2018

Got what I was looking for

I was looking for headphones with a good battery. Just what I was looking for.

By Selestine Palestine on 4/28/2018

Great product

Great product

By Emily phoster on 4/28/2018

Simple but effective

They look simple but they do wonders.

By Fenric Kale BY on 4/28/2018

My dads

This is my third order, my dad asked me to make the order on his behalf. He says mine are remarkable.

By Laban Seithmore on 4/28/2018

Great for the price

Great for the price

By Cirah Joe on 4/28/2018

These headphones are insane

The quality of the boxing impressed me. They come with a holding case and an extra dock charger. The bass is insane! The sound quality is excellent. The battery has a long life, they take me through the whole day without charging. The price is good and the delivery won’t keep you waiting. I recommend these headphones.

By Tina Lukes on 4/28/2018

I really like these headphones

I really like these headphones for my calls especially while walking or driving. The microphone works great and I love the way my ears hold them firm. They are just the right size.

By Olive Money on 4/28/2018

Pros no cons

I don’t know of any cons. Based on my observation since I bought the stealthbeats they are very good headphones.
. high quality and the battery is great
. sound quality is solid.
. extremely comfortable
. The earbuds cannot fall
. sweat proof
. totally anti fatigue
.The stuff used to make them is high quality
.Noise cancellation works all the time
.Compatible with every Bluetooth device
.The most secure fit you will ever find

By Margret Cold on 4/28/2018

Super-duper cool!

They are the hottest and they seem to be better than I expected.

By Lemeyan Manuel on 4/28/2018

These are my no 1 choice.

These are my number one choice headphones that I would definitely recommend, they are AWESOME!

By Josphine Isule on 4/28/2018

The price and the good reviews

The price and the good reviews dint make sense. I had to give them a try just to confirm. These are the cheapest headphones I have bought so far but everything else about them is classy. The sound quality is beyond my expectations. Holy! They are soooooooo comfortable! I love them.

By Gladys on 4/28/2018



By Ziporah Hats on 4/28/2018

Im I crazy or what??

Since I got my Wireless headphones I just can’t stop talking about how great they are. I can’t help bragging to my friends about the amazing sound quality. I recommend them they are worth each and every penny.

By Alex on 4/28/2018

These modern headphones are interesting

Back in the days we use to have only the wired headphones. I’m an old gent who finds these modern headphones very interesting. Setting them up is not difficult, I dint have to ask my grandson for help. No ear fatigue. Very comfortable. They comfortably fit.

By Timothy Hester on 4/28/2018

I like the advanced battery

I like the advanced battery

By Denny T collins on 4/28/2018

They don’t fall

They don’t constantly fall out my ears like my previous ones.

By Maya Fisher on 4/28/2018

Best headphones

I have 2 of these and they are the best headphones for the price. Perfect sound and an inbuilt mic that make the headphone more functional. For those who love listening to music and contacting others on the go, these are the right headphones for you.

By Maxwell Stone on 4/28/2018

I love them

I love every single thing about them

By Dennis Walter on 4/28/2018


They provide a very tight comfortable fit.

By Varredah on 4/28/2018

Great in public

They are great for reading in public because all the noise is blocked. The sound quality is good. They also fit well. Recommendable

By Stellah Patric on 4/28/2018

They are Alright

The sound quality is just ok

By Brookline on 4/28/2018

Nice design

They are very nice looking and have a fantastic design.

By Lawrence W Wel on 4/28/2018

I give them a 95%

I would rate them 100% but the color dint really impress me so I rate them 95%. Apart from the colour everything else including the sound quality is great.

By Fyler on 4/28/2018

Nicely made

They are nicely shaped. The earbuds feels nice.

By Larry Mahhan on 4/28/2018



By Victor Homeo on 4/16/2018

Very good

Excellent! The batteries are incredible! I played music from nonstop and the battery remained charged for that long. Still there was some remaining charge .The headphones are brilliant. The sound quality is great.

By Benjamin on 4/16/2018

Ok headphones

An unboxing video on YouTube influenced my decision to buy these headphones. The package was delivered to me without delays. So far I can’t complain, they work as described .The sound quality is OK. They are good looking .The earbuds are designed well. They fit my ears well. I noticed even after using them for long, I still feel comfortable and no ear fatigue. The battery is OK.

By Skinny D on 4/16/2018

The mic and the noise cancellation is great

The nice cancellation works like magic! Listening to music in a noisy place is very possible! What more would you be looking for? The mic works great. Calls sound is quality. They are cheap. They feel quality. I’m about to make another order.

By Trizah on 4/16/2018


The Stealthbeats headphones are very stylish. I don’t have to worry about them falling during activities. The buds stays in your ears stable. They are Lightweight and very comfortable. That is not all, the sound quality is amazing. They will cost you less than any other quality headphones. I love em.

By Miss Bell on 4/16/2018


They are pretty. Sweat resistant and do not slip.

By Cony on 4/16/2018

Great bass and quality

The bass is deep enough .The sound quality will surprise you. For headphones as cheap as these, you will hardly get supper quality headphones like these. They look attractive. They are small in size but you don’t have to worry about losing them because they come with a storage case

By Shakker on 4/16/2018


Great headphones

By Bro on 4/16/2018


Setting up was easy. Pairing took just some few minutes. The feet range is something else. I love these headphones

By Henry on 4/16/2018

Great for working out

These are nice for working out, they are light, fits well keeping them secure in your ears. An extremely good deal for the price. I highly recommend these.

By Franlin Moth on 4/16/2018

Nice earbuds

Nice earbuds

By Zee on 4/16/2018


I bought them for my boyfriend he said that they were amazing

By Nancy Boltons H on 4/16/2018

Impressed me

The quick delivery really impressed me. The packaging was neat. They have a quality and durable look. They fit so well, Feels nice and never falls down. They are easy to use.

By Ninnah on 4/16/2018

Excellent active noise cancellation

My hubby retires to bed early and I love watching movies in bed. I needed headphones that won’t disturb my hubby while sleeping. Well, these ones does exactly that. The sound quality takes you to another world.

By Laura on 4/16/2018

I absolutely love them

I’m more than pleased with everything about these headphones

By Margret Westonn on 4/16/2018

I really enjoy using them

They have a quality range sound. The pairing is easy and everything else is great too.

By Snow White on 4/16/2018

My favorite headphones

Great price! They arrived fast. The sound quality seems great. They stay in my ears comfortably without slipping when running. They connected to my laptop easily .They also came with a nice storage case. Battery life is good .I would buy them again

By Lemmon on 4/16/2018

Stays on

My previous headphones had trouble staying on. A friend recommended the StealthBeats headphones. They are amazing! They always stay in place. They are small in size, it’s not easy to note them at a distance.

By Jedidah Brookly on 4/16/2018

Flexible fit

I think the StealthBeats has a flexible fit. They can fit everyone! My friends tried them on and they all fitted. They all agree that they are great! The sound quality is wonderful! My friends want to purchase them.

By Norman Rich on 4/16/2018


. Great price
Quality sound
Fast Bluetooth connection
Easy to use
Nice storage
Great design
Sweat proof
Secure fit
These headphones are just great!

By Sparks on 4/16/2018

Superior sound!

Holy cow!!!!!!! The sound produced is great! I could not believe it! The sound is superior and the deep bass is even better. They fit nicely, I don’t have to keep on pressing them back in my ears. They stay on no matter the type of exercise. They are super lovely.

By Bebnorman on 4/16/2018


I did my research and they were the only pair I found promising. Other people who had used them were Impressed according to the review. They totally delivered, the fit is perfect and the sound is flawless. They are don’t fall out when exercising. The call quality was impressive even when hitting the road. The packaging is great. I enjoyed quick delivery.

By Angulo Chen on 4/16/2018

Reliable and durable

I purchased these ones for my baby. I bought them again because my older version of these proved to be reliable and durable. I have been having them for more than a year and they are still great. The voice quality is still good .They still look new. My kid is loving his new headphones.

By Jane Williams on 4/16/2018

I’m loving them

I’m loving them

By Eliza on 4/16/2018

I wish I purchased earlier

Such an awesome product. I had tried others from BIG brands but they one point or another disappointed me. My buddy recommended these ones and I thought I should try them. Ghosh! I have never bought anything of high quality in such a low price in my whole life! The sound is terribly great! They are well built and give me this nice feeling in my ears. When it comes to comfort, they are the best. They are very comfortable and always stays in place. I hate how other headphones have played my money! I wish I knew.

By Clark.W on 4/16/2018

I’m positive

I’m positive that with this price you will never get any other headphones that shows a good performance like these ones.

By Suppergaga on 4/16/2018


They deserve the 5 stars.

By Germany on 4/16/2018

They produce a descent sound and the color is not bad.

They produce a descent sound and the color is not bad.

By Bahma Smith on 4/16/2018

Wish I listened

I regret not buying them earlier. My BFF had bought these headphones when he insisted I buy the same. I made another more costly purchase instead. The purchase spent a few days before it became rubbish! I had to buy other headphones and this time I decided to listen to him. Wow! Wow! Wow! The Stealthbeats headphones are best! They fit well. Perfect sound quality and price.

By Thunder kitty on 4/16/2018

Very powerful

They are very powerful and easy to operate. They charge fast and hold charge for a very long time. They sound great. They have nice and clear loud sound. They have the exact bass I prefer. They block any background noise. The microphone function well. Calls are very clear and the caller can hear you clearly.

By Wison on 4/16/2018

Professional sound!

The StealthBeats headphones are very neat. The have a great color. They fit my small ears very well. They are very luxurious. I am a music producer, believe me I am a sound expert. The sound quality is one of the best. Connection is easy and first. There is an Instruction menu in the box but you may not use it .Everything is straight forward. I have used many headphones so far but none seems like this one. Everything is right. Most of the headphones will always have one issue if not the other. They are very affordable. I recommend these.

By Tylor on 4/16/2018


Are you tired of buying headphones after every short time? This was me months ago. I bought earphones after earphones after spoiling. I was frustrated enough to actually think that there were quality headphones in the market. As usual I was just trying them out but they turned out to be Incredible! The voice quality, incredible! Fit, Incredible! Battery life, Incredible! Comfort, Incredible! Size, Incredible! Everything, Incredible!

By Lee Hartman on 4/16/2018

My wife is in love

I got them for my wife. She loves them.

By Moni Ammer on 4/16/2018

Such an amazing product

This is an amazing product! I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

By Blessing on 4/16/2018

I received them Yesterday

I received my StealthBeats headphones yesterday. They work great. The came with a case. The cable is long enough. Battery life is long enough to keep you active for the day. They fit easily, you just need to slip them in and boom! You’re ready to go. You should not expect them to fall because they won’t. When I sweat like hell, they still remain in my ears. They are comfortable. My expectation is that they continue this way.

By Oline on 4/16/2018


No matter how long I use these headphones my ears are never exhausted. I love them.

By Serrah hoarse on 4/16/2018


I dint know what to expect from wireless Bluetooth headphones because I have never owned any before. The Stealthbeats are easy to use even for a first user like myself. I set them with a lot of fat so good.

By JC Leon on 4/16/2018

They have a wonderful sound quality

They have a wonderful sound quality

By Rihanna on 4/16/2018

A 100% quality

A 100% quality

By Lucy Lucie on 4/16/2018

For my husband

I was looking for something good for my husband when I came across these pretty headphones. I could not resist them. They look perfectly nice. They are well built. Compatible with my ears, easy pairing, lightweight, very comfortable, I Just can’t say it all. He loved them .Will buy another set for me.

By Robert smith on 4/16/2018


They have great sound quality, balanced and clear, compatible with all my devices, easy to connect, long life battery. I like it!

By Cristos on 4/16/2018

coworkers adore them

My coworkers adore them, they are cool, I enjoy them.

By JSonny K on 4/16/2018


These Bluetooth headphones fits in my ears and most of the times I wear them all day! At times I forget I have them on .They have two earbuds for both ears. You can use one or both depending on what you like. They operate at a range of 25 feet. The have a very good sound quality. The charge lasts for about 6 hours. I haven’t experienced any cons so far. I highly recommend them.

By Catherine Mish on 4/16/2018

Simple but powerful

Simple headphones but very powerful

By Maria Garcia on 4/16/2018


They are just Okay

By Lorna on 4/16/2018


These headphones have a rich bass. They pair well and has a long battery life.

By DMI on 4/16/2018

Best product

I am pleased with the purchase. I no longer have to worry about where to place the earbuds so they won’t get lost. They come with a storage case. They also come with a microphone to enable me to make and receive calls without any sound complications. The battery remain charged for a very long time. They are quality headphones.

By Lulu on 4/16/2018

I’m a full time driver

Driving people around is my full time job. I bought these headphones for picking and receiving calls. They work great and the sound is crystal clear. The sound quality is awesome. I use just one earbud and it does not affect the sound quality. It is as good as using both.

By James J.Johnson on 4/16/2018

Seriously perfect

I have never used serious headphones like these. Every aspect about them is cool!

By Maria Martinez on 4/16/2018

A must have for runners

If you are a runner like me, I would suggest you get these wireless Bluetooth headphones. They don’t interrupt your running time. They are comfortable and stays in position. I have been running for almost my entire life. I have used variety of other headphones from other brands but none of them met my needs like these ones do. For these price this price the headphone are more than great! I recommend.

By xxxxx on 4/10/2018

I’m an addict

I’m addicted to this headphones. Since I got them they are always with me. Love them

By Bobby Brown on 4/10/2018

Not bad for the price.

It is hard to get great headphones with that price. These ones are more worth than the price. Their quality is great. I have tried a variety of headphones before but they dint Impress that much. The feet range is cool. They are built in a nice way.

By Amanda G on 4/10/2018

Better than I expected

They work as advertised.

By Lorita Benson on 4/10/2018

worth it

Great sound for the price! My wife loved them

By Jeffrey on 4/10/2018

Stays in well

Sports is my daily thing. I bought the headphones precisely for the time I spend in the field. I was looking for quality sound, great fit and headphones that would stay in place. They have never disappointed me they are always in place. When I’m not using them I put them in the nice small case which I put in my shorts pocket.
The quality of the audio is exactly what I was looking for.

By Scott Pie on 4/10/2018

Solid headphones

Solid headphones

By Steven West on 4/10/2018

Long battery life

I am getting more than 4 hours life battery. They are great in every other aspect.

By Betty W. Shelma on 4/10/2018

I now find other types Impossible!

I bought the StealthBeats wireless headphones early last month. I gave them to my sister just for one day in school, she left me with hers. I found them terrible! I even left them at home. At work, I borrowed my friends Ghosh! They were terrible too. My sister borrow them regularly now. I need to get new one so the others can become permanently hers.

By Helen on 4/10/2018

Does its job well

Great quality headphones .Looks great. The earbuds and the case feels sturdy. Pairing is easy. They are easy to use and have an attractive color. They are. They seem to be constructed well. When I’m exercising they stay in my ears. They are comfortable and inexpensive.

By Gabriel Osentos on 4/10/2018


They are Okay. I can attend to a lot of work hands-free. The sound quality is great for headphones of this price. They are easy to use. Bluetooth connection is easy and fast and connects with my phone and IPhone. I listen to music constantly, was amazed by how comfortable these headphones are. They don’t give me ear fatigues. Their battery is prolonged. For sure these headphones are good value.

By Ilan pet on 4/10/2018

The best wireless headphones

The call quality is breath taking! I can hear the other patty talk clearly and they can hear me too (I have experimented with my relatives). The Bluetooth pairing is easier than other Bluetooth devices I have used. I have not experience any slipping out problems. The sound quality is excellent!

By Richard P on 4/10/2018

I love this cool product

This is not blind love. They are adorable.

By Melisa Jack on 4/10/2018

Wow! Finally something worth giving feedback

I have never left any feedback on any product before but these headphones really impressed me, I could not resist this time. The sound is excellent and adequate. The battery stays for many hours without the need to charge. The storage case looks nice and the charging does not take too long before the battery is charged fully. They fit perfectly and you don’t have to worry about them moving out of your ears because it is not even possible. They are very well built and feels very comfortable.

By Karen Bably on 4/10/2018

Amazing sound quality

I did not expect such high quality from a cheap wireless headphone. This headphone is a deal breaker, you should buy it!

By Authar on 4/10/2018

Great sound and secure fit

Sound: The sound is strong and very audible. The bass is just enough. The calls are loud and clear. The person calling you/ the person you are calling can hear you clearly.
Secure fit: The earbuds are well designed to fit all sizes of ears. They fit perfectly and stays in place.

By Gregorry on 4/10/2018

5 stars

All stars

By Veronica M.W on 4/10/2018

Got mine Today

I dont have much to say because I just got them yesterday. They were delivered fast and were nicely packed. I haven’t got the chance to test them but my friend has and he thinks they are Awesome. Planning to test them today after work. He also told me that he is going to order a set of his own.

By Jordan Toy on 4/10/2018

Amazing comfort and sound quality for indoor and outdoor use

Sweet mother Jesus! These headphones are one of a kind. The price is very enticing but what is more surprising is their quality! I spent my little savings on these headphones and I can say that my money was well spent. Everything about them is brilliant. The sound quality is incredible. Whether you are using them indoors or outdoors they are great. They cancel noise and allows you to be lost in what you are listening to even in noisy places. Would not recommend any other headphones.

By Jordan Toy on 4/10/2018

The best

The best I have ever used in my whole life

By Leyona on 4/10/2018

A must have

If you are looking for supper quality headphones, simply grab these

By DD on 4/9/2018

Best Inexpensive headphones

Great set of headphones! The headphones are not expensive. The sound quality is good. They are built quality and very comfortable. If you are looking for cheap quality headphones, this is the best choice.

By Susan on 4/9/2018

Top rated

When I was doing my research I once googled about THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE BUYING WIRELESS BLUETOOTH HEDPHONES and this was what I found
(a) Sound quality
(b) Form, comfort and size
(d)Battery life
(e) Price
When I checked the reviews, All of the mentioned above had pleased other people who had bought these headphones and so I decided to give them a shot. I found the price reasonable so I decided to order. After testing them these what I think.
Sound quality
INCRERDIBLE! The sound quality is good, it even has this noise cancellation feature which enables you to listen to your audio without any disturbance. Calling and picking calls is loud and clear. The other person gets to hear you clearly. And the bass is better.
Form, comfort and size
The headphones are well built. They look small. They fit so well and stays in your ears without slipping no matter what you are doing. They are sweat proof and very comfortable.
Pairing is as easy as the word “mama” It finishes in seconds
Battery life
It has an extended battery life. The battery is very convenient and it charges quickly
As I said the price is very reasonable. I call it cheap. For most of headphones that has the same quality the price is high unlike the Stealthbeat headphones
I highly recommend them.

By Ora beans on 4/9/2018

Very hot

Very hot

By Victor on 4/9/2018

I enjoy using them

They are the most comfortable! I enjoy using them

By Deborah Brown on 4/9/2018

More thanenough comfort I must get another pair

I bought these type of headphones 10 months ago for the very first time. 3weeks ago I bought this other pair for my daughter and I’m ready to make another order for my other daughter. The old headphones look as new as they looked when I got them. They still work well and the sound quality is still okay. They are the most durable headphones in the market. I recommend!

By Jackie on 4/9/2018

My husband loves them

I bought these for my lovely husband. Based on his feedback, they are comfortable enough with nice sound quality. He loves them.

By Edward on 4/9/2018

Very secure fit

My ears are like of those of a new born baby. Finding earbuds that fits is a problem for me. These Bluetooth headphones get in my ear easily and they stay in place. They provide maximum comfort even after they stay in the ears for hours. Everything else is perfect.

By Parker on 4/9/2018

Great product for my budget

I was looking for just headphones, I was not sure I would find durable and high quality headphone with the money I had. Cheap headphones have a bad reputation of poor sound quality. These are cheap but the quality will shock you. Their sound quality is amazing. They even look better than those expensive headphones I saw online. I play basketball, I use them a lot when playing. They don’t fall out of my ears. I can use one headphone this is one thing about them that makes me love them. In some circumstances it is not appropriate to wear the two headphone because you may need to hear when your enemies are coming…

By Patricia on 4/9/2018

ear fatigue gone

After hours of listening to music, my ears are as relaxed as they were before using the headphone. They are very comfortable and anti-fatigue. The earbuds are designed in a comfortable way.

By Billy on 4/9/2018

I bought everyone in the family

After I bought my headphones I could hardly locate them because everyone in the family wanted to use them they were either with my sons, daughter or my darling hubby. They all loved these headphones and it became compulsory I get them their headphones so I could get mine back. They love them for sure.

By Vargas Araya on 4/9/2018

I would recommend these

I would confidently recommend the stealth beat.

By Pretty lady on 4/9/2018

I wish I bought them a long time ago

I have wasted my time and money buying low quality headphones. For all my life I have use more than ten headphones but these are my favorite. They work as described. If I bought them earlier they would have saved me time and money.

By Phoebe Jones on 4/9/2018

Beautiful 5 stars headphones!

.High quality
.Very cheap
.nice safe fit
.Easy to use
.long battery life
.great quality sound

By Kojas on 4/9/2018



By Young Barbar on 4/9/2018

Bestselling for a reason

Headphones that go for the same price are no good. These headphones are quality than their price. I can’t imagine anyone complaining about not affording quality headphones! These ones are quality and affordable!

By Lopez23 on 4/9/2018

Everyone is loving it

I read a lot of positive reviews. If other people are loving it why not me? Delivered on time. The packaging was something else. The color is nice .They are appealing and wearing them is easy. Like everyone else I must say I love them!

By Bruce on 4/9/2018

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

I was surprised for sure! How can cheap headphones like these give such a good performance?? I had underestimated them, they have a supreme sound quality. I get a quality feeling when I touch them. The design of the earbuds is perfect, they feel soft and comfortable. They properly fit my ears. The sound quality is very surprising.

By Jeremy T Mora on 4/9/2018


These are high class headphones!

By Maurine Morine on 4/9/2018

They fulfill my needs

I study psychology and I love listening to audio books. I was looking for something with quality sound and noise barrier feature since I stay with my friend in a studio apartment. He is always watching movies on the screen. The Stealth Beats headphones fulfill my needs. I can listen to my audios loud and clear without the gun shoots on the screen interfere with my studies. They come with a case that holds them when they are not in use. The case is easy to carry. It fits in my jacket pocket.

By Keith on 4/9/2018

The sound suppression feature is cool

With these headphones, noise will never be an issue. I can hear my music clearly at any congested place. The earbuds are sweat proof, secure fit and very comfortable. They are one of the most convenient headphones because of their extended life battery. They are tiny and you can’t see them until you are very close to me. I’m glad I bought them.

By Austine pelle T on 4/9/2018

So far so good

I have been with this purchase for 3 days now. It is well built and very easy to use. They have a light weight which makes them comfortable. It fit flawlessly and looks quality. It doesn’t matter how vigorous your exercises are they stay in place even after heavy sweat. Bluetooth pairs with all Bluetooth devises effortlessly.The reason I rate it 4 is because I have owned it for just 3 days.

By BK on 4/9/2018


Wow!! This is the most melodic sound I have ever heard. The sound quality is pleasing. For quality sound, I highly recommend these.

By Victoria Brown on 4/9/2018

Absolutely perfect.

These headphones are absolutely perfect! They are a perfect fit for my small ears. I can ran with them on without having any issues. The sound quality is very impressive.

By Sean Paul on 4/9/2018

Long lasting and great sound quality

These headphones are a great deal for the price. The sound quality is exceptional. They have a secure fit and have never fallen off my ears. The headphones looks durable and are very comfortable. Other headphones of similar price lack all of this. I prescribe these.

By Monalisa on 4/9/2018

Five stars


By Roy JKl on 4/9/2018

Looks cool feels comfortable

Feels comfortable and quality. The price is great.

By Jacqueline on 4/9/2018


My sister in-law recommended them. I love everything about them. Most important, they are very comfortable and fatigue-free.

By Doris on 4/9/2018

25 feet range is great!

I use my headphones around the house when attending to my chores and I’m never disconnected. Pairing is very easy and fast. In fact my 10 years old son did it for me. The sound is very clear. If you are looking for wireless Bluetooth headphones, don’t hesitate, they are awesome!

By Rachael Trembley on 4/9/2018

Better than I expected

Before anything, I thank the team for quick delivery. Well-made case .They have a deep bass. Generally, the sound quality is great. On call the microphone works properly. I love the case it looks nice. They charger is pretty fast and the battery is great too. It stays for long without the necessity to charge. Since I got them I have never experienced any ear fatigue.

By Kenneth Williams on 4/9/2018

Almost too good to be true

I bought these headphones without any expectations, especially for the price. I dint think they would turn up to impress me this much. It has a very good design and the quality is good. The sound quality will wow you! The comfort I get cannot be described. They have a great fit and stay in place.

By Ryan on 4/7/2018

OMG! My calls are clear now

OMG! I’m a man of less words but I need to give credit to these headphones because they have earned it. Fast they were sent to me on time.
The packaging was real good. After opening the package I saw the most beautiful headphones. They are black in color and they were orderly arrange in the case. They feel quality and whatever used to make the earbuds is good. The charging system is active, the battery is fully charged within a short time. It stays for long enough before it needs to be charged again.
I bought these headphones particularly for my phone calls and the sound quality is good. I can receive calls clearly and also the caller can hear me clearly. The price is reasonable but a bit too low for a great product like this.
The Bluetooth works magically! Pairing is done within blink of an eye. The headphones are just easy to use. They are very comfortable and do not slip off your ears even when sweating like hell. The case will always protect them from damage or getting lost whenever you are not using them.
If you are in need of headphones, I recommend the Stealthbeats Bluetooth wireless headphones with microphone.

By Samatha Madison M on 4/7/2018

Top quality

These headphones are top quality for a really affordable price. They are comfortable, easy to use and a great caring case. My child did the pairing for me. The sound quality is fantastic both for the audio and the microphone.

By Ann Paul on 4/7/2018

for my kids

I only owned one set of headphones in my house and I needed an extra pair for my kids when they are watching their movies since their father is a News lover. The pair I bought is better than the one I had owned, the sound quality cannot be compared. These ones have higher sound quality and they are a great fit for my kids. Sometimes they forget they are watching and start playing, the headphones don’t slip off even when they are playing. Before I started typing the review I read other reviews and they say that the headphones are good for calling and receiving calls. I will get other new headphones just for my calls

By Alice on 4/7/2018

The size is great!

The size is great it fits my ears perfectly. The size of the case fits in my pocket.

By Alexander Daniells on 4/7/2018

These headphones do a lot for the price

They dint cost me much and actually I saved some so out of the money I had planned to use for buying headphones. Honestly the performance is not for headphones that range that price. They are great! I thank my friend who recommended them. A great Investment!

By Abigail on 4/7/2018

I love them

Nothing but love for these headphones

By Hunter on 4/7/2018

Saw them with my employee

I ordered for this headphones after using my employee. The audio really impressed me, I used them for 8hours and they still felt comfortable and amazing. They fitted very well it is like they were made just for my ears. I could not resist buying this headphone and they work really great for me.

By Emma Stanley on 4/7/2018

These headphones makes me happy

Happy with this one

By Florence Rita on 4/7/2018

Booming sound and remarkably comfortable

THE BEST QUALITY IN THE MARKET!! They feel very well made. They are not expensive, for that price the quality is better and very solid. They fit comfortably and do not slip off. Being a DJ I have used different types of headphones before and I can tell how different these are. The sound is powerful and very clear. They are very luxurious and the sound Booms! I don’t think there are other headphones that can give you the experience of good sound and padded comfort for longer use than the stealthBeats.

By Jadein Maya on 4/7/2018


There are more than a million reasons for you to buy this case. The major reason is the quality of these headphones! The headphones are at a cheap price. Money well spent.

By Logan Ann on 4/7/2018

I love three things about this case

I love three things about this case
1 Battery life
I bought them a day ago and the battery seems to stay charged for long’s far I’m very impressed with the battery.
2 Bluetooth range
I have tried connecting it with different devices and all seems to connect. Guess it is compatible with all the devices like it is written on the product description. The range within 25 feet.
3. Connection
The connection is quick and very easy. The whole thing is excellent!

By Alabama on 4/7/2018

Nice case

I love the case. It looks neat and open and closes with much ease. Everything about these headphones is great.

By Michael Josh on 4/7/2018

Great product

Great product

By ETHAN on 4/7/2018

Easy connection

Connected quite easily and quickly to my laptop. The sound is rich and they are adequate for my needs

By Gh on 4/7/2018


VERY VERY COMFORTABLE! You won’t believe it

By Essie Melon on 4/7/2018

These headphone are fantastic!

Shortly after you slide them on they feel great and very comfortable. The headphones design feels great in the ears. They are lightweight and are small in size and unnoticeable .I had them all day working around the house and they feel very comfortable. The Bluetooth has a great range. I was still listening to my music while moving around the house. They have a perfect weight and their quality is so high. You will definitely love them.

By Baibie on 4/7/2018

This headphones are Awesome

The headphones are very easy to use. I love them.

By Zipporah on 4/7/2018

I have to order new ones

I have to order new ones! Since I bought them my fiancée never let me have them. I dint have a chance to try them on because she now own them. She loves them, she is always using them. This is what she says about them
-They are very handsome
-They fit so well
-Easy to use
-Quality is not enough to describe the sound produced
-Bluetooth works well
-When I watch football they keep her busy she can’t hear all the cheering and all the boring stories about the footballers
-Their size is great
-They are very comfortable
Now I need to order new ones for myself.

By Iterin caster on 4/7/2018

They served their purpose

They certainly served their purpose. I purchased them 2 days ago before my long flight. I used them for more than five hours, they kept me busy the whole time. The noise cancelling worked very effectively. The pairing was very fast .After the flight I used them for more hours at the hotel before they demanded for more charge. They are very convenient

By Scorpion on 4/7/2018

I rarely leave any product review

I rarely leave any product review but I had to do it because the product really impressed me. Great fit, quality sound, Easy pairing, great price and quick delivery.

By Kopa on 4/7/2018

Try this out

I did my research on many wireless Bluetooth headphones as per the reviews I decided to try them out. I use them for almost a full day without needing to recharge .They have the sound quality that everyone would wish for. I have enjoyed using them and I have no complaints .If you are on the fence about buying them, don’t be afraid of trying them out.

By Clifton on 4/7/2018

Great offer

I find buying this headphone at that cheap price to be an offer! I give them all the stars!

By Noah on 4/7/2018

Premium headphones!

The headphones are well designed, premium looking. They are small and incredibly fits my ears perfectly! They stay in place all the time.

By lalan on 4/7/2018

The Best

The headphones look and feel more expensive than any other I have used before. Feels expensive, despite being cheap it is a seriously good looking and feels great.

By Eunice-G on 4/7/2018


First-class headphones!

By Wambo on 4/7/2018

They surprised me!

The StealthBeats headphones were the biggest surprise to me. They provide a pleasing listening experience. Being a picky individual when it comes to sound quality, I found myself just astonished by the good sound. The range coverage is just fine.

By Superman on 4/7/2018


Wonderful headphones! They are very cheap but with a very costly quality! My assumption was, since they were cheap the quality was no good. I had bought them because they were affordable and I dint have enough money to buy expensive headphones. They turned out to be better than I thought! They work perfectly fine and they are quality than the price!

By Irene on 4/7/2018

Quality sound

These headphones give you a pristine, studio sound. If that is your objective, you should get this pair and enjoy living with wireless sound. If the Bluetooth is your other objective, these headphones will pair with any Bluetooth device you have .Pairing is fast and the battery life will surprise you.

By Easy UU on 4/7/2018


When buying the headphones I wanted a noise cancellation headphones. I used simple criteria, reliable, comfortable, extended battery life and high quality sound. I went through the reviews and one review to another mentioned every quality on my list. I went ahead and bought them and they are all I was looking for. They are very light and offers an outstanding comfort. They just slip into your ears flawlessly and it is almost possible to forget that you are wearing them. They are comfortable for long periods. They can fit everyone and they have an active noise cancellation. They look very expensive. The Bluetooth pairing does not keep you waiting.

By Robust on 4/7/2018

100% the best

Best of the wireless headphones I ive ever bought! The sound is amazing and they last for 5-6 hours with charge.100% love them and would highly recommend them to every sports lover like me!

By Justice H on 4/7/2018

You won’t be disappointed

I dint know what I was doing when buying this headphones. I was just trying them out. Surprisingly the quality is very high and the sound quality is high. They fit well and their work is mighty!

By ADAH on 4/7/2018

extremely good

These are extremely good true wireless earbuds with Bluetooth. The quality is unbelievable .I love them.

By Mary halloo on 4/7/2018


They are faithful to me, they never let me down!

By Dom Moen K on 4/7/2018

I love them!

I love them!

By Ruth Martin on 4/7/2018

Extra Comf

These things are extra comfortable. I’m a music producer and I rely on these every day for my music and I can tell you that they never disappoint me. This is the second time to buy this type of headphones and I will buy them again.

By Angela Lay on 4/7/2018

The microphone works

The communication is very fluent and efficient. The audio quality is good.

By Prestige on 4/7/2018


The earbuds or nothing less than great!

By Derric Fanc on 4/7/2018

Excellent purchase

Spectacular! I have never in my life owned headphones that fit so well and produce fantastic sound quality like the Stealthbeats headphones do. They were delivered to me fast. They were packed in a very nice manner.

By Krestan P on 4/7/2018

Active noise cancellation

Got them yesterday. The good sound output has impressed me. The noise cancellation feature is awesome. The battery is perfect. They are almost not visible and they feel very comfortable.

By Gibson Strath on 4/6/2018

Good for privacy

They fit my ears without hustle. I use them to study,listening to music and working out. Their sound is very wealthy and the bass is enough. They look very good.They have a rich texture, this indicates that they are quality. When in a noisy place you can barely hear the noise and this is a great feature. They are good for privacy, the only person who can hear the sound is me the person sitting next to me wont hear a thing. they are easy to use. They stick in my ears till I want them off.

By Jeremmiah on 4/6/2018

Great headphones

Better than I thought!

By Fred Links WB on 4/6/2018

Top rated

I watched a video on YouTube.I latter read reviews that rated the product high. The headphones are as good as the reviews and the video suggest

By Kate on 4/6/2018

Good battery

I love how fast the battery charges. it stays charged long enough before charging again.

By Holie on 4/6/2018

My son set it up

My 9 yr old son did the setting.He used the instruction menu provided in the box. Every feature about them is awesome!!

By The Batman on 4/6/2018

Quality sound

Quality! quality! quality!
They feel quality .The design of the earbuds makes them very comfortable even when you use them nonstop! The only problem is that they are small and someone may assume that you are ignoring them because they cannot directly notice them in my ears, ha!ha!. Words alone cannot describe the quality of the sound produced.Highly recommendable.

By Family on 4/6/2018

Buy them

If you are looking for these type of headphones, these are the best affordable you can find in the market. I ordered mine about three weeks ago. The package was derived fast .I can never forget how cute the package looked.At first I thought it was the wrong one because it looked bigger than I expected.I did the setting which was easy. Pairing was easy and fast. So far The headphones are on their best behavior.I love them.

By Gig on 4/6/2018

I finally found comfortable headphones

For so long I have been over the moon.I have bought headphones after headphones throwing them away because of their poor performance. Eventually I have found this interesting headphones that gives me a good time! The wireless Stealth beats make my life sooo easy. I cant believe how much I have wasted on buying some more expensive headphones and end up throwing them away! This headphones are incredible and the sound quality tells you all! The earbuds feels soft and comfortable, I dont have to keep on squeezing them back coz they always stay in place. They cost me less money than I have ever used on headphones but I can assure you that the quality is super high! I may even order another extra pair. Dont waste your time and money looking for any other headphones,with my experience I confidently award them five stars

By Brick Boo on 4/6/2018

I love my StealthBeats headphones

I love my headphones

By Nellyhilson on 4/6/2018

Something good in the box

The box comes with a charging case, USB cable, Earbuds and Instruction menu. The delivery was quick. Setting up was easy.

By Hose H.Sing on 4/6/2018


Quality (2 stars)
sound (1 star)
Appearances (1 star)
Ease of use (1 star)
TOTAL=5 Stars

By Roseline W on 4/6/2018

They fit and sound better

They fit and sound better

By Tamara on 4/6/2018

Pros and Cons

*Good sound quality
*Convenient foot range
*Nice fit
*Great size
*Easy to set up
*Nice storage
* Easy pairing
The product is great. There is nothing to complain about.

By Tiana on 4/6/2018

They don rip out

I was looking for comfortable earbuds that won’t rip out of my ears when at the gym. I gave them a shot and they really impress me. They don’t rip out my ears even when I sweat they still remain in place. The battery stay charged long enough to complete my long sessions work out.

By Queenbella on 4/6/2018

10 out of 10 Wireless Bluetooth headphones

These are quality headphones! They don’t feel expensive. Their material feels expensive. They are lightweight. They feel very comfortable. What I love most is their size. They are small, almost invisible.

By OJ on 4/6/2018

I keep buying these headphones!

I keep buying these headphones! 2 months ago I got mine, then latter in the month I got another one for my sister. Early this month I had to get others for my brother. He told me that he had used my sisters and they were great. The recent purchase is for my boyfriend who is inlove with mine. They are charming!

By Delma on 4/6/2018


I highly recommend

By Ephantas Bell on 4/6/2018

I wish I bought these headphones earlier

I have owned other real wireless headphones. My previous types either had poor sound quality, the battery drained fast or the earbuds could not stay in place. These ones have none of this problems. The quality of the sound is very decent. The battery life is great it lasts for long before it drains. They fit well. I love these headphones. I highly recommend them

By Peris on 4/5/2018

I bought them at an offer

Actually looks small and elegant.I was lucky I bought them at a great offer. This gadget looks nice .I enjoy listening to metals and soft rocks with the earbuds quality sound. The earbuds do not come off the ears at all .They are a great fit

By Gloria Metal on 4/5/2018

It is everything everyone would want in headphones!

Very comfortable
High quality
Quality audio
Pretty case
Best battery life
Secure fit
Sweat proof
Stays in place
Elegant looking
What more would you be looking for????

By Florence Beker on 4/5/2018

Got mine yesterday

I bought mine yesterday and they look fine. They were packed in nice boxes .They fit so well. They function properly and effective. Are very comfortable and their performance it brilliant!

By Qute on 4/5/2018

Money well spent

The earphones are worth it. Money well spent!

By Chuck on 4/5/2018


I love this little earbuds. They are comfortable!

By Dr Lewis on 4/5/2018


These are super attractive headphones! They definitely attract attention thanks to the attractive I read good reviews about this product and it is also blowing my mind.

By Antony Mbarrack on 4/5/2018

If You are looking for great sound BUY THESE!!

Are you looking for Awesome sound? This is what you should definitely go for. The sound is quality and pleasant. The bass levels are even nicer! It always stay connected until you disconnect.

By Kristine on 4/5/2018

One of the best wireless headphones I have seen

I had to buy the headphones one way or another. My ears were already tired of putting crap inside them! My previous head4nes were a disaster! They slipped anytime they wanted, the case was terrible, and almost everything was ugly! I first saw the STEALTHBEATS on a YOU TUBE video. I love my new headphones. I very much recommend them.

By EVASON BRITAM on 4/5/2018

Five stars


By Rebecca on 4/5/2018

Saves you money

Based on my opinion, this are the cheapest, quality and comfortable headphones that ever existed! Quality products in usually expensive. I have never bought such a quality product in such a low price. You should grab one of these headphones, they will save you money!

By Eric Mesh on 4/5/2018


The charge last for more than 5 hours when you play them continuously, has good range away from my phone. I love the color. They fit like a glove. It does not bother me having it like forever, they are very comfortable. Even when I am nt using them I forget to putt them off. It is small in size, not unless you look close you wouldn’t know that there is something in my ears. Easy pairing and the sound is magnificent! I would want to get others for my girlfriend but she is obsessed with pink. Guess I need another plan

By Charlie Wickson on 4/5/2018

Hard to loose

It comes with a case that makes it hard to lose the headphones. The case looks nice and fits in my pocket. The call quality is fine. The battery life is fine you can just charge them when you remember. The earbuds does not slip out at all. The bass is good.

By Kylo on 4/5/2018

I got what I needed

I was looking for earbuds that would abstract the noises from the room when my roommates are chatting and I want to study. They work. I can study without hearing them at all. I also use them when my sister starts arguing and she never notice when they are on. The sound is good .it fits well. Very comfortable. I enjoy using them.

By Henry on 4/5/2018


These was for my wife and she is very particular about the quality of the sound. She has not complained about anything. Setting up the whole this has no formula. Pairing completes in a heartbeat. I think their range is big, she still picks calls as she moves around the house. They are small I hardly notice when she have them on. I can hear her clearly when she calls me. I must buy another pair for myself.

By VeraSidika on 4/5/2018

The Battery Is quality

The battery stays charged for long. Very convenient

By Daniela on 4/5/2018


This pair is elegant .The noise suppression feature rocks! I answer my calls with a lot of ease. I can her Clearly and my hubby tells me that he can hear me clearly. This are great headphones for that price. The case is good it closes and opens with ease it protects my headphones from getting lost. Charging is easy and speedy. Thank you for the quick delivery and BTW the package was beautiful!

By VanVikie on 4/5/2018



By Amy on 4/5/2018

I bought these headphones at a throw away price!

I bought these headphones at a throw away price! I mean, the Bluetooth headphones quality cannot be compared to the buying price. The features are unbelievable! And everything functions great.

By David Bratxon on 4/5/2018


JESUS! This headphones are Incredible! I saw them online and I thought that they were cheap. They say cheap is expensive but not with this headphones. They are very quality. The material feels quality and the appearance will take your breath away.

By ALEIN on 4/5/2018

My first time

My first time to use the wireless Bluetooth headphones. I can tell the difference between the wired and the wireless headphones. The wireless are more comfortable than the wired. They were delivered on time. They were nicely and neatly packed. I set them up quick and the pairing was easy. I love them already.

By Polycub on 4/5/2018


This are fine headphones.

By Jesse Haddy on 4/5/2018

My mum loves them

My mum ears always turned red after using headphones and sometimes complained about her ears paining. I was using the Stealth Beats Bluetooth headphones and had never experienced any of the challenges. I purchased her own pair exactly like mine and she loves them. Her ears don’t pain at all and they don’t turn red since she started using them

By CJ on 4/5/2018


I love the use of one earbud feature It is very cool .It does not affect the quality of the sound. I love using one earbud because I like knowing what is happening on the surroundings. When I’m studying or while I’m indoors .They are very comfortable and the battery life is AMAZING!

By Goodboy on 4/5/2018


Since my other headphones broke my heart after owning then for a week and they started sound issues and they could not even produce the sound I love you clearly, I dumped them in the trash and promised myself not to get involved with wireless headphones again. After a month of heartbreak my friend introduced me to Steathbeats which I found very sexy and hot but was afraid to break a promise to myself. I latter gathered my courage and decided to try these out .Oooh boy! I’m falling in love with my new hot headphones! They make me very comfortable and the sound they produce is sexy and very different from others I have ever been with. I’m in love! When you’re looking for love in headphones choose these ones.

By Love K on 4/5/2018


Tremendous! The quality of the sound makes me happy. The price is great and they will properly fit in your ears. Battery life is great too. The storage/charger works pretty well. It has an awesome range coverage.

By Manuela Smith on 4/5/2018


Wow!! I don’t thing it is possible to find quality headphones like these at such an affordable price!

By QueenEnslla on 4/5/2018

Great product

Honestly speaking, this product is great.

By Paul on 4/5/2018


The ear buds are very impressive. When I opened the box, the first thing I saw was how cool they looked. They came with a charging box that also serves as a storage when they are not in use. Most earbuds are very uncomfortable, may hurt your ears but this is not like the others, it fits perfectly in all sizes ears. The quality of the sound is none like the others, it is very clear. The connection Instruction provided are very straight forward. I have bought variety of headphones before but this one is the best of them all. If you are looking for easy to use headphones, easy to carry, great sound quality that blocks noise and compact size, this is the right headphones for you.

By Mathew L. Fess on 4/5/2018

must have for all people who hit the gym

I sweat a lot when hitting the gym but still, my headphones stays in place. These are must have for all people who hit the gym

By William on 4/5/2018

stays in my ears

I use these when working out and they are very comfortable and stays in my ears no matter how much I jump up and down. Great product Stealth Beats.

By Vivian Lennie MM on 4/5/2018

Nice product

Nice product

By Nickie on 4/5/2018


2. The quality and value of this headphones has blown me away, but mostly in terms of ease of use. Very comfortable, very powerful and the sound feature is very amusing. It can completely block out the surrounding noise once the music or a call is on. The most supper cool thing for me is the ability to use one earbud. I get to use one earbud when around the office so I can able hear my colleagues talk to me. Like I said the quality of the audio is very clear and powerful. The earbuds never cuts off the connection. This are the best and easiest Bluetooth earbuds to use. They comfortable and lightweight. The charging case is wonderful and charging happens fast. The packaging looks neat and attractive.

By Ivy on 4/4/2018


Cannot be compared!

By G on 4/4/2018

Best headphones on the market

This is one of the best headphones on the market.
Slug fit
Compatible Bluetooth
You will never know until you try it

By XGYG on 4/4/2018

Great for runners

I run every morning and I needed headphones that stays in my ears when I run .I have small ears and most earbuds feels like they are ready to fall. StealthBeats headphones is what I should have bought a long time ago! Iren even extra miles and the earbuds remained in my ears throughout. Seeing what this earbuds were doing for me I was like “oooooh my!! Where have you been all my life???” When using the earbuds in both ears it is hard to hear what’s happening on the outside world which is a smart feature so I opt using one earbud so the other ear can hear the traffic sound.

By Ostine bates on 4/4/2018

I adore it

My cousin Suggested I buy it after having been disappointed by several other headphones. And now that I have it, I can’t imagine a life without it!

By Nelson Water on 4/4/2018

It has a lightweight design

It has a lightweight design which allows the earbuds to just pop into your ears and stays in place. I keep my earbuds in my ear when applying my make-up. The sound is a 100% clear. I can always walk away from my desk without loosing connection. The Bluetooth pairing is quick. Comes with a gorgeous case that can fit in your pocket or bag. Battery lasts for long to keep you entertained.

By Ann Esther on 4/4/2018

Cool when making calls

I have been making calls using these headphones and the communication is smooth. I can hear everything clearly and the other too. Before I was sure I could make calls I had to test them. I called some of my friends and they all indicated that they could hear me clearly. The price was amazing and it fits perfectly (I wound not mind buying another set for my office just in case I forgot the other one at home)

By Ian Breiden on 4/4/2018

Just some few days and I love it

I just bought mine some few days ago and I love it! It has all the features I was looking for. The only reason why I’m giving it 4 stars is because I have not owned it for long.

By Ian Breiden on 4/4/2018

Just some few days and I love it

I just bought mine some few days ago and I love it! It has all the features I was looking for. The only reason why I’m giving it 4 stars is because I have not owned it for long.

By Kelvin booster on 4/4/2018

I prefer this one

They connect perfectly and quickly. I love using it when listening to audiobooks. The features are lovely
-Battery life is long. Mine goes up to 6hours
-It takes a very short time to get some decent charge
-Receiving and making calls using this headphone works well. The sound is very clear.
-Incredible range. This device works better than others. For a small Bluetooth device like itself, the range covered is fabulous!
-It feels comfortable enough and it can stay in my ears for hours.
-The sound is great

By Coney on 4/4/2018


The size is great! The sound is great! The best quality! Everything is great!

By Caroline Sidney L on 4/4/2018

Fits everyone

Im a stay home mum so I don’t use my wireless headphones very often and sometimes my younger son borrow them when Im not using. The fitting is very compatible with both of our ears despite the fact that he has small ears and I have big ones.

By Bonface on 4/4/2018

Great customer care

I bought the headphones, everything else looked apart from some issue with the charging system. I made a refund request. I was latter sent a replacement and it has no issue. The charging part works great and I love the sound that comes out of the earbuds. The earbuds feels nice and I also think that they have sound filters because I never get interrupted by the noise made even in noisy places. They are compatible with my smartphone and iPhone. They are very comfortable and I don’t experience headaches or pain in the ears after using the headphones for long or after adjusting to high volume. This is what I was searching for.

By Benjamin Scotts famer on 4/4/2018

Rich Product!

The best Bluetooth headphones I have ever owned!! The comfort it gives is phenomenal the sound also. I love it!

By Wycliff sports on 4/4/2018


I dint expect this StealthBeats to be this good! They fit my small ears pretty well and they look good on me too. Amusing enough they fit everyone ears! The whole of my family tried it on and they fitted. Connecting my tablet with the Bluetooth was very uncomplicated and straightforward. The sound quality is AMAZING!!!!!!! They are very very comfortable!

By TOmmy on 4/4/2018

My girlfriend loves them

I got this Bluetooth wireless headphones for my girlfriend and she really loves them. I got to test them before I gave them to her and they performed dearly. I want to buy another pair for me.

By Rolex Maya on 4/4/2018

Deeply falling for the ear buds!

The ear buds impressed me!! They fit so well and they are very comfortable.

By Zippie Ponny on 4/4/2018

Feel great

The earbuds feels sexy in my ears. It fits nicely and I like the way it functions. I picked it up at a great price deal of the day and it came to me on time. I like the way they pack it, it looks brilliant! The whole thing is supper fab!

By Serah Briam on 4/4/2018

Great price!

Cheap considered the quality. My big bro bought Sony headphones and their quality is excellent. Since I could not afford the Sony headphones I had to look for cheaper ones and I found the StealthBeats headphones. I dint have much confidence in them since they are cheaper but honestly, there is no difference between my headphones and mine. The stealthBeat case are as good and of high quality. They are very comfortable. The Bluetooth pair easily and the sound delivered is Soothing, clear and enjoyable. I don’t think there is need to use extra cost buying big brands when there is a quality cheap product in the market. Save yourself some $$

By Cathrine Host on 4/4/2018

Good call clarity

I use my Bluetooth headphones with my smartphone to make and receive calls. I can hear and be heard clearly. The ability to block out ambient noise is really cool! I can comfortably use them in crowded noisy places like the bus station. They have a perfect design that disables the sound from leaking through the headphones and disturbing the people around.

By Melowin on 4/4/2018

My all

Music is everything to me and this case always keeps the relationship between music and I tight! Works for me.

By Jade M.Kings on 4/4/2018

I recommend

I was hesitant to get this Bluetooth wireless headphones until a friend really insisted on what a great investment it would be. The cost is worthy and all the features are digital. I am able to work around the house as I use the headphones they cover a respectable range. The battery is awesome! I can stay for more than 5 hours without needing to recharge. Fits well and remains in position until I remove it. I give it an A+

By Frank W. on 4/4/2018

Comfortable fit!

Incredible! They fitted snugly! Every time bending, standing, running, moving my jaws etc. they always stay in put. The pads properly cushion my ears without overheating. They are lightweight and comfortable and they don’t cause fatigue.

By Saloni Janes on 4/4/2018

Very reliable

When I was going through reviews for different wireless headphones to see which headphones suits me. I noticed one common complaint from the customers, the headphones does not work consistently within weeks after purchase. For this particular product no one complained about it being inconsistent so I decided to purchase it. It has been more than a month now using the headphones and I am glad I bought them because up to this day they still work as they used to when they were new.
The sound is pleasant and they are cute. The size is good you can barely notice them on my ears at a distance. They give you the comfort that you deserve and they are designed to protect your ears from damage even when using them for in a long session there is no impact left in your ear.

By Hannah on 4/4/2018

Work as the reviews

I am a very choosy being. The reviews convinced me to get this headphones and they work just like the reviews. I rate them highly and would advise everyone who is looking for good headphones to get these.

By Sony on 4/4/2018


Great size! The battery is very good and the sound is very decent. It feels comfortable walking with this headphones on.

By Peter GG on 4/4/2018

I bought mine a month ago

It has been a month since I bought mine and this is my observations
1. Unlimited battery life when in use
2. Great fit
3. Good design and quality
4. Very comfortable and easy to connect
5. The Bluetooth is compatible with every device
6. Great sound. This headphones works great.

By Lenard Gig on 4/4/2018

The case closes effortless

I had owned a wireless headphones which had a case that had difficulties closing. My brand new headphones case does not give me a hard time. Everything else is satisfactory.

By Terry manate on 4/4/2018

3rd purchase

This my third time to buy the Stealth Beats Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. I bought one for myself, another one for my boyfriend latter and this 3rd one for my friend who complains about her ears hurting after listening to an audio book for just 30min. She loves her new headphones. She says that the headphones works like a charm! No more pain in her ears. I would buy this headphones again and again!

By Hav on 4/4/2018

Found what I was searching for

The wireless headphones rock! This is what I was searching for, a small tiny ear bud that did not cover a big part of my ear and a decent battery life. Compared to the other headphones I have ever used this one has high quality fidelity sound. They are sweat proof and comfortable they both works flawless and stays in place all the time, they are very easy to wear. If you prefer to use only one bud, it is possible with this headphones and even with one bud you will still love the quality of the sound.
The price is good and very affordable. I think they might have undercharged because the headphones are remarkably quality! They have a great texture and the material feels expensive. They are fatigue free. I highly recommend them especially to those people who use headphones for long. They are very convenient, they cover a range of 25 feet. Responding to calls is also comfy with this buds, the sound is clear even when the background is noisy.

By JOHN WICK on 4/4/2018


Excellent sound quality when on a call. The buds connects properly and stays in place. The battery life is also great! It is worth it.

13 Best headphones on the market
This is one of the best headphones on the market.
Slug fit
Compatible Bluetooth
You will never know until you try it

By Forester on 4/4/2018

Great headphones

I had the rowkin model which was okay at first and terrible with time. The sound it made was a huge turn off! It sounded like something was loose in the inside. A friend recommended the headphones. Since I bought them I have been enjoying every single second with them. It makes quality sound and it is not tiring at all. Don’t waste your time trying other headphones.

By Martha Jones on 4/4/2018

High quality

The earbuds are really nice. They feel really good and are made of quality material .They don’t feel cheap. They are very comfortable and anti-fatigue. Clearly labeled so it is hard to make the mistake of putting any of the earbuds on the wrong side. The black color gives them an elegant look. It has a well-made charging case. The charging dock is basic and very easy to use.
They were neatly packed and the delivery was quite quick. There are no doubts that this earphones are the best. They have not disappointed me yet and I don’t think they will disappoint you either.

By George P on 4/4/2018

Perfect gift

My mother bought them for me on my birthday and gave me the responsibility to review them since I’m the owner. I give them 5 stars .I love everything about them. They are a great gift from my mommy.

By Burton F. menth on 4/4/2018

Great performance

This is exactly what I was looking for! They are a perfect match for my ears. They are the most comfortable wireless headphones that I know! You can tell that their quality is high by just looking at them. They look expensive than the price. Not only good looking, they produce very quality sound. I respond to calls comfortably without straining. When I’m in a noisy place I can barely hear the noise. This is a must have to all music lover

By Jessy JJ on 4/4/2018

Pairing was easy

It paired with my phone easily and fast. Setting it up is also the easiest and fun part. You should try it.

By Steve on 4/4/2018

Fits well

I bought the Stealth beats headphones after having trouble with other type of headphones. Unlike the other type this earbuds stays intact even when lifting weights at the gym. This earbuds are always in my ears and my ears never get fatigued, they feel very comfortable and the sound quality is incredible.

By Laura Small on 4/4/2018

Delivered on time

Quick delivery! I thank the delivery team for the quick delivery. I bought this headphones as a little gift for my son and it arrived right on time. My son loves them. There have been no complains about them so far. I am planning to purchase other ones for my husband and me.

By DX on 4/4/2018

No ear fatigue

I’m always using my earbuds and I have never experienced any earbuds overdose fatigue problem since I owned this headphones. My ears are always comfortable even when I use them for hours non-stop. Superb headphones!

By Brunomass on 4/4/2018

Looks great

The headphones looks great and feels good too. I think the material used is quality. I’m impressed by this great features. Putting them in the case when not in use is such a good idea. I don’t have to worry about misplacing or losing one of the buds. I love them!