RevoGuard Slim Heavy Duty Switch Case [Stores 5 Games] Play Stand for Nintendo Switch [Black]

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RevoGuard Slim Heavy Duty Switch Case [Stores 5 Games] Play Stand for Nintendo Switch [Black]

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Are You Looking For A Convenient Stand That Makes It Easier For You To Place Your Switch Console While Playing Games? The New Ortz Stand Is Designed For Your Convenience. This Particular Accessory Features A Hands-free, Ergonomic Design That Will Make Each Gaming Session Comfortable And Less Tiring. This Is A Must-have For Intense Switch Gamers.


Are You Looking To Protect Your Console With A Reliable Stand That’s Built Just For It? The Ortz Playstand Is Designed For Maximum Compatibility With Your Switch Console. This Stand Has A Snug Fit And Will Give The Support Your Console Needs To Serve You In The Long Run. Make Each Gaming Session As Comfortable As Possible With Our New Holder Play Stand For Switch 2017.


Are You Worried About Your Console Getting Drop-related Damage And Are Looking For A Way To Adequately Protect It? Your Console Could This Stand Is Designed To Last Long And Give Maximum Value For Your Money. It Is Designed To Withstand Slips, Falls, And Other Forms Of Rough Handling. Protect Your Console And Keep Your Peace Of Mind.


How About Ditching Your Cheap Imitation Stand And Upgrading To A Tough, Modern Holder For Your Console? This Switch Stand Is Built To Provide Anti-scratch And Anti-slipping Protection For Your Console 24/7. You Can Now Count On Our Top Quality Design To Keep Your Console Safe At All Times And Enjoy Your Gaming Worry-free.

Slim Heavy Duty Switch Case [Stores 5 Games] Play Stand for Nintendo Switch [Black]


Are You Looking For A Convenient Stand That Makes It Easier For You To Place Your Switch Console While Playing Games? The New Ortz Stand Is Designed For Your Convenience. This Particular Accessory Features A Hands-free, Ergonomic Design That Will Make Each Gaming Session Comfortable And Less Tiring. This Is A Must-have For Intense Switch Gamers.


Are You Looking To Protect Your Console With A Reliable Stand That’s Built Just For It? The Ortz Playstand Is Designed For Maximum Compatibility With Your Switch Console. This Stand Has A Snug Fit And Will Give The Support Your Console Needs To Serve You In The Long Run. Make Each Gaming Session As Comfortable As Possible With Our New Holder Play Stand For Switch 2017

Get a Switch Holder That you can Actually Count On

Do you already have a stand for your Nintendo Switch console but do not trust it to keep your console safe even when it drops? You can now take advantage of our simple, new-design play stand for the Nintendo Switch console. This particular accessory is built to withstand the
impact of low-height drops, and will protect your console from scratches and other forms of wear and tear.

Easy-to- Use, Compatible, and Flexible:
This stand is 100% compatible with your Nintendo Switch. It is also flexible so you can adjust your console appropriately as you enjoy your favorite game. What’s more? It’s super-easy to use, Simply slide it around your Switch and you’ll be ready to go. If you’re looking for simplicity and convenience, this play stand is a good choice.

RevoGuard Slim Heavy Duty Switch Case [Stores 5 Games] Play Stand for Nintendo Switch [Black]

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By Susan D. on 3/30/2018

It’s custom build for the new switch

Professional cover – exact dimensions because it fits spot on the Switch. Looks fine and the hard plastic shell just might last! I will see how it goes over the next few weeks. Thus far I am quite happy with my new slim case.

By Sheryl Gibson on 3/30/2018

Problem solved

Got started shopping for a great console to give as a gift to my boyfriend yesterday. I’m not into video gaming and I don’t know a lot of stuff about gaming and console models and brands, etc. I did some research on the internet and figured he might like the NEW Switch from Nintendo Japan. I actually placed the order online but read it’s important to buy a case. Good reviews led me to this page and I ordered instantly.
Here are the takeaways:
It arrived a few hours before the Switch itself – that means I had time to look around and it and notice the good simplistic appeal. The fast shipping was also awesome BTW
I tried it out on the Switch and the installation process was super easy – which worked great for me because I’m not exactly a DIY Person.
I packed them both afresh in a gift box and gave to Jake yesterday. He was very excited and actually liked that I was thoughtful enough to get a good case too – not just the new Switch player.
Thanks for the fast shipping and awesome product – everything was as said it would be.

By Joe J. on 3/30/2018


Awesome thin case! love it’s simplistic and slim make. It is easy to put on plus the material appears durable and tough. I do know that being careful with my Nintendo Switch console is important, but it does help to take extra pre-caution. For me the new case gives me extra assurance so I don’t have to worry about dropping or maybe bumping the switch into sth.

By Peter Babiy on 3/30/2018

Excellent Safety NEST for Switch

Good quality protector with 5 game slots, a stand at the back, and a tough-looking overall designs. I do recommend this for anyone who considers themselves a hardcore gamer.

By J. Nichols on 3/30/2018

So compact, light and portable

My second cover/case intended for the new model Nintendo Switch. I consider both good but this one stands out with regards to ability to protect the case. It got a really tough shell and the outer surface feels great. The game slots allows me to pack and carry my favorite games wherever I am going. The other one was a little bit cheaper and offered space for more accessories including the charging adapter but it doesn’t allow me to play games with on.
Compared to my zipper case, I see two benefits with this one:
1. I can play my best games anytime I want. The other one usually is meant for travel purposes. The ortz slim case has an open architecture just leaves the joy cons accessible
2. It offers a superb grip. I have sweaty palms and this was important for me when making the purchase decision.
Great case indeed.

By Carren on 3/30/2018

Great or preventing scratches and slips

Comfortable surface to grip for folks with sweaty hands (and who doesn’t after an intense gaming session?) They said it would be tough and from all indications that is true. What I like is the elegant aesthetic feel that it comes with. Recommend!

By Ann Kulze on 3/30/2018

Elegant and Slim

Actually looks very slim and elegant. On top of that I got on an Easter discount. Good value for money with this high quality protector case.

By Patonsky on 3/30/2018

Good product, great response

Sent them an email a while ago asking questions because I had a few concerns from cases I have used in the past. One ‘Steve’ responded very fast and assured me I could go ahead and make the order. Now that I have the cover with me, I’m happy and it feels strong and durable. I also am getting used to the kickstand and the extra game slot.

By Ral Gerald on 3/30/2018

Covers only the back and the sides but still good

This isn’t great for travel in case you think so. You can’t toss your Switch into a backpack and expect no scratches because the front side is not covered. For what it does though – good job. A very hard and seemingly durable gives me assurance that I can mistreat my switch as much as I want during my explosive Super Mario moments without risking damage. I recommend you put this on whenever you are using the console (not travelling)

By Coy on 3/30/2018

One of the best cases I have seen

I had to get this case one way or the other. My console already had a minor crack on the upper left corner from a few weeks ago and I intend to ensure that doesn’t happen again. My previous case was good but didn’t quite feel tough enough. This one was awesome as per the video and now that I have it I’m happy!

By Dougie C. on 3/30/2018

I think it’ll last

Good case from Ortz. I already bought their travel case and was more than willing to get this when I got news that it was out. I got it with the invite-only discount and it was sort of a very convincing deal. That notwithstanding, this cover is the best of protection. Very tough and I knocked it against the table edge a couple of times with no signs of damage and weaknesses. It’s a safe little nest for everyday use with my Nintendo. Thanks

By James Allen on 3/30/2018

Ready to Go Nintendo Switch Case

this is indeed awesome! The pictures looked like something tough and I wasn’t disappointed when I got it yesterday. The inside and outside surfaces look pretty pro, and the case covers the entire back and all-round edges of my Switch. I can’t help but feel it’ll do. I think it’s important to always keep it on when playing the games. The outer surface is non-slip to avoid those ‘silly’ drops that can wreak havoc to your gaming session. All the same I like this and it’s just been hours.

By Tony on 3/30/2018

Extra game slots

I do recommend this if you want to keep your top games close by. It has a few slots on the back. The other feature I liked the most is the kickstand for handsfree playing. Quality looks fine overall love it.

By Bruce D. on 3/30/2018

worth the money

29 bucks well spent!

By Julius on 3/30/2018

Very light and slim

I find my new case very convenient and useful for me. It’s very thin and looks great compared to the other ‘padded’ cases. The classic black color looks great and I also liked the extra amenities:
Game slots to carry my favorites
Kickstand for handsfree
All-round protection (the back and the sides) for my Switch

By Gabriela on 3/30/2018

Fast shipping – product as promised

Fast deliveries and product in excellent condition. Same colors as shown on the product page and nice snug fit. Easy for me.

By Abigail on 3/30/2018

Perfect for minimalists

I was tired of my worn-out store-bought case created from a wobbly rubber material. This one promised a snug feat and heavy duty protections so I bought it couple of days ago. What I have come to love about it is the simplicity and elegance. They manage to keep it looking elegant without losing points on the fact that it’s primary role is to protect the Switch from drops and falls.

By Austin T. on 3/30/2018

Highly convenient

Plug and play Nintendo Switch case. It stays on all the time once you get it in. This is not a travel case so there’s not hassle of having to put everything in the bag ready to travel. I don’t think it would be wise to put your Nintendo in the bag with other items that could break it but when it comes to on-the-table use and daily gaming this case does it for me.

By Gale Mc. on 3/30/2018

peace of mind

just the right casing for added peace of mind. Perfect for all gaming activities whether indoors or out there as long as there’s a risk the case might drop and spoil. I still thought it was prudent to get the other zipped case from the same company because it gives me more storage options especially when I am moving between places. The kickstand on this slim case stands out though and the game slots are a no-brainer for real.

By Willie on 3/30/2018

lacks smell issues

No strong smell issues over the first few days. If you have bought one of those more plasticky ones then you’ll know how irritating it can be. This one doesn’t smell and looks professional every tiny inch.

By Jesse W. on 3/30/2018

Hard Cover Case

the hard cover is really outstanding. Good tough quality.

By Ethan Eastwood on 3/30/2018

finally got it

Bought a fake smelly unit that seemed to be created from fabric and not a hard material. Did away with it and decided to try this one because they say it’s heavy duty. So far it’s great for me and I intend to settle on this brand.

By Sean on 3/30/2018

No warning shots so far

Got it earlier this week and put it on immediately. The precision with which my Nintendo Switch fits into this cover is baffling. On top of that, the edges and the back of my Switch are totally protected. Everything seems to fall into place base on what I ready before I bought. No complains

By Katty C. on 3/30/2018

Not bulky

Not bulky at all. Very thin and elegant. For those looking for a slim, aesthetic Switch case, you probably just found it. Lightweight, highly reliable and useful.

By Jack on 3/30/2018

Good strong material

Cool strong material used. No pungent smell and it doesn’t crack easily. I accidentally bumped my switch against the table top and it no harm done. I don’t think it causes the pesky problem of marks but we’re gonna have to wait and see about that. For the meantime though I would actually recommend this protective cover.

By Christian on 3/30/2018

Must buy daily case for Nintendo Switch

This was extremely necessary for my switch. Great for everyday use either indoors or outdoors. Actually just put it on and let is stay there. In the case you need to remove and access the games slot, very easy to remove.

By Janet on 3/30/2018

great looking Switch case

gets a 5 star from me due to the classic, elegant design

By Virginia on 3/30/2018

My new best protector

Awesome new protector case for my Nintendo Switch! There are no extra spaces for the adapter or other accessories but generally I love it. The solid feel gives me comfort and is an extra step to avoid ridiculous costs of repairing a broken Switch.

By Raymond on 3/30/2018

Best option thus far

Unlike one of those ‘bag’ cases where you have to put the switch and close the zip when travelling, this one appears to be built for on-demand everyday purposes. Once you remove it from the box, there are no instructions needed to get going. I found it as easy to install as one of those old-fashioned phone covers. The material used is not rubbery but rather a durable-looking plastic, with game spaces at the back. Compared to other cases I have tried or seen on the internet, this one gets my top score.

By Gregory on 3/30/2018

Portable and compact – also seems durable

Super stylish and very durable. I got a very snit fit on my Switch without zero movements. The black color works out fine because it somehow integrates with the switch’s look. It is good for binge gamers and it protects my expensive switch all the time.

By Dennis on 3/30/2018

Fits perfectly well

Very snug fit. That’s why I liked most. It was it was build for this particular device and not a mm thinner or thicker. The fit isn’t too fight that it causes friction marks, and yet it isn’t too loose that it wobbles and moves in there. Good one for me

By Rachel on 3/30/2018

Notably slim

What an ideal case for the Nintendo Switch? it strikes me as being super sturdy and yet is very slim that it does not add a lot of weight to the switch. In terms of comfort, quite good too. The game slot storage is cool. Great for everyday use. I just put the switch on when I received the case and I intend to keep it here.

By Hannah on 3/30/2018

Very slim I must say

I am looking at this for the first time since receiving it Yesterday. The entire surface looks great and it offers a rigid option without getting too thick. I really would say it looks very aesthetic.

By Samuel D. on 3/30/2018


Good standard. I take my gamer along when visiting friends here and there and needed something good. Although it doesn’t have features to protect the screen and this case is definitely not ideal for transporting the switch, I find it very sturdy for avoiding drop-related damage.

By Benja Marco on 3/30/2018

Not a toy

Professional quality protector for the Nintendo Switch. Generally seems to be custom-built and manufactured with the right materials for sure. Excellent pro quality accessory.

By JOdi on 3/30/2018

Does a good job

Worked out good for me.
This very tough case has space for carrying a few games. I saw a stand at the back too. Haven’t used that but it is good to have it.
• Solid quality – you can tell it’s actually a high quality product and not one of those cheap Chinese imitations the moment you receive it
• Durable construction – the material used to make this is a very hard polycarbonate shell that does not look like it would break easy.

By Noah on 3/30/2018

Solid minimal design case

Very minimal and occupies very little space. It keeps the Switch’s back and sides safe from any scratches and scrapes. I have dropped my device a few times (although not from that high) and there are no signs of damage either to the case itself or to the device. In terms of offering reliable this gets an A grade. Design also gets A.

By Ralphez on 3/30/2018

Great slim case

Great slim case by all measures. I needed a cover that would help keep my switch and favorite games safe – and the Ortz delivered on both fronts. You can’t put any accessories on the inside but that’s no big deal. The color is a solid black that blends with the look of the switch, and I literary love the hard shell used to make it extra resistant to damage

By Juan on 3/30/2018

Precisely what I needed

Did I say that this is all I needed? It lacks the zipper and is NOT a carry pocket. What you get is a simplistic back case that covers the back of the Switch and around it’s ages preventing damage whether it falls back-first or on one of its corners. Great stuff

By Waynez on 3/30/2018

Slim and snug

Very slim and snug –these are two of the most notable things about this case

By Wayne on 3/30/2018

Very protective

Very hard
Looks durable
Feels great
Fast shipping

By Eugine S. on 3/30/2018

Spot on protector

The black color is very good and the entire product looks awesome. Recommended!

By Dylan on 3/30/2018

portable 2) durable

I like it for the above two reasons

By Louis on 3/30/2018

Looks good, feels good, protects good

Of course, we all need a protector to keep phone and other high-cost gadgets from harm. That is why I got this in the first place. On the other note, it feels good and is very aesthetic which is a major bonus for me.

By Logan Goez on 3/30/2018

Minimal perfect case

If all you want is a minimal case to give you peace of mind and protect your console from accidents and bumps then this will do.
If what you need is to easily travel with your console from one place to the other then you might want to go for one of those other ones that look like a small bag, complete with space for accessories

By Philipo L. on 3/30/2018

Looks like the picture

I like it that the case looked exactly like I saw on the advertised image. Sometimes you buy stuff and you get slapped on the face when you realize that it’s smaller or have a different color than you had imagined. This one isn’t exaggerated in sales and was easy to fit

By Randy on 3/30/2018

Sleek hard-shell protective cover

Very good hard-shell simplistic cover for my Nintendo Switch

By Lawrence on 3/30/2018

No markings 1 month now

After one month I can’t complain about anything and that’s simply awesome! Just removed it to wipe and clean the entire console and it looked as fresh as new! No markings or dents and I know for sure I have bumped it against something. Amazing this is!

By COllins on 3/30/2018

Attractive slim case.

Looks quite attractive and fits very well on my device

By Martha on 3/30/2018

Top quality

Best quality protector indeed. This is my second one from the same company and they do not disappoint I’ll tell ya that. The other one is like a zipped bag where you can put everything in but this one is very simplistic. No spaces to store anything except the game slots. It is built for protection – that is just what it does.

By Lauren T. on 3/30/2018

You get what you see

I got just what I saw in the description. This is a tough stick-on case that fits very well and feels like it merged with the Nintendo switch. the extra game-packing spaces are important for me too, and I liked the small kick stand located on the back side. I can easily place it slanted on a table when I need to go handsfree.

By Caroline Z. on 3/30/2018

Worked for me

One week down the line – I’m happy to write a flattering review for this case. lives up to expectations. From the unboxing, it felt good on the hands and figured it wouldn’t deter me from focusing on the games. Very comfortable and grips very well. Excellent actually

By Emma on 3/30/2018

No awful smell

Doesn’t produce that awful smell they had with the leather ones. The material looks like some very hard plastic polymer and I get the impression it’ll last long – excellent value

By Tyler on 3/30/2018

Simply the number one case

Great quality with nice finish and storage place for a few games. Perfect accessory case for the Nintendo Switch. Everything about this just appeals to me

By Drew N. on 3/30/2018

Glad I found it

Quite glad I found it before I bought one of the other ones. It’s been 2 hours comparing cases online and this one stood out during the last minute. What I wanted is a decent cover to shield the switch. My son uses it and it cost me a lot so I’m just taking a precautionary measure.

By Briand Wilkins on 3/30/2018

Slim and black

Just the right thickness and color I saw on the pics. Perfect slim finish with a material that looks tough (some form of plastic). Very confident in this product.

By Caroli O. on 3/30/2018


Good protector cover for your Nintendo.

By Edward L. on 3/30/2018

As slim as they get

Best switch case I have seen anywhere. I used a couple of covers and I loved the fact this one focused on aesthetics. I don’t have to worry about looking ‘old-fashioned’ with a military-grade extra large case. This one blends in with the look of the Switch and you might not even notice it from a little distance

By Andrew on 3/30/2018

This is the most functional and stylish protective case I have seen for the Nintendo Switch

No doubt the best protective case for the Nintendo switch that I have seen about anywhere – works great and looks perfect.

By Jose Chamoz on 3/30/2018

Excellent quality with good pricing

Good quality protector cover and I bought with your Easter discount here on VIP Power Deals. Great stuff

By Charles on 3/30/2018

My best thin case for the switch

No doubt the best Nintendo switch I saw when looking online. Amazon has many of them with a pouch but I needed something sturdy that could stick on and look like it is part of the switch. I am clumsy and sometimes drops things and wanted to be sure I didn’t break this. Surrounds the edges and is very tough (despite being slim)

By Georgiez on 3/30/2018

This is ideal

Precisely ideal for my console!

By Dorothy on 3/30/2018


Strikes me as light and good. It doesn’t add a lot of weight to the Switch so it still feels light and I think the thin layout helps. This case is good for me and I recommend it to everyone who buys the new Nintendo Switch

By Steve on 3/30/2018

Quite stylish

Notably stylish case for the Nintendo – I do like it

By Richardo on 3/30/2018

Specifically made for the switch

Build just for the Nintendo switch – this case is great. The material feels and looks like excellent quality. Good strong case to keep the console safe and myself focused on the action. The inside of the case feels really smooth and the outer non-slip surface makes it easy to grip. For $30 this is a good deal. I know there are cheaper ones and I have used one too last. What made this different for me is that it precisely matches the switch design specifications and stays put

By Dan on 3/30/2018

Best you’ll find online – guaranteed

Spent a lot of time researching heavy duty protectors for the Nintendo Switch and this is the best of the crop – good pricing too if you can catch a discount

By Sandra K. on 3/30/2018

Do you have this yet?

If you don’t already – do. I lost an expensive PlayStation 4 console last year during Christmas. Thinking about it, things might have been different if only I had installed a protector cover. I had this shipped to me immediately I got my new switch early march. It works great and is very hard to protect my switch from falls and scratches

By Lorenzo on 3/30/2018

Very light and perfect

Strikes me as light and good. It doesn’t add a lot of weight to the Switch so it still feels light and I think the thin layout helps. This case is good for me and I recommend it to everyone who buys the new Nintendo Switch

By Pualo on 3/30/2018

No markings on switch

If you’ve used a rugged case that left some forms of markings on your smartphone, PS4 or other device, then you’ll understand my motivation for complementing this one. It is very smooth on the inside with an overall hard and durable-like built. My console fits right in without any effort or hassle

By Brueskis on 3/30/2018

Thinnest I have ever used

This is probably the thinnest cover I have seen for any device so far – great product

By Donald A. on 3/30/2018

Great for minimalists

Very simple and minimal – no pouches or carry cases or extra spaces. Just a tiny little case for the Nintendo Switch. Works great if all you care about is protecting your device

By Matt R. on 3/30/2018

Good value for the money

For 30 dollars I thought it was good value for money

By Ruth McCoy on 3/30/2018

Ideal Switch case

Great protective cover for the Switch

By Angela S. on 3/30/2018

Not good for accessories

It doesn’t have room to carry accessories
Somehow I thought it would
Other than that I would have given this accessory 5 stars

By Larry M. on 3/30/2018

Black protector case for Nintendo switch

Black, elegant protector case for the Nintendo Switch console – works ideally for me

By Eric Smith on 3/30/2018

Very tough and looks durable every inch

One of the toughest – if not the best – cases I have seen for any devices. I have used a couple of smartphone cases but this one comes off as heavy duty - which is great because my Nintendo Switch was expensive and I wouldn’t risk it

By Jamo on 3/30/2018

No Velcro zipper

No Velcro zipper or extra storage space – just a tiny container box for the player

By Merab Br. on 3/30/2018

New case is awesome

the new case from VIp Power Deals is cool. It offers a kickstand accessory for hands-free gaming, and there’s the fantastic surface that is easy to grip. The game storage part also did it for me . totally recommended small case

By Laveista on 3/30/2018

Custom made to specs

Fits very well and wouldn’t work with any other model. This is made just for the new switch and it makes that very clear. If you want something build to keep the switch and only the switch safe this is the way to go. Perfect indeed. I have had mine for 2 weeks now and overall I’m happy with the product

By Carlos Romy on 3/30/2018

More protective than the official pouch

I have no beef with the original protector case from Nintendo – but anyway I thought this one was much more durable and tough. The rigid design is impressive – and the precise fit works great. Good must-have Nintendo switch case…

By Monica on 3/30/2018

Smells great

Unlike the fake maky I had last month, this actually smells nice and doesn’t release any allergic plastic odors. Design-wise it is quite elegant and matches the appeal of my Nintendo.

By McCarthy B on 3/30/2018

Yet another first from Ortz

I already have the other padded case from the same company. It offers a lot of room to stash my accessories and carry the Switch safely whenever I am travelling. I found this one through Facebook and decided to check it out when I noted it was from Ortz. The first thing I noted is that it looks pretty hard and comes with a back stand. The curvature is excellent and it covers my device right around.

By Tyler C on 3/30/2018

Appealing color

I love the glossy black color they chose for this case. It is quite attractive and is something I am proud to carry with me even while going to work at times.

By Adams on 3/30/2018

The case is very adequate

I only bought this stand last week and I just cannot get enough. I carry it with me everywhere I go. The case is adequate enough that I can carry both my console and at most five games so I will literally never get bored.

By Roberto on 3/30/2018

Easy to remove case

I was never a gaming console fan until I started to use this one. The case is easy to remove hence eliminating the drawback experienced while using other consoles. Since, it is easy to remove, it is also easy to attach with just a simple adjustment and you are good to go.

By Jere on 3/30/2018

The thickness is just perfect

The case is just the perfect fit for my switch. It is not too bulky and is not too thin. It is just right.

By Nathan on 3/30/2018

Perfect for kids

I bought this as a gift for my son who is just ten years old and to say the truth I was worried that he would ruin it in the very first week. I was surprised to find it intact and with absolutely no scratch on it due its anti-scratch property. If you have kids who have a tendency to destroy their toys, then this is the console to buy them.

By Hobo Madeski on 3/30/2018

Quality protection

Unlike other consoles I have used, the cover to this one offers the standard protection to the switch. Also, because of its easy to grip surface, I can now play games without worrying whether the switch will slip and fall. This is one play stand I would recommend every avid gamer to buy.

By JOb on 3/30/2018

Highly portable

I am always travelling around the world due to the nature of my job so I never have time to catch up on new games. Ever since I bought this play stand, my life has literally become easier. I can now play any game I desire wherever I go.

By Maya Oscar on 3/30/2018

Easy to use and flexible

I got this as a gift from my uncle and I still cannot believe how flexible this stand is. I can easily adjust my console without affecting the gameplay. It is also so easy to use, I only need to slide it around the switch and I am good to go.

By Keith on 3/30/2018

Long-lasting and Durable

My mom stopped buying me gaming consoles because of how easily they got spoiled. However, with this new Nintendo stand, all that is now in the history! I have dropped it about fives and there is no scratch on it. This was the right choice to make.

By Ryana on 3/30/2018

Added security for my kid’s Nintendo Switch

This case offers incredible protection for kid’s Nintendo Switch. Bought the case after seeing how fragile the switch was and could not let my son play it without protection. The game console is not protected. It design leaves the buttons accessible.

By Joses on 3/30/2018

Very Compatible

I bought this stand last Christmas and I can gladly say I have enjoyed every moment since doing so. The play stand is highly compatible with my switch console. One could almost think I bought the two together because of how easy gaming is.

By Marieh on 3/30/2018

Good case with nice grips

This case is fantastic. It fits perfectly and it can be taken on and off easily. The grip is awesome and improves the gameplay. I am yet to drop it but it seem like it would provide a solid protection if dropped.

By Gema on 3/30/2018

Good for kids

It is a good solid and durable case that is very easy to put on and off. It fits perfectly and it is very easy to put on except a kid who have small hands. Bought his one for by 7 year old kid and he loves it.

By Carl Vincent on 3/30/2018

Makes my console feel solid

After 2 months of playing with this case, I can say it feels extremely comfy and fantastic. The reinforcement it gives your gaming device makes it feel like a more solid system. The grip also helps in preventing hand cramping when playing handheld.

By Harold on 3/30/2018

I love it!

This case feels sturdy. It is not the type of plastic that breaks when dropped. It is also not the type of rubber that falls off from the handset by itself. It gives a strong grip on the switch and feels awesome. This case makes me feel awesome when playing games as it is comfortable and lightweight. You can’t compare the feeling with playing with a naked switch.

By zachary on 3/30/2018

Offers extra rigidity

This case offers extra rigidity to my device and I can confidently say it is the best. The switch more comfortable when used portably. This case is definitely 5 stars. The quality is excellent you won’t get disappointed.

By Vincent Z. on 3/30/2018


This is the most favorite case I have ever purchase. I feel save having it in the bus and at work and am not worried about a few drops.

By Bobby on 3/30/2018

Security is guaranteed

This is a fantastic case for keeping the switch on the go. It is pretty quick and easy to take the case off an on which is vital because the switch will not stay in the cradle when this case is no. It definitely feels like an added security when playing out of the dock at home or when am traveling.

By Logan on 3/30/2018

Comfortable and Lightweight, yet sturdy

I was advised by my friend to buy this RevoGuard Slim Heavy Duty switch case. This case is very easy to put on, plus it is comfortable to hold and lightweight. I feel that my switch is properly protected. Despite being lightweight, this case does not feel cheap or flimsy. Furthermore, it feels nicely in its carrying case.

By Russel Boz on 3/30/2018


Colorful and keeps the switch safe. I am glad I bought his. Not only does it brighten the switch but it has done an awesome job protecting it. I have dropped my gaming device twice with the case on with no damage.

By Loveline on 3/30/2018


The case is fantastic. I liked the color. It is also very simple to snap this case back on. I got a black one and it looks great on my device.

By Tyes on 3/30/2018

Excellent case

Got a switch for Christmas, but needed a great case. My intention was to use it primarily as hand held, so I was in need of a case for protection and one that had a good grip. This was a great choice. This case has so far served me well and I would recommended it for people who prefer comfort to anything else.

By Caleb S. on 3/30/2018

Great case

Purchase this case for a cousin for his birthday. He just bought the switch and loves this case. It snaps easily and come in multiple colors.

By Nichols on 3/30/2018

It is comfy

The switch is excellent. This Nintendo case offers grips just like a playstaion controller and the material is durable and floppy at the same time so it comes off easily. With this case, you will enjoy playing games in handheld mode. The color is nice. It also comes with multiple thumb grips. It also comes with many colors so you get to choose the one you want.

By Marcos on 3/30/2018

The grip is perfect

The grip of this case helps ergonomically. You won’t strain to play games and hold the switch with his case. It is also very easy to take off this case for docking and will not compromise the Switch hardware. It also comes with great accessories that keeps your thumbs at ease.

By Rose on 3/30/2018

Vibrant Case

Bought this in Jan 2018, and it has been the best investment I have made this year. The color is appealing and do not fade off; it is permanent. Aside from the switch, this case has a strong switch. It might be difficult to remove the switch but when you get used to it, it isn’t a big deal.

By JohnieYon on 3/30/2018

Very Comfortable!

This is the most comfortable case I have ever had. It fits like a glove, and is made of a durable, soft material and makes the Switch sturdier. The case also offers rear and side protection. It absorbs the impact professionally.

By JonTom C. on 3/30/2018

Valid warranty

Mine had a disfigured upper edge that made it a teeny bit harder to install it. I contacted them back and I got another unit shipped to me in no time.

By Johnie on 3/30/2018

Good case with a stand

This is a fantastic protector that comes with a solid stable stand at the back in case I want to lean it on the table and free my hands for a while. It is a thoughtful and useful feature that adds a lot of value to this accessory.

By Remy on 3/30/2018

No horrible smell

I bought a full enclosure case elsewhere and it came with this horrible smell we couldn’t stand. Everyone in the family noticed and it took quite a while before it went away. Although the case was pretty good, I have a 2 year old and I did not want to deal with that again. Some of the reviews here say it has no smell or just slight if any so I chose this one. I can say now that I am not disappointed.

By Joela on 3/30/2018

Has 5 game slots

Total of 5 game slots in the back for easier storage of my key games. I simply get it out and put my games in anywhere on the go. No longer have to stash my extra game cards in my pants pockets and other places where I could easily lose them – works perfectly right for me.

By Liani Ralph on 3/30/2018

Nice stand at the back for hands-free use

Came with a nice little stand at the back to keep it supported whenever you want to put it on the table and use the hands-free mode. This is useful for me most of the time

By Alpha on 3/30/2018

No room for a charger

Lacks room for a charger and does not have a lot of storage amenities/compartments…still I found it perfect for keeping the switch safe from bumps and rough handling. Good case if you are focused on protecting your switch device…

By Judith on 3/29/2018

Sleeker than most and very tough

Very sleek Nintendo switch case. I use it daily and am happy with this protector

By Sean C. on 3/29/2018

1 month now…

It’s about 1 month now and I was more than willing to write this review when you sent me the email letter.
The most important thing about this cover is that it offers tough protection for the switch. I tried a number of other brands that came with a leather-like Velcro enclosed pouch. While this is great because it covers all of the switch and protects the screen from dust and scratches, these don’t fare that well when it comes to protecting against drops
The ortz gaming Nintendo switch case is a safety-focused accessory. I can focus on the game without worrying about my palms getting sweaty and my switch dropping off. This product is ergonomic and easy to hold too with the ‘grippable’ surface. Good protector by all means.

By Arthur on 3/29/2018

Holds on to the switch

Gives my Nintendo switch a solid hug and stays in place throughout. I have used cases before – though with other devices – that did wobble and sometimes even got lose and came out. The semi-hard shell is tough and durable.

By Kyle on 3/29/2018

Awesome protector for my new console

Just the right protective case to keep my favorite new gaming device safe
I tried the ones with a pouch and travel bag but they did not do for me – kind of looked so soft and I needed something much more tougher
This ones does away with the gimmicks and really focuses on doing what a case should do – which is protect the switch
Highly recommended

By Jose Adams on 3/29/2018

Thorough cover case for protection…

Really nice case to keep the switch. Maybe they could make the kickstand a little more firm because it did collapse severally but other than that I love this product and do recommend it

By Peter Anez on 3/29/2018

Bought due to the reviews….

And when I received it a couple of days ago I was not disappointed. Steadfast protection for the switch gaming device

By Henry on 3/29/2018

All purpose-heavy duty Nintendo switch case

This is an ideal heavy-duty Nintendo switch case. Looks tough and works well. From the moment I got it shipped to me last week, I was able to put it on my console easily. It provides the kind of round-edge protection you might need if you use your switch a lot. All the parts are covered and I suspect it would be enough to keep my console safe if it dropped

By Doug Mc. on 3/29/2018

Bought 2 for my sons

I surprised my twin boys with Nintendo switches during their birthday last week. Both cases I bought here and they arrived in good time. The material feels good and is tough I’m happy with that. I think this might be awesome for anyone who is buying for kids because there’s a higher chance of them damaging the expensive switch.

By Heather on 3/29/2018

Just the right thickness…

This is just the right thickness – not to thick that it is bulky, and not to thin that it doesn’t offer adequate protection for the Nintendo switch. It looks durable and tough.

By Boboska on 3/29/2018

Nice Case!

Good little case for the Nintendo switch – holds a couple of games. Good for use at home and out there when you carry your switch

By Aaron on 3/29/2018

Must-have travel case

Good for travel. I put my Nintendo switch in here before I pack it in my backpack or smaller bag. Makes sure the device does not suffer harm in the form of scratches and scrapes from other items in the bag

By Pirelis on 3/29/2018

Highly functional…

This is a highly functional Nintendo switch cover with just the right room for the device (nothing more, nothing less). You probably won’t need to read any manual or seek help putting it on. It nicely fits around the edges of switch

By Alexandra on 3/29/2018

Good ortz gaming Nintendo switch case

I recently ordered this product in preparation for travel to another state for a little while. I’m very happy with this protector. It looks and feels durable. My Nintendo switch fits very well and the cover stays in place – no wobbling. Great case

By Redoeski on 3/29/2018

I just put the Nintendo switch in and forgot it

Perfect if you’re looking for a sturdy and tough protector where you can simply put the switch and forget about it. This is great quality cover. Keep in mind though that it has no Velcro zip and it’s just an open design

By Franco on 3/29/2018

Affordable – can be counted on

The facebook deal attracted me to this product. I already have this year’s Switch and I thought 30 bucks wouldn’t be that much for what the case is worth. It’s reliable and convenient.

By Greg on 3/29/2018

Simple and elegant

Looks simple and elegant – excellent switch protector. Very hard shell – more than I had anticipated. Lot’s of room to keep games. A stand at the back makes it easy to put it in an inclined position for handsfree. Pretty elegant and useful accessory

By Robez on 3/29/2018

Does what it’s meant for

Works right and covers the Nintendo switch. The corners are all round the edge of my device, which is great because I don’t have to worry about damage whichever way the case falls. The tight fit also does a lot to reassure me. One more thing I love about this cover is the fact that it has ergonomic non-slip surfaces which is awesome for those who have sweaty palms

By Sebastian on 3/29/2018

Compact and sturdy

This is really smaller than I thought it would be – looks compact and sturdy. Sized up to the exact dimensions of the Nintendo switch. It occupies less space in my bag and offers space for several games

By Joshua on 3/29/2018

It isn’t enclosed!

I received this yesterday from a gaming buddy of mine. Good case and looks pretty strong. The catch is that it doesn’t not have one of those Velcro zips I have seen on YouTube videos before. It might be even more powerful if they added that and perhaps some more space to put accessories. Right now I have a 5-game slot only.

By Jerry on 3/29/2018

Great Case

I probably was one of the first people to buy the Nintendo Switch when they came out earlier this year. The machine is awesome and portable but also very delicate and that’s an issue I had to worry about. I already bought the other case from Mumba. Both are good – the other one works cool for carrying stuff – and the Ortz is perfect for a greater degree of protection…

By Brenda on 3/29/2018

Not as bulky as I thought

Since they said this would be a heavy duty I sort of though it would be much heavier than the other ones I used before (which were light and had a zipped bag with a handle). Turns out it’s not as heavy as I had anticipated. Good one

By Samuel Patrick on 3/29/2018

Plug and play

Very easy to use – got it on in a matter of seconds. Now let’s watch and see how well it works. I’m happy with the product so far.

By Brandon Scott on 3/29/2018

Does exactly what it says…

Keeps up the promise!
1. Highly protective – we had my switch knock against a wall while I was rushing out and there was no noticeable damage. Furthermore the case took it all very well and there are no marks
2. Elegant – comes in a neat black color that makes sense for me
3. Convenient – I really didn’t have to read any manual to get this put on my switch
4. Durable – only time will tell whether it is as durable as they claim. Honestly though it looks very strong.

By Gary on 3/29/2018

Sense of confidence

Immediately I opened the package and placed my Nintendo switch into this, I got the sense of confidence I was looking for all along. I no longer have to smirk when I see my siblings playing around near my gaming table

By Ryan on 3/29/2018

Some rubbery smell but it goes away

When I first got this, where was a new-almost-rubbery smell that made me sneeze. I might have given it a 3 star back then if it had not went away after a few days. With regards to everything else, my Switch sits in very pretty, plus I particularly love the feel that this protector comes with

By Jefferson on 3/29/2018

Job well done

I find this case hard and sturdy and looks like it can take a through beating without spilling its contents – lool! I still am going to purchase a screen protector to get everything sorted out 100%. In terms of keeping the console body safe and sound – I give this a 5*. This is one of those cases that everyone who is a typically not-so-careful in their handling needs. And by the way you never know when the accident happens and your mother drops your Nintendo switch when clearing the table because you couldn’t – apparently you were too busy gaming. Nice job

By Danoka on 3/29/2018

Heavy duty

Unlike some of the cases that have a soft-pouch, this one is rigid and very tough. Think the navy seals of cases. It doesn’t have room to put my adapter and other stuff. However, there’s a handy kickstand and some slots to keep my all-time-best-games close by.

By Chris on 3/29/2018

Very good protector indeed

• Has a nice design that makes the Switch to still look lightweight and elegant
• Very effective for protecting the switch from scratches, scrapes and dust

By Donald F. on 3/29/2018

Ready to go Nintendo Switch

Completely ready to go – easy to put the console in and get it out. This cover is made specifically for the new model Switch and works great.

By Thomas D. on 3/29/2018

Really nice grips

It has some really nice non-slid grips that make it comfortable to use the Nintendo for a long time – awesome protector for powers gamers. I find this very useful for people who love to use the Nintendo switch handheld

By Remy Martins on 3/29/2018

Game slots at the back – 4*

It has several games slots at the back for easier access. The kickstand seemed to give way a couple of times and I had to get it back, but otherwise this protector seems to work very well.

By Paul Murphy on 3/29/2018

Very stylish

Looks more stylish than the traditional leather pouches that allow space for a lot of accessories. It is not as feature packed though and I bought it for the discount. Another thing I liked is the space where you can stash your games so they come in handy when you need them. Good case all in all.

By Ronnie Jacobs on 3/29/2018

Easy to clean

Relatively easy to keep clean. Fell on a dusty spot when I was playing in the backyard and caught a lot of fine dust grains. Simply wiped it off with a dry cloth and you can’t tell it was that dirty yesterday. Awesome easy to keep clean case if you are an outdoor-type of person.

By Patricia on 3/29/2018

Simple, effective protector

Good if what you’re looking for is a simple in-expensive protector for your Ninendo. I found the gaming slots really valuable

By Robert James on 3/29/2018

Water resistant

The exterior surface is water resistant and doesn’t catch scratches that easily…

By Rahab on 3/29/2018

Hard travel cASe

Just about the best hard-travel case I’ve ever got – snug fit, good feel, excellent quality overall.
Must have if you move around with your console a lot

By Caleb on 3/29/2018

Good for a better-protected portable cover

Wanted to buy a case so I couldn’t be so touch about my Switch getting bumped up every time I was travelling. This one didn’t have some of the pouch features I saw on other videos but the simplicity is what actually does it for me. It keeps my switch protected and I can move with it anywhere without being anxious

By Festus Sil on 3/29/2018

Worth the money

The Nintendo switch is my favorite console because it works great at home and as a handheld console for mobile use. Problem is that it isn’t so tough and can spoil easily especially if you get over your head with wins and accidentally toss it in the heat of the excitement – lol, only an idiot would do this though. Either way, my point is that the Ortz case does the job well for me. It fits just right and adds that sense of protection to my Switch

By Little Muffy on 3/29/2018

Perfect item

Hands down the best case for those looking for protection…had my Nintendo slide off my hands to a concrete floor and I stopped in panic for a moment. What a sigh of relief when I picked it up with no bruises or signs of damages. Very good protector

By Lucie on 3/29/2018

Custom, accommodating design

A lot of cases are just flat on the inside. This one is custom design with areas to put games and nice interior design. Very appealing for 30 dollars.

By Jack.O on 3/29/2018

Multiple game slots with tough outer shell

Several game slots – I saw 5 in total. Might be too much for a lot of people but I need to carry my best games all the time and this is a nice bonus feature for me.

By Nick Kwash on 3/29/2018

Nice curvature

Very custom with a very find curvature around the edges. You don’t feel like the console is getting stuck to the edges. Not slumped against the edge of the case – works fine

By Mark DJ on 3/29/2018

Great level of protection

Offers a higher level of protection than most other covers I used before. Doesn’t have room for much accessories but when it comes to keeping the Switch safe from bumps and drops the Ortz carries the day – anytime.

By Coolioz on 3/29/2018

Great case for the new Nintendo switch

Just the perfect case for the new Nintendo Switch console. I had it installed ready to go within seconds and I have nothing to complain about for this product.

By Geraldo on 3/29/2018

Semi-hard tough shell

Has a pretty tough outer shell which makes me feel more confident about the safety of my Nintendo switch. In terms of protective power I give this a straight 5-star.

By Dan rodgers on 3/29/2018

I can bring my Nintendo switch along

• Comes in handy all the time – makes my console much more portable because – I could easily toss it into my backpack when leaving and not have to worry about a thing.
• The fact that it fits so well – just the right size indeed is also a major plus for me. One of the best cases I bought for any device not just the Switch

By Jobez on 3/29/2018

Custom designed for the Nintendo switch

A lot of these covers are templates that will accommodate a number of devices. Not this one! This one is built for just the Nintendo Switch and you get the idea the moment you receive it

By Merabo on 3/29/2018

Cool specs

• Tensile and rigid
• Looks awesome
• Affordable pricing
• Snug fit
I loved it

By esther on 3/29/2018

Good investment

Money well spent – good cover protector

By Millie Oscars on 3/29/2018

Great protection

Good if all you want is a cover to protect the Nintendo from scratches and scrapes – comes with a couple of game storage slots too that is an added advantage for some of us

By Anitata on 3/29/2018

I used their PlayStation 4 case, not surprised I like it

I used an Ortz PS4 gaming dock with controller charges last year and loved it…so when I saw their ad with another case for the Nintendo – I have both consoles – I naturally had to get it. The case itself doesn’t look as ‘rich’ as the one I had for Play Station 4 but the material and design concept share similarities. Nice work guys.

By Easton.K on 3/29/2018

My second unit this month

Bought one Feb 18th but was hassled out by my little bro. Decided to get another one right here and works as well – great case and I might even come back for one more in the coming months

By JeanVan on 3/29/2018

Wow! Great

Works good!

By Sonja Benjamin on 3/29/2018

Love it for two reasons

There are two reasons why this is my favorite Nintendo Switch protector for me:
a) Cheap pricing – I spent a lot of time on Amazon looking for a convenient, durable case that I could trust to keep my Nintendo Switch case. There were a few of them with lower prices on eBay, but no good reviews for the sellers. I settled on this after seeing a post on Facebook and magically got it via Vip power deals at a discounted price of $19
b) Very hard and looks tough enough – most of these cases are created from similar materials – whether they are to be used for smartphones, Nintendo, xbox, or the PS. Even that said, we have bought at least 2 of them before that were as hard as a tortoise shell, which is great until it isn’t. you see when your device suffers a hard fall, you need a surface that can cushion the fall and absorb some of the impact energy. Polycarbonate cases usually just crack with a high fall. This one is not so rigid and looks pretty good and I like the material.
Possibly the best you’ll get for such a price

By ben on 3/29/2018

No problems

Easy to use – slide the console in and hurray! I was sorted. Thanks

By Jokiaz on 3/29/2018

4 stars

Good cover protector for Nintendo all the same. Seems fine to me. I will give a four star right now because I had one with 10 slots for a little cheaper

By Jojoskaz on 3/29/2018

Quality seems good

• Undisputable quality – that’s number one
• Elegant – that’s my second favorite
• Fast delivery – point number three
• Fits well – point number four
No issues thus far and I have a lot of confident in this case – point number 5

By Kaka J. on 3/29/2018

Just right for my gaming console

works well for me folks

By Teenoz Mak on 3/29/2018

Awesome thin case

One hell of a thin but hard case for the switch. 5****

By Davie Matador on 3/29/2018

Slik and slim and durable

Its kinda of sleek and not so thick – adds some value to the looks of the console. Haven’t seen my console drop but nonetheless the case looks tough enough to do it’s work.

By Joel Josh on 3/29/2018

I really does well…I’m a hopeless gamer

I found it awesome, must have if you consider yourself to be a binge gamer.
***great feel and looks beautiful
***very hard and sturdy

By Gerald X on 3/29/2018

Got it right on time

Deliver was done quick, which was important for me because I was on a pre-scheduled road trip and wanted to have it – so far looks good and it’s worth it

By Milka M on 3/29/2018

Good value for your money

Good value for money, it’s worth the dime and it is one of the cheapest we had for this kind of quality

By Mercy G. on 3/29/2018

No hassle – compatible

Have you ever tried to force a smartphone case that barely fitted? That’s what I did with my cover – bought locally – and it just felt like it didn’t belong. First thing I noted about Nintendo Switch case from Ortz is the fact it simply fits without a struggle, sort of gives me the feeling that it was manufactured for the switch and the switch only

By Rodgers Olive on 3/29/2018

Great for on the go

Easy to use Nintendo protector case for on the go use…just snail the case in there and throw it into my backpack whenever I’m rushing somewhere, no worrying about scratches or rough handling. Quite impressive folks I would buy this….

By Ados J. on 3/29/2018

I had one with 8 storage slots but…

Bought one with 8 slots locally earlier this year during the New Year shopping crazy, I loved the fact that I could put that many games again but then it was a raw deal because that protector was created with some rigid hard plastic that immediately cracked when it fell off a low coffee table. This one doesn’t have as many game storage slots as I might have liked, but it still rocks it for me.
I only have space for Super Mario, Zelda, Splatoon, Mario Kart, and the Elder Scrolls. Since the quality is good and solid, I’ll give you a good 4 stars

By Joe Mareno on 3/29/2018

Safety first Nintendo switch cover

Although it doesn’t allow you to store your adapter and other accessories, this is a very safety-savvy case for the Nintendo switch. Also there’s a place behind where you can keep a few games, and a kickstand to keep it supported when playing. Safety-wise this is awesome.

By grennyR on 3/28/2018

I haven’t tried any other case

I haven’t tried any other case to compare to but I know this case is the best, the grips are significantly very comfortable because they have this design that allows them to be anti-slippery. The case is tough and slim. It is very compatible and the color black looks good. The quality of this product looks expensive. It is supper easy to put on. The stand is broad and stable and it is very easy to adjust your console when in the middle of a game. It makes me feel comfortable. It serves its purpose

By MR. Tommy on 3/28/2018

I can’t imagine a Nintendo switch without this case

I can’t imagine a Nintendo switch without this case. Other cases will always give you reasons to not be satisfied. The ORTZ case is perfectly designed without a hitch. It feels quite comfortable as you want for all games even those that take a long time. The grips are really great and all the buttons moves all right. The procedure for putting the case on the console switch is: simply sliding it around your switch and you are ready to go.
It has a 5 games storage. Ain’t that something?! That’s not all. It does not slip and if it accidentally fall you are more than assured that your switch is protected. For hands-free players look what we have! A case with a very nice stand that helps us enjoy our game times just the way we like it! The case is durable I can tell by the texture and the look of the material. I enjoy gaming without worrying because I can without a doubt count on this slim case.

By Viona on 3/28/2018

I bought it 4 days ago

Let me go direct to the point and say that this case is five star. I love all the features and it feels quality and looks great on my switch. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because I bought it 4 days ago. But So far I can’t complain

By Jelly paul on 3/28/2018


OH BOY! What a great invention! This case is gorgeous. It has a perfect layout for all sizes. Whether you are buying it for your kids or yourself the case will always suit everyone. The case is designed in a way that all sizes of hands can hold it comfortably. Not only is it gorgeous. It is ergonomic, compatible, flexible and definitely very reliable. It is the most comfortable case I have ever held. Not less than 5 stars for this case.

By Gabriel. S on 3/28/2018

My family loves it

This case is the best! My whole family loves it and I recommend it to everyone. My friend bought his a week ago he says it works like a charm!

By VelvetF on 3/28/2018

Worth It!!

At first I thought that the price was too high. After I got it I was surprised. It looked expensive than I bought . It is worth it.

By Dickson Z on 3/28/2018

well made

This case is cute! It feels well made. The grip has a nice texture that is very high quality and lovely to hold on. It is a simple case but it wows me! It has five game storage at the back. The slots are well arranged and putting on and removing the games is effortless. It has a neat stand that is at the top of the game slots. It is well ventilated and fitting. You should grab this case one of this day. You will be like” OMG you’re the love of my life!” It was delivered fast. It was packed neatly. Money well spent.

By Belgie N .Nelson on 3/28/2018

Supper comfortable

This is one of the most comfortable and ergonomic case I have ever used. I love the 5 game stores feature .I can store my games when I travel. It has a nice feeling when holding it and you can barely notice the added weight (If there is any). has a lovely design which makes holding more comfortable. All of the buttons are very responsive with the case on. It beautiful!

By Strong P on 3/28/2018

Serious case!

Wonderful case!! I love everything about this one. It will cost you less than its quality. If you are planning to buy a serious case for your Nintendo switch, I recommend this one. If you are into long play sessions this is a must have for you. You will be surprised of how comfortable it is.

By Illna Bess on 3/28/2018

My 7 years old son set it up

I bought this case for my son. I let him figure how to set up. In less than a minute he had it on the switch. If a young fellow is able to use it effortlessly I suppose anyone will love it. Recommendable!

By Bates Flores on 3/28/2018

The case you need for your switch

I have just played The Horizon Zero Dawn with my new case on. This is what I feel about the case.
- Nice grip. With the design on the grips the switch does not slide off and it is very comfortable for long sessions.
- Expensive design. It does not feel cheaped out. It looks and feels expensive
- Very compatible. It fits without hustle you just slide it on
- Does not interfere. The case does not hinder the power/volumes buttons to function properly
- Easy to remove.

By Bethsly kings on 3/26/2018

Protects my swtch from damages

I’m a little clumsy .For this reason a case that keep my switch safe from my butterfingers is what I required. I bought the Heavy Duty Switch Case after buying and throwing away a number of them after scratching so bad. I can’t exactly tell the number of times it has dropped since I bought the case, but the case has no scratch at all and my switch is safe and sound.

By Femiclora Jack on 3/26/2018

I highly recomment it

Even before opening the good looking box, the fact that I got what I ordered for fast Impressed me. The case is gorgeous. The black color makes it look prettier. Setting up the case was easy .It was compatible. It took me some few minutes to set it. Looks very nice on my switch. At the back there are 5 game slots and a kickstand. The stand is not that noticeable until you try using it. The stand is brilliant I tried putting it on the table and on the floor and it performed okay. This case is made of high quality substance. I have noticed that it does not slip. It design offers protection from damages in case it falls. It makes me and my hands comfortable till the end of the game. When removing this case it just slides off. My switch have used many cases before only this one has impressed me so far. I highly recommend it.

By Oscaline N on 3/26/2018

My kids are able to use

The reason why I prefer this case is because it is easy to use and does not interfere with the joy-cons when removing it. Also small babys can hold it without any difficulties. Since the case fits well you don’t have to apply force when pressing or moving buttons. My kids enjoy using it.

By Bushrocks on 3/26/2018


I placed my switch on the sofa and my sister accidentally threw it down when she was looking for her phone .My switch is still okay and the case was not even scratched. Since I bought this switch I game for long without my hands getting tired.

By jimmy K.Bonny on 3/26/2018

I love this case

almost 2 months now and I still love it.

By jimmy K.Bonny on 3/26/2018

I love this case

almost 2 months now and I still love it.

By sweatbeto on 3/26/2018

This is a special case

The case makes my gaming time easy and comfortable. I can adjust my console when still playing. The case has nice grips and I can store my favorite games in the case. This is a very special case

By simonTr on 3/26/2018

Works as they say

When I read the description of this case, I was interested but was not sure to purchase it or not. Reason being some products descriptions are normally exaggerated. I consulted my friend who used this case and she told me it is a quality invention. I recently bought mine and it makes me proud. It looks expensive than the money I used buying it. It fits my Nintendo perfectly and no additional weight. It has a nice shape and perfect grips. It stores 5 game and the slots are very easy to handle too. You can insert and remove the games without worrying about not having long nails.

By Losangela on 3/26/2018


The case is easy to handle. I bought it at an offer. It has a wide stand and a storage of 5 games. Removing the cover is also very easy .I do it regularly when I want to dock. The case was delivered on time.

By MommyKes on 3/24/2018

Good for Kids

I bought a Nintendo Switch together with a case on Christmas for my kids. I dint use the case for two weeks they used the switch case free .They were always on the switch. Then it hit me that I had bought a case and had not used it. So I put the switch in the case and every time they were playing the switch dint have the case on they always removed it. They told me the case was a little uncomfortable. For the sake of protection of the switch I needed a case. When I was doing my research I came across a video talking about the Slim Heavy Duty Switch Case and it was good enough to convince me to buy the case. Case arrived and I put the switch in it .It was compatible and my kids never remove it. They say it is comfortable

By Trunisek on 3/24/2018

High quality

It doesn’t feel like some cheap plastic that will break into pieces. It feels and looks durable. LOVE IT!

By G.G on 3/24/2018

No scratch

I have not seen any single scratch even though it has dropped a couple of times. It belongs to my 2 sons who are always fighting for the switch. The switch does not have even a single damage. It is a lovely case I love it because the switch is secure.

By Noman on 3/24/2018


Works well enough and the features are just remarkable. Mine is black I would want to buy another one for my girlfriend but at least with a brighter color. I highly recommend it.

By BONIFACE KK on 3/24/2018


There are a million reasons for me to rate this high after a bad experience with the Mumba case!

By sonylaga on 3/24/2018

I really enjoy using this product

I really enjoy using this product. My gaming time has been made more fun! This case is magical! It feels like the way someone feels when sleeping in a comfortable bed. It’s very comfortable. This case feels nice it has a big storage and its size is exactly as the size of my switch. Putting it on for the first time does not need any lessons, just sliding in the edges and in a blink of an eye it’s in. Everything is functioning properly.

By Beridad on 3/24/2018


The case does not slip. It has a nice shape and design

By Amanda W on 3/24/2018

Say hello to Fiona

I was served by a lady called Fiona. She gave me all the answers to my question about the product. She was nice to me.

By EFANTAS33 on 3/24/2018

Very comfortable

Wow! It is very comfortable. The material used to manufacture this product is fine. It is hard and smooth and adds no weight to the switch. You don’t have to strain your hands to hold it firm. It does not slide off my hands. It has a very nice grip. The stand is cool my dad use it. The slots are protected by the stand. The size of the case is cool. My dad can spend the whole night gaming says the case is good. I recommend it.

By Seri on 3/24/2018

affordable case

The money I spent on this case was money well spent. The case is as described in the videos. It works as they say. I will reward it with 4 stars since I bought it 3 days ago.

By Copycat on 3/24/2018


“If you want a unique case go for the slim one that belongs to the ORTZ“My pal Judy always said this to me whenever she saw me struggle to press my power buttons. I did not see any difference between my case and hers. My switch had a case but had not removed it since I bought it until a day that I wanted to connect it with another device and I had to remove it. Getting it off was difficult I almost destroyed my joy-cons. My pal repeated the same words she demonstrated to me how easy her cover came off and on. I had every reason to get online and buy the ORTZ cover and I was surprised by how compatible this case was. I remove it without paying much attention to the joy-cons. The case texture is unique I cannot compare it with the one that I was using before. It has large storage. The power/volume buttons are now working the way they should. It looks strong and durable and the customer service was 100% satisfying.

By Silfesta B. Nate on 3/24/2018

my sister is no longer frustrated

I am I gaming star! I’m a gaming addict and my 6 years old sister takes after me. She loves it when we game together. The case my mum had bought for our switch always frustrated my little sister because she could not move the joy cons easily also her small hands could not handle it. I saved some money and bought the ortz case and my sister is no longer frustrated. She can hold the switch and play when it is in my new case.

By Chelsie Nicks on 3/24/2018


This case is like no other

By Hosea on 3/24/2018

Try This

When my uncle told me to try it I was a little hesitant. Since I bout it has brought nothing but happiness to me and my Nintendo. Worth your$$

By Piaroo on 3/24/2018

We love it

I have had the case for a few months now and it good. My son likes the fact that It has enough game store. For me , It is comfortable even when playing the long session games. It does not slip off while playing. I don’t have to pause to make adjustments, you can adjust it as you play.

By Mercy MM on 3/24/2018

ORTZ products

I am a loyal customer of ORTZ products for a long time now. Their products are always quality .I bought this case for my retired dad. His retirement plan Included buying an expensive Nintendo console for himself, so I decided to buy this case for him.
Before sending the case away I got a chance to look at it in person. I am not so much of a gamer but I had an eye for that case. The color was amazing! I was to have a nice grip on the case.the case was tough and had 5 slots at the backside.Covering the slots are is a stand which I dint think it was at first until I tried raising it to touch the slots. After sending it to my dad he gave me a thank you call.He told me the case fitted perfectly and it was east to set it.He also said that the switch functions the way it did without the case.He said he loves me because I always knows what he needs. Thank you for the quick delivery

By 14Yanaa654 on 3/24/2018

capability of storing 5 games

The reason why I bought this case is the capability of storing 5 games and the positive reviews I saw. It is also neat and quality. For four weeks now I’m loving it.

By kelly joseph on 3/24/2018

What a great item

It is the type of things I love to buy. It never disappoints me.

By James p. Wood on 3/24/2018

I asked alot about the case

I inquired from a lot of friend about the case when I was thinking about buying it. My pals had told me a lot about it I even got to like see it a couple of times so I knew what to expect before it arrived. For me the best part is how good the stand is when placing the switch down to play. Putting and removing the switch from the case happens in a heartbeat. Wonderful case!

By Tasha on 3/24/2018


I had to ask a lot of questions before I purchased this case. The service was good all my questions were answered. Got my case two days ago and it totally rocks!

By Ruth N Talia on 3/24/2018

Makes me happy

Makes me happy

By RealG on 3/24/2018

enough storage

My experience with the Slim Heavy Duty Switch Case is great. it is accommodating I store my games at the back . It is a good case that gives me no trouble.

By PP on 3/24/2018

HIghly recommended

My friend convinced me to buy this case after talking about the product. All I needed is a case that is easy to use and fits my…without having to be extra careful about damaging my jcons.This fits fine and I just played my first game with the case on and I enjoy using it.
It is easy to use and high value just for $19.99 highly recommended

By ODRIIL on 3/24/2018

another one

PERFECT! The game slots are just fine. Easy to use and very comfortable. I want to buy another one for my son.

By HADASSA on 3/24/2018


From the name slim case I had doubts. My previous case had a better name but it was very bad. It left some permanent damages on my switch. I dint have faith in this case either. Since the joy cons were loose I thought a SLIM case would be worse. A relative recommended it and gave me positive lecture about is. He is the reason why I paid for it.
If I it was recommended to me earlier my switch would be perfectly fine. The case fitted fine.

By MAYA .H on 3/24/2018

Looks great

Compatible, elegant, flexible, ergonomic, convenient name them!

By Masterpiece on 3/24/2018


I bought my ORTZ case with a great deal from the vip power. It is a worthy investment. The case was packed in a white box. Fitting the switch inside the case was not problematic. So far so good my case is perfect! Thank you

By Frank Lee on 3/24/2018


My switch dropped with the case on but still in good shape. With the way it dropped I thought It was done! This moved me.

By Funnyess on 3/24/2018

Can you rely on this case?

Can you rely on this case? The answer is yes! It is a strong case that offers protection for my Nintendo Switch. I once saw it on the floor my toddler baby had dropped it but nothing happened to it. This case is comfortable regardless the size of the hands my whole family use it. I slide the case just fine and when I need to slide it out nothing is a barrier the case is very compatible. It is gorgeous and has this expensive look. The people who made it did a good job especially on the hold surface. You can hold it for a long time and still comfortable. Slipping of the case is one of the problems you don’t even have to think about. The game slots are behind the stand which covers them. They are five and very easy to take on and off.
The stand looks okay it is it can stand almost everywhere you place it. The joy cons, the volume and power buttons works great when my console is in the case. They delivered it very fast.

By newtom.M on 3/23/2018

I like it already

My Switch is new so is my case. Judging with what a see and feel the case is worth it . It has a nice texture and very comfortable .

By D.Naomi on 3/23/2018

I found it

Eventually, I have found the right case for my console.

By annie wilkins on 3/23/2018

It feels hard and tough

First thing I noted when I received it in Elkhorn Omaha 3 days ago. It’s not like those lightweight covers that feel like a total waste of money. I’m not going to be careless and drop my beloved Switch dead on the floor, but so far I love this case and the fact that it looks – and feels – as tough as advertised. First time buying here but I might come back for more.

By Sam M. on 3/23/2018

Great gift accessory

I had a cheap Chinese case that I bought on eBay last year and I ended up throwing it in the trash. Scratches and scrapes before 2 weeks were complete, and they couldn’t send me the money back even though they had offered a satisfaction guarantee. I bought this based on a recommendation from a friend who usually buys Ortz gaming product and decided to give it a try. Looks a little bit like Mumba, which I used recently – but it’s elegant and tough.

By Dunco on 3/23/2018

Great casing by all means – 4 Star

This gives me the peace of mind I need to toy around with my expensive Switch without worrying about it falling and cracking open…lol. Just got it yesterday and haven’t used it that much that’s why a 4* star, but I might change later.

By Collins M. on 3/23/2018

So far so good for a little gift

Saved my day last week – was running out of ideas on how to surprise my geek-gamer college best friend. So I came across this when searching on Google and told them to send directly to his address. He was very impressed with it. 5* for saving my day. And by the way a very great gift idea for those die-hard gamers.

By Omololi James on 3/23/2018

Love the stand at the back

It gives me a bit of flexibility in that I can support the console when I’m tired of having it in my hands. Little but quite useful feature you have there.

By Keina lins on 3/23/2018


Don’t waste your time researching about which Nintendo switch case to buy. I did a lot of it but ended up buying the Heavy duty switch case. I have tested it and I can assure you brilliant

By Duke Fam. on 3/23/2018

5* for fast responses and clearing my doubt

I was looking for a cover for my lil Bro’s Nintendo gaming device but I was not very sure it was the right one. I sent them an email to and they were quick to reply with specs. They asked me which model and to send photos and out of that confirmed it was the right accessory. All this was free-of-charge customer service. It’s not easy to get that nowadays online and I appreciate.

By Ronald C. on 3/23/2018

5 STARS for good followup

Thank you to a guy named Steve for following up on my questions. I thought I had ordered the wrong one because I could not fit the gaming gadget on and sent them an email and Facebook. Facebook response was very fast and came within an hour. Very friendly guys thank you.

By Sherry Leon on 3/23/2018

Hard shell to protect the switch

Very hard shell for affordable price. I am confident it will safeguard my expensive Switch console from any harm. Looking at it now, I am convinced it will protect the console if it ever falls to the floor – although I will not let that happen.

By Molly R. on 3/23/2018

Great product from a great company

Second time buying from you and everything has been all-smooth. On-time delivery, product looking like it is on the website images, and everything is easy to set up in just a few minutes. I got this from Google search and it looks nice and elegant – very hard too.

By Gameraholic on 3/23/2018

Could you have more colors please?

I got mine recently and it seems to stick fine. My Nintendo Switch is full of gaming stickers (I’m a games reviewer too catch me on YouTube gameraholic). I would like if you might make them in variations of red and yellow.

By Mario Rosa_LA GAMER on 3/23/2018

Very elegant and ergonomic

First thing to notice is how this case looks simple and elegant. Also easy to grip so it’s not possible to drop especially when I am playing for long and my palms are getting a little bit moisture. Good accessory for Nintendo Switch owners.

By Josh McCoy on 3/23/2018


It curves around my Switch and hugs it tightly protecting it from scratches. We bought this in the first place because we needed something to protect the console from wear and tear. This is excellent for protecting the Switch from scrapes and scratches…

By Roy Will on 3/23/2018

love it

It was very straightforward to use with no complicated steps. Simply slide the console in and it is covered ready to be handled as rough as some of us are when enjoying favorite games. I love this switch slim cover because it offers what it promises.

By Davie Mat. on 3/23/2018

This helps

This helps for those who want to minimize the risk of drop-related damage. I personally found the case to be quite hard and does not look like it would give way in the case of a drop accident. Definitely a good little investment for anyone keen to take proactive steps to protect their costly Nintendo Switch.

By Gerald on 3/23/2018

Counts for me

• Snug fit
• Looks pretty
• Feels tough
• Nice little Ortz logo at the back
• Stand at the back
These are enough for me to give 5 stars

By Joan W. on 3/23/2018

I loved your mini case

It was easy to use as promised – no reading manuals or struggling to get it in. That is a major first. Secondly, it is aesthetically positive. I have used casings and covers (on my iPhone, Xbox One, and my aging Nintendo) that do a good job at protecting from damage but then make the console look ugly. This just complements the appeal of the console.

By Sue on 3/23/2018

Best Stand

In the process of adoring what money had bought for me, I was not sure where the stand was. The shape of the stand looks lovely it is firm enough. It is on the back side of the case where the game store is. This case is superb.

By GameRocker on 3/23/2018

Easy to use and fits quite well on the console

I bought one from Target that did not fit and was quite a piece of work. I asked if I could return it and they said it had to be in the original packaging (which I had already destroyed) so it was a case of lost money. This was geared to be a replacement and it sure did not disappoint. Thank you VIP Power Deals for delivering on this one.

By James C. on 3/23/2018

Got 2 of ‘em

Just got two of them delivered – one for me and one I bought for a gaming buddy. Delivery time was acceptable. I paid extra to have it come to me faster than the free shipping and I am happy. In terms of the slim case itself, it appears to be strong and beautiful. Thanks

By James Coy McLaren on 3/23/2018

If you have lost a console, get this

I lost my previous console (actually an Xbox) when I was playing with my Bro and things got so hot. In the course of moving around like crazy and beating each other on moves, we push the table and it went tumbling down and that is when I knew the importance of cases. This one I had to get for my Nintendo. Fine cover holder with support. Recommended.

By T. Michelle on 3/23/2018


Yet another cool shipment form Ortz. Came fast and as seen on the video. The simplicity of the design and ruggedness of the cover are promising. Gets a 5 stars from me.

By LOLOVE on 3/23/2018


The case and my console are very compatible. The case is just big enough for the console to still look pretty on it. The case looks powerful enough to protect the console from damages. The material used to mode feels of high value. It has five game slots which you don’t have to use long figure nails to remove a game. My console felt so good and easy to use even with the slim case on.

By Adah on 3/23/2018

Fast Delivery

I got what I needed without any hesitation from the supplier side.

By Lonyman on 3/23/2018

No 1 fun

I got this as a gift from my wife. It was not love on first sight color. Its color dint attract me .It was too dark. I exchanged it with my old case and my switch looked good. When I asked my wife about her choice of the case she said she listened to people opinions and suggestion and out of that she had to weigh her options and that’s how she derived to a decision.
The case is good I kinda like the color now. It have the best of the grips. Since I started using this case my hands don’t sweat like before. We ordered the same type of case for our 27 year old son he is a big fun

By FRED on 3/23/2018

This stuff is perfect solid.

This stuff is solid.

By E.NICE on 3/23/2018


Excellente case! Excellente storage! Excellente Everything! Gracias VIP Power.

By Kenrazy on 3/23/2018


The case quality is of high standards than its price. When people asks me about the amount I spent on this case they don’t believe it .They say it looks expensive. I have friends who are interested in buying it they all agree on one thing the case is awesome.

By Prince Henry on 3/23/2018

Works great

I don’t think there is any other case which can undo this one

By Fiona Jacks on 3/23/2018


The selling team is great. A short while after I placed my order they responded and within no tome it was delivered to me. It was packed in a very nice box. The case is outstanding it has 5 game stores and a nice stand that is attached on the backside that covers the 5 slots. The case was compatible with my console. The joy cons and all the switches worked as if nothing had happened to the switch. It is possible and easy to do your adjustments when you are still enjoying your game.The best part is how gripping is made easier because of some rough design made on the sides. The case does not slip easily unless you do it intentionally. It is a high quality case that offers maximum protection. It a must have for every Intense gamer

By Brian V on 3/23/2018

Very Impressed

This type of a case is very cool. I don’t regret buying it. The case is beautiful and I love the color (black is beauty) It is made of rubber and plastic which is very thick. This makes the case very comfortable even when I play games for long.You can clearly see how great the case is ventilated, the stand can be placed anywhere and it is very easy to open and close.

By Derrick Walts on 3/23/2018


It is in good size and doesn’t have any additional weight. It fits in my bag packs when traveling.

By CASSIE G on 3/23/2018


I am buying this case for the second time after my father came to visit me and after the game he told me that all he needed was a hug and my case. I packed the one that I had for him and he left with it. I just purchased another one for my darling husband for replacement. The case is lovable

By Noah on 3/23/2018

Dint think it was this good

I dint think the case was good neither did I have any clue about it. I saw it online and because I needed a case for my console I bought it anyway because the price was fare. After it got home I put my switch in it which was easy by the way. My daughter came running in the process of grabbing it dropped .When I picked it I was surprised because it dint have even a single scratch. My daughter enjoys using it she says that she can be able to hold it without straining and that she feels comfortable using it. I store games for me and for her in the same case. It has 5 game slots. The slots are design allows one to remove the games from the slots with much ease, my daughter does it herself.
Removing the case when you want to put it into the Nintendo base unit has never been an issue even my daughter’s small hands always manage.

By Marine R star on 3/23/2018


I wanted a case that was not heavy and one that will let all the buttons be. This case was suitable for my Nintendo switch. If fitted well without meddling with the buttons and they all functioned perfectly with the case on.

By COLLINS LIAM on 3/23/2018


It took me time to figure out how to put my switch in the case in a way that I would not mess with other parts of the switch, just because I was overthinking. I thought that the case was like the others which you have to be very careful when dealing with them. I was wrong my switch just fitted without even me noticing it. It just slide without touching the joy-cons. I faced no issues while removing it too. This case was better than I expected.

By TERRY ANN on 3/23/2018


To find a case that has no issues is a little hard. Others looks good but does not fit well, others fit but removing the case is impossible, others are as good as nothing! This is the only case I have come a close that has none of this issues.The case fits my switch perfectly. Easy to use and holding it feels perfectly good. It material feels quality it looks good too. It has a storage of five games this is what I like about it since there are two of us sharing the switch it is spacious enough to accommodate our games.

My partner normally use it hands free and the stand seem to work so well for him. I like how this cover looks I don’t think Incase my switch falls it will be destroyed. The place where you are supposed to hold while playing is designed in a manner that it won’t slip and drop. It’s a type of case you won’t mind showing. It looks good.

By PETERSON on 3/23/2018

Five stars

It fits my Nintendo switch perfectly.

By Faith steph on 3/23/2018


Wow! Wow! Wow! Honestly You are the most darling case I have ever met! I LOVE IT.

By Ken Z on 3/23/2018

Works like a charm

My homie have a bad temper and he takes losing a game personally. One day he threw his console at me after winning and it fell down. The switch was not damaged at all! I how could I not buy a case exactly as his?? This case works like a charm! I hold it without struggling when playing. It is anti-slipping
It gives me comfort even when playing for hours.

By FF on 3/23/2018


It has enough store
Easy to get the switch in and out
The stand opens and closes easily
Fits in my pocket
Not heavy
The whole system operates perfectly with the case
The case fits my system
Looks stylish

By Samantha on 3/23/2018


The case was for my BFF birthday and I got it when I needed it. I am not a fun of gaming but my BFF loves it.

By GRACEgrey on 3/23/2018


If you are a gamer like me you probably know how to differentiate between a good case and a fake case. I bet this case is good, worth it and you will love it too.

By Scholarsticker on 3/23/2018

I can’t compare it with any other case. I give it 5*****

I can’t compare it with any other case. I give it 5*****

By Promise NA on 3/23/2018


There is nothing as confusing when you are buying a product for the 1st time. I bought my Nintendo Switch about a 2 weeks ago and my brother advised me to buy a case to keep it safe from damages.
I did, I ordered a case online which destroyed my brand new Nintendo switch joy cons when removing the case.
This really hurt me. I latter bought this case and my switch slide in smoothly and went off without touching the joy cons I wished I bought this case before my switch was damaged
When my brother bought his Nintendo switch he bought the ORTZ case and it was great. I was Jealous.
Advice from someone with experience
Do not risk your Switch by buying cases that you have no idea about, they might be pain in the ass. This case has proved itself to be more reliable to me and my friends.

By Promise NA on 3/23/2018


There is nothing as confusing when you are buying a product for the 1st time. I bought my Nintendo Switch about a 2 weeks ago and my brother advised me to buy a case to keep it safe from damages.
I did, I ordered a case online which destroyed my brand new Nintendo switch joy cons when removing the case.
This really hurt me. I latter bought this case and my switch slide in smoothly and went off without touching the joy cons I wished I bought this case before my switch was damaged
When my brother bought his Nintendo switch he bought the ORTZ case and it was great. I was Jealous.

By Kenndie Brown on 3/23/2018

My kids loves it

I bought this case because my kids hated the one that they were. They said that they were unable to increase or decrease the volume. They dint have enough strength to put off the case so whenever a grownup was not home they would not use the console. I bought this case after watching a video on youtube and the review was not lame it works exactly as they said it would. My kids says it’s a good one. If you’re looking for a case for your kids switch you better buy this. You won’t regret.

By Catrina Montana on 3/23/2018


It is very easy to use. It has this blue cartoon like photo at the back that shows on the stand at the top of the slots making it look so good. My son loves the logo because of that cartoon guess that’s why I love it too. This product is good my son loves it. He is able operate it. He can take off the games from the game slots. It really keeps him busy.

By Forknews on 3/23/2018


The case is fabulous. Personally this the only case that has given me satisfaction

By SPIDERMAN on 3/23/2018


It has nice texture on the grip I don’t think it can wear out easily. It has 5 game slots at the back that are nicely fitted and a nice stand that protects it. The extended buttons works just fine when I press on the case. Fitting the games into the game slots is very easy also removing them is easy it gives me an easy time especially when I am outdoors.

By TT on 3/23/2018


I appreciate the good service. The packaging was impressing! The delivery was fast.
When I opened the package I felt in love with what I saw, the look of the case was elegant.
It looked very expensive for once I even thought it was the wrong package I had to confirm.
The surface of the case is smooth and I love the grip area it is very comfortable and impossible to slip off.
At the back of the case there are five game storage, just what I needed.
It has a nice kickstand (I like it hands free)
Using the case is very easy. I dressed my naked switch very quick and they were compatible.
I tried undressing my switch and the case went of very easily and quietly without interfering with the joycons.
I dressed it once again with the same case and the switch operated just fine dressed in the Slim Heavy Duty Switch Case which has a nice ORTZ blue and white logo at the back giving the case a sexy look.

By Shirley on 3/23/2018


The case is just what I needed, it is comfortable, high quality, easy to put on and off and the switch works great with the case on. Satisfied my expectations.

By Alphermike on 3/23/2018


This case is the best in the market if not it’s among the best. It’s not bulky it is just the right size for my Nintendo Switch. It’s easy to handle it. The buttons are working as well and feels fine the joycon are not affected in any way they move perfectly even when using the console for long sessions. It is cheap. Every handheld player should have it. It does not slip and feels great on your hands.

By LOUIS M .Barrack on 3/23/2018

Extremely good.

It has a nice shape. The grips are awesome .Mine is black I don’t know if there are other colors since I was looking for this specific color. It carries 5 games which is awesome! Easy to turn on and off. It fits great and no slipping.
Removing the case does not tamper with the joy cons thus no worries about the wobbling of the joy cons.

By FRECKLES on 3/23/2018


My Slim Heavy Duty Switch Case is flawless. It came on time. It is made of a soft material that it very comfortable to hold. I had a problem with my left joycon.My console had dropped and become loose. After putting on the case my joycon is much better and intact.
I recommend it to everyone who need a case
So I recommend it to you



This is a good investment. The ORTZ case is perfect.

By Johnwill Baker on 3/23/2018

5 stars

Long lasting
I have not witnessed any yet .All is well

By themaster on 3/23/2018

Very helpful

This case is very very helpful….Believe me I have used many cases that added to my problems rather than solve them. The case that I was using before my friend Jack told me to buy this slim case was annoying! The power buttons were very hard to press changing games from the slots was hard. This slim case is my savior

By SS Master on 3/23/2018

It rocks!

It is very comfortable to use. It adds no weight to the console. It looks presentable and the ORTZ logo looks great. Thanks to VIP power deal I got mine yesterday.

By STELLA JONES on 3/23/2018


The stand is very compatible with my switch. It’s easy to adjust my console as I play due to its flexibility. Putting the case on is the easiest part the process is not complicated you just slide it around your console. The case is also easy to remove you don’t have to worry about your joy cons being destroyed. It is designed in a way that it can withstand falls. It does not slip kids and adults can use it comfortably coz it has a fantastic grip. My hubby likes it hands free the stand serves this purpose.
The case is good looking it looks of more quality than the purchase price. From the looks and touch it is a quality case. I also love its color and when there is need to clean you just do it with a wet cloth.
The case has enough storage it store 5 games. You can carry it anywhere if fits in my purse. If you are looking for a case that will not disappoint you I would recommend this one.

By Ritaora on 3/22/2018

great size

The case looks pretty. And I don’t have to worry about my switch being damaged because it is big enough for my switch to fit in properly

By Nelly W.WES on 3/22/2018


I love the product I even bought another one for my brother. He always complained about how hard it was to remove the case he had off the console. The ORTZ case dint have this issue so I bought one for him a week ago and he loves it. The price was less its quality.

By Anndarling on 3/22/2018

Quick delivery

The product was sent to me quit fast. Thank you very much. It was well packed. It’s fitting is great.

By DJ Mark on 3/22/2018

Cannot be separated from it

So comfy. It has a very nice texture. My hands feels great when I am holding it especially when the games take long. When I go gaming and use some other switch with other case I can tell the difference and they don’t really give me the comfort I need. Now I carry it all the time. It can hold 5 games.

By Jaiden Banks on 3/22/2018

Maximum protection

The material used is tough enough to protect it from being destroyed after a fall. My console has no single scratch since I started using it.

By T.J on 3/22/2018


It is a great case. My girlfriend loves it.

By JOANITA WISTON on 3/22/2018


I find this case easy to use. My 7 year old son can put it on and off at any time without asking for my help. The switches moves perfectly when the case is on. My son can be able to hold it properly without any difficulties despite having tiny hands. It has convenient storage.

By Paul wool Denis on 3/22/2018


My job is based on travelling at the same time I’m addicted to gaming. I find it easy to pack the case coz it fits easily into my backpacks. The case is also high quality and gives me peace of mind knowing that my switch is always secure.

By Suzzycat on 3/22/2018


I got mine last month. It looks great and the black color looks good.

By Thediva on 3/22/2018


I watched this video again and again . I bought the case and I can buy it over and over again. It works for me and my friends.

By Techexpert on 3/22/2018


This is the best case for your switch
Protects from scratching
Great grip
Easy to put on and remove for docking
It has a great design
Fits well
Easy to use
Flexible etc.

By Hannah Robin Ess on 3/22/2018


This was a gift for my father’s 50th birthday. He says that the case is good, easy to put on and off and his hands enjoy using it. He always carry it when he visits me.

By MIKE CLINTON on 3/22/2018


It has not disappointed me so far since I owned it. It has a stand that enables me to place my switch console down while playing. I spend most of my time gaming I can tell it is less tiring.

By Nicholus Sue on 3/22/2018


Gaming is bae

By Angel Jones Flashy on 3/22/2018


The ORTZ case is elegant! It can store 5 games. I love this feature. The case is designed in a way that changing games is supper easy. The grips are very comfortable.

By CAROLCHIQS on 3/22/2018


The price is good though the product looks more expensive. it was delivered on time. Thank you for the product

By Melisa on 3/22/2018

a House wife and I love it

My 4 kids are gamers. A lot of console switch falling accidents are very common in my house. The case is good for protecting the console from damages.

By 2. TONY LAY on 3/22/2018

Great product

Putting it on is very easy I did it in less than a minute. Getting it out is also easy you don’t have to worry about any damages at all.

By EliusE.White on 3/22/2018


One of my buddy recommended this case. He had bought a Mumba case for Nintendo Switch which loosened the rail on his joycon at first and latter messed them all. He then bought the ORTZ switch case which he talked highly of. I bought this case and I love everything about it. I also recommended it to my brother in-law and he loves it too.

By Kelvin Smith on 3/22/2018

Problem solver

This case serves me right! I purchased my case about three weeks ago. My palms get sweaty very fast causing the console to slip and fall. But since I bought this case my problem has been solved! The Switch console don’t slip anymore.

By Jack D on 3/14/2018

Fantastic product

Yeah, I finally I got what I am looking for. Thank you VIP Power Deals.

By Sammy Jason on 3/14/2018

Totally blown away

I am really happy for this case and finally I got what I am looking for. Thank you VIP Power Deals for providing this to me.

By Jason G on 2/26/2018

Love this case

I love this case, and Im so happy I finally found something I can use while playing my switch games where I know my Nintendo switch is protected if dropped